Preparing for Your MoLo Interview: Common Questions and How to Ace Them

Interviewing at MoLo can be an exciting yet stressful experience As a fast-growing restaurant group known for its fun culture and premium burgers and shakes, MoLo attracts passionate talent with an entrepreneurial spirit Standing out requires thorough preparation.

In this article, we’ll explore frequently asked MoLo interview questions and proven strategies to wow hiring managers. With the right approach, you can land your dream job helping MoLo bring its craveable brand to new neighborhoods. Let’s dive in!

Why Do You Want to Work For MoLo?

MoLo interviews often kick off by gauging your passion for the company. When responding:

  • Share what excites you about their mission and values Know the MoLo origin story and how the brand took off

  • Talk about specific menu items that delight you or stand out from competitors. Convey genuine enthusiasm as a customer.

  • Do your research on recent MoLo news and growth plans. Speaking knowledgably demonstrates commitment.

  • Avoid generic answers. Tailor your response to show deep affinity for MoLo in particular.

For example: “I’m excited to bring my experience to MoLo because I’ve loved watching your growth over the years. The care put into hand-crafting signature burgers like the Goat n’ Bacon along with fun shakes makes MoLo stand out. I also admire how involved MoLo stays with local communities. I tried my first MoLo burger at the Lincoln Park location years ago, and have craved it ever since!”

How Does Your Past Experience Align with This Role?

MoLo wants candidates with relevant knowledge that can translate to success in the role. When responding:

  • Draw clear connections between your accomplishments and expertise and the role requirements. Provide examples.

  • Emphasize transferable skills like customer service, sales, multi-tasking, managing peak periods, cash handling, etc. Apply these to the restaurant environment.

  • For front-of-house roles, highlight patience, flair for hospitality, and resonating with MoLo’s culture. For heart of house roles, focus on attention to detail, passion for food, and ability to thrive under pressure.

  • If lacking direct experience, position your strengths as quick learners who work well independently and with teams.

For example: “In my server job at Restaurant X, I consistently received rave customer reviews thanks to my upbeat hospitality and ability to anticipate diners’ needs. When the kitchen got backed up, I improved table experience by offering complimentary small plates and rounds of drinks. I’m confident I can apply these skills to deliver exceptional service to MoLo guests.”

What Makes You a Great Culture Fit for MoLo?

Given its lively brand identity, MoLo looks for intrinsic cultural alignment. When answering:

  • Research MoLo’s values and brand personality. Align your characteristics and enthusiasm accordingly. Show you did your homework.

  • Share relevant examples of times you brought passion, positivity and fun to past roles while still delivering great results.

  • Convey natural skills suited to a fast-paced restaurant environment like multitasking, energy, collaboration, and grace under pressure.

  • Note any community service experience reflecting MoLo’s neighborhood focus and heart for giving back.

For example: “I’m naturally upbeat and thrive in lively environments with great energy like MoLo’s restaurants. In past jobs, I loved boosting team morale by planning outings and competitions. During stressful rushes, I brought levity with jokes while pumping out orders and keeping guests happy. My collaborative spirit and knack for engaging customers and coworkers makes me a fantastic culture fit!”

Why Do You Want to Be a Server/Manager/Chef?

MoLo wants to understand your motivation for pursuing this restaurant career path. When responding:

  • Share why the day-to-day responsibilities of the role intrinsically appeal to you. Convey genuine interest.

  • Weave in relevant past experiences, passions or natural strengths aligned with the position.

  • If changing careers, thoughtfully explain your draw to restaurant hospitality versus other options based on what energizes you.

  • For heart of house roles especially, don’t hesitate to geek out over food, recipes and techniques. That passion is contagious.

For example: “I’ve always loved experimenting and playing with flavors in my home kitchen. The creativity behind MoLo’s menu really resonates with me. For example, putting an unexpected twist on a classic burger with the Sweet n’ Salty speaks to my culinary style. I get excited imagining what innovative flavors I could help develop for MoLo as a line cook.”

