Jane street interview questions software engineer (updated 2022)

Interviews for Top Jobs at Jane Street

  1. What is an estimate of odd numbers from 0 to 60
  2. Implement custom stack with various operations on it.
  3. Standard algorithmic interview questions a bit related to time complexity analyses.
  4. Optimal solution for flipping coin games with opponent
  5. The interview questions are described in the interview process. And rule to check if the player has won is whether there exists a consecutive players in a column
  6. Why are you interested to work with us?
  7. Why do you want want to work here?
  8. Given an array of numbers check if it is possible to use basic arithmetic operations on them and receive goal number

ALD20: Val, software engineer for Jane Street

Hover over to see average compensation details. This data was sourced from submissions at levels.fyi. N. A. Distributed Systems (Back-End) 200k – Base N. A. – Stock 245k – Bonus N. A. TDO 120k – Base N. A. – Stock 25k – Bonus N. A. Full Stack 230k – Base N. A. – Stock 520k – Bonus N. A. Distributed Systems (Back-End) 170k – Base N. A. – Stock 89k – Bonus Summer Analyst Security 288k – Base N. A. – Stock N. A. – Bonus

In the video, two Jane Street software engineers—Grace and Nolen—take us through a typical Jane Street software engineering interview. (They use a now retired interview question that Grace hadn’t heard before.) At the end, they offer some high-level advice on approaching our interviews: how to communicate with your interviewer, how we think about code quality, and how to practice.

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The most important piece of advice is to practice. When you practice, make it as much like a real interview as you can: start a timer, talk through your ideas out loud, write out all parts of the problem (yes, even the parts that seem “easy”). That way, when the real thing comes, you’ll be more familiar with the environment.

Detailed In-Person Jane Street Interview (Software Engineer)


How much do Jane Street Software engineers make?

Jane Street Software Engineer Salaries | $338K-$400K+ | Levels.

How do I become a software engineer at Jane Street?

We’re looking for Software Engineers who want to help us design and build the systems and tools that run the firm.

You should be:
  1. A top-notch programmer with a love for technology.
  2. Intellectually curious, collaborative, and eager to learn.
  3. Humble and unafraid to ask questions and admit mistakes.
  4. Fluent in English.

What is a Jane Street interview like?

Typically, the interview process for trading candidates involves a few phone interviews and then an on-site interview in one of our offices. In these interviews, you and your interviewer will work through one or more problems which touch on some of the concepts we often encounter as quantitative traders.

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