Acing Your Internap Interview: The Complete Guide

It can be tricky to prepare interview questions for internal candidates, especially if you’re also interviewing externally. In some ways, it can be easier to evaluate internal candidates because you don’t have to worry about how well they’ll fit in with the company culture or how well they’ll do in their current job. Time to hire is shorter, and the cost of that hire will also be lower. Onboarding will be a breeze.

But hiring from within still comes with its own problems, like tense situations at work from people who feel betrayed and bad results if you promote someone before they’re ready.

In the end, though, hiring internally has significant benefits of its own. When internal candidates are promoted, they bring institutional knowledge to their new job, and the chance to learn new skills Training current employees also makes them a stronger and more reliable resource. It also keeps employees interested in the success of the company as a whole and drives them to work hard to get promoted.

Also, don’t forget how important it is to keep valuable and highly skilled workers who might otherwise be tempted to take a promotion somewhere else.

If you’re going to hire internally, you’ll need to master the delicate art of the internal interview.

If you have an interview scheduled with Internap Corporation, congratulations! Internap is a leading provider of high-performance data center and cloud solutions, so landing an interview is an exciting opportunity.

In this comprehensive guide, I’ll walk you through how to thoroughly prepare for your Internap interview so you can wow the hiring team with your skills and experience. We’ll cover:

  • Key facts to research about Internap
  • Reviewing the role description
  • Preparing strong interview materials
  • Practicing responses to sample questions
  • Rocking the virtual or in-person interview
  • Following up professionally

Follow these tips and you’ll prove to Internap you’re the top-notch candidate they’ve been seeking. Let’s dive in!

Step 1: Conduct Research on Internap

First, spend time learning all about Internap’s history, services, leadership, culture and values. This will allow you to demonstrate genuine enthusiasm and fit during your interviews.

Key facts to research

  • Founded in 1996, Internap provides high-performance hybrid IT infrastructure solutions including colocation, cloud, network, and managed IT services.

  • Internap serves over 5,700 customers across diverse industries like financial services, healthcare, software and gaming.

  • They have 49 data centers worldwide with 12 million gross square feet of raised floor capacity

  • Internap is headquartered in Atlanta, GA and has about 350 employees.

  • They aim to deliver secure, reliable, high-performing solutions while providing an exceptional customer experience.

  • Internap’s culture emphasizes accountability, transparency, collaboration and embracing diversity.

The more you understand Internap’s infrastructure solutions, customers, and work culture, the better you can assess your fit and discuss the role.

Step 2: Carefully Review the Role Description

Next, closely review the responsibilities, required qualifications, technical skills, and soft skills listed in the role description. Make notes on key areas to emphasize. Consider questions like:

  • What types of infrastructure, networks, or platforms are mentioned? Be prepared to discuss your experience with these specifically.

  • Do they emphasize certain technical skills like Python, SQL, or AWS? Make sure you can demonstrate these clearly.

  • What soft skills do they seek like analytical thinking, project management, or teamwork? Reflect on examples that showcase these strengths.

  • What certifications or education credentials are required or preferred? Ensure you meet or exceed these.

Analysing the role description helps you identify the areas you should highlight that make you a strong match.

Step 3: Prepare Strong Interview Materials

You want your interview materials to look polished and reinforce that you have what they need for this role:

Updated resume: Make sure it is tailored using keywords from the job description. Quantify achievements with metrics and results.

Cover letter: Briefly explain why you are interested in Internap, passionate about the role, and well-suited for it.

References: Contact 3-5 people who can vouch for your skills and work ethic. Let them know Internap may reach out.

Portfolio: Have clean copies of licenses, transcripts, certifications, code samples, and other relevant documents ready to share.

Taking time to perfect these materials makes a terrific impression.

Step 4: Practice Responding to Sample Questions

Practicing your interview skills is crucial. Here are some tips:

  • Research common interview questions for your role and practice answering them out loud succinctly.

  • Prepare stories using the STAR method (Situation, Task, Action, Result) that demonstrate times you successfully applied skills needed for this job.

  • Conduct mock interviews on video chat and provide each other feedback to improve.

  • Prepare detailed examples to address situational questions like “How would you troubleshoot a network outage?”

Thorough preparation will help boost your confidence for delivering winning responses!

Step 5: Rock the Virtual or In-Person Interview!

You’ve prepped well – now it’s time to shine on interview day!

For virtual interviews:

  • Triple check your internet connection, lighting, camera placement and audio.

  • Look directly into the camera when speaking to simulate eye contact. Have your camera at eye level if possible.

  • Dress professionally from head to toe as if you were interviewing in person.

  • Remove distractions and background noise in your room.

For in-person interviews:

  • Arrive 10-15 minutes early in case of traffic or parking challenges.

  • Dress professionally. Check your appearance in the restroom before entering.

  • Greet all interviewers with a firm handshake, eye contact and warm smile. This builds rapport.

  • Bring clean copies of your interview materials in a folder.

  • Ask thoughtful questions that demonstrate your deep understanding of the role.

  • Express thanks and follow up within 24 hours with thank you notes reaffirming your interest.

Preparation and polish will help you make a winning impression! Next let’s look at specific questions to expect.

Common Internap Interview Questions and How to Ace Them

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions at Internap interviews, with tips to nail your responses:

Tell me about yourself.
Keep it concise! Share your current role, years of relevant experience, education, and a little about your interests/hobbies. Explain why you are interested in Internap.

Why do you want to work at Internap?
Show you’ve researched their solutions, leadership, culture, and growth. Share specific examples of how your background and values align with Internap’s mission. Express enthusiasm.

What excites you about this role?
Connect your skills, interests, and career goals directly to the role’s responsibilities and qualifications. Share how it will allow you to contribute. Use examples.

What experience do you have with network design and architecture?
Pull from specific examples of designing networks, selecting optimal routing protocols, maximizing performance and redundancy. Quantify successes.

How would you troubleshoot performance issues with a cloud application?
Use the STAR method to provide a detailed example showing your systematic approach to diagnosing, isolating, and resolving the root cause. Demonstrate technical expertise.

Where do you see your career in 5 years?
Share your passion for continued learning and growth at Internap. Mention larger goals like becoming an expert in your solution area and leading projects or teams.

With rigorous preparation, you’ll be ready to impress them with your experience and expertise! You’ve got this.

Following Up Professionally

You nailed the interview – great job! Complete the process by:

  • Sending thank you notes to each interviewer expressing your continued enthusiasm.

  • Following up if you don’t hear back within the stated time period. Don’t over-contact.

  • Reflecting on your performance and making notes for improvement. Consider asking for feedback.

You’ve put your best foot forward and shown Internap you have what it takes to excel in this role. Wishing you all the best as you move forward! You’ve got this.

Flexibility and adaptability

Getting rid of someone from their current job means you want to be sure they have the skills to handle the challenges of the new role. That means evaluating their technical abilities and how they match up with the expectations of the new position.

It also means making sure that they are a naturally adaptable person who can take on new challenges while still being professional and polite. Without this adaptability, even the most qualified candidate can fail to thrive in their new environment.

How do you envision your growth in the company over the next few years?

Understanding the candidate’s long-term vision can provide insights into their commitment and aspirations.

I see myself taking on larger strategic roles, contributing to the company’s growth. I also aim to mentor and develop future leaders within the organization.



What questions are asked in a mobility interview?

Some questions you may be asked: “Tell me a little about yourself.” o • “Tell me about your education or training.” Talk about your experience, qualifications, and accomplishments. o • “Why do you want to leave that job?” Explain your education or training and tell how it helped prepare you for this job.

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