How Would You Handle an Unhappy or Difficult Customer?

MoLo wants to ensure you can diffuse tensions and deliver standout service, even with tougher guests. When answering:

  • Emphasize starting by listening calmly and intently to understand the underlying issue.

  • Share examples of successful conflict resolution from past customer service roles. What tactics did you use?

  • Note the importance of showing genuine empathy while professionally maintaining composure under stress.

  • Highlight creative problem-solving skills, like offering discounts or complimentary items. Convey the mindset “the guest is always right.”

  • Reassure the interviewer you know when to involve a supervisor for additional support as needed.

For example: “If a customer seemed unhappy, I would start by apologizing for any dissatisfaction and listening to fully understand their concerns. I’ve found sometimes they just want to feel heard. If they had a valid issue like incorrect food or slow service, I would apologize and do whatever I could reasonably do to make it right, whether that’s remaking a dish or providing vouchers for a future visit. My aim is turning frustrations into happy guests who feel appreciated.”

How Do You Juggle Multiple Priorities and Tasks?

Multitasking is crucial in MoLo’s lively restaurants, especially at peak hours. When responding:

  • Share real examples of smoothly handling competing demands from past roles through preparation, focus and diligent organization.

  • Emphasize skills like quickly shifting gears, addressing urgent needs promptly, and not dropping any balls when overloaded.

  • Note any creative problem-solving under pressure, like enlisting help from others when in the weeds.

  • Convey that you don’t get flustered easily. Demonstrate a structured approach and cool head.

For example: “In my server experience, I developed great strategies for managing a full section of tables demanding attention all at once. I always greet newly seated tables immediately, take prioritized notes on orders and requests, and use tricks like tray stands to deliver multiple items in one trip. While handling many tasks, I stay laser-focused on each guest’s experience. My preparation enables me to shift seamlessly between duties without dropping the ball.”

Where Do You See Yourself in 5 Years?

MoLo cares about investing in talent for the long haul. When responding:

  • Express interest in growing your skills and advancing within the restaurant group over many years.

  • If relevant, note specific roles like front of house manager you could progress into with more experience.

  • Convey eagerness to take on more responsibility and ownership of guest experiences and training staff.

  • Share how you’d embrace being a positive culture champion and leader as your career develops.

  • If studying or young, it’s fine to say you’re focused on soaking up all the learning opportunities at MoLo for now.

For example: “I’m excited by the growth potential at MoLo. With my work ethic and dedication to deliver excellence, I believe I could take on additional responsibility as a front of house manager in the coming years. I’m eager to develop the leadership skills to motivate and train other staff, drive hospitality standards, and ensure seamless guest experiences. I look forward to many years of career development with MoLo.”

Do You Have Any Questions for Me?

MoLo wants enthusiastic candidates who come prepared and engaged. When asking questions:

  • Inquire about details of the day-to-day responsibilities and training to convey genuine interest.

  • Ask smart, thoughtful questions that show your business acumen and understanding of the restaurant industry.

  • Pose questions about culture, like “What is your favorite MoLo tradition?” to demonstrate cultural fit.

  • Inquire about growth opportunities with MoLo and promotion paths for top performers.

  • Avoid questions about salary, benefits, vacation time, etc. until receiving an offer. Keep it focused on the role itself for now.

Sample questions:

  • “Can you describe what a typical shift looks like in this role?”

  • “What qualities do your top servers/managers possess?”

  • “How does MoLo involve staff in coming up with new menu items and events?”

  • “Are there opportunities for top performers to train or mentor newer team members?”

With rigorous preparation for these common questions, you can nail your MoLo interview. Remember to leverage your genuine enthusiasm for the brand. Let your culture fit and hospitality passions shine through in your responses. You’ve got this! MoLo thrives on optimism and fun-loving personalities, so don’t be afraid to inf

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