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Preparing for an interview for a position that requires hybris knowledge can be a daunting task. Knowing what questions to expect and how to answer them can reduce the stress and help you make a great impression. In this blog post, we will explore hybris occ interview questions and provide tips on how to answer them. Whether you are a beginner developer or an experienced professional, this blog post will help you understand the expectations in a hybris occ interview and provide sample answers to the most commonly asked questions.

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Knowing how to properly respond to these questions will give you a foundation to build on during an interview if you’re going to be asked any of the frequently asked SAP Hybris interview questions. The SAP Hybris E-commerce solution makes it simple to target and interact with customers via a variety of channels. In order to increase productivity and efficiency, SAP Hybris integrates with the rest of your enterprise architecture. It is built to expand as your company’s needs change. Its modular design ensures that you can easily adjust and innovate to stay one step ahead of distractions. Many SAP Hybris jobs are published by top organizations. Visit our page of SAP Hybris job interview questions and answers, which was created by professional experts at Wisdom Jobs and can assist you in landing a job.

The SAP Hybris Payment module offers customers an integrated, user-friendly payment method of their choice. These are the main characteristics of the Hybris Payment module:

The SAP Hybris Customer Service module offers a simple method for providing highly personalized customer service with better customer satisfaction and higher revenue. A poor customer experience on an e-commerce website could cause customers to leave and place their orders elsewhere. What does the SAP Hybris Assisted Service module mean to you?

Companies must offer customers simple payment options in the current market when their order is prepared. Customers won’t return if the payment method is complicated, and businesses risk losing potential customers.

Additionally, you can review your previous assignments on the subject to make sure you are capable of speaking confidently about them. If you are a novice, the interviewer will not expect you to respond to questions that are very complex; instead, you must make your fundamental concepts very strong.

When a customer is making a purchase, SAP Hybris’ Assisted Services Module (ASM) offers assistance by using a single storefront across Omni-channel. Customer support is connected to through the Hybris ASM module, helping the customer complete their order.

2. Define contextConfigLocation for V2_1 to specify the location of your configuration files. The HybrisContextLoaderListener adds the global application context of the platform as parent context to the standard SpringContextLoaderListener, which loads the context from a specified location. You can access or modify beans in the global context and obtain the “tenant” scope by setting the global context as the parent context.

Limit Data — There are times when we don’t need all of the data that an API has returned. We should get only the required amount of data. We can accomplish that by using Field Set level mappings, and we can request the necessary data by putting fields=User(BASIC),cart(name,code) in the URL. The response will only include the user’s name and the cart’s code at the BASIC level.

These days, it’s very common for the first stage of the hiring process to involve some kind of coding test. It could range from an hour-long online test on HackerRank or Codility to a brief project you need to finish in a week. Normally, these tests give you the option to select the coding language of your choice; however, for a Hybris position, Java is typically preferred. These exams primarily serve to validate your logical abilities, and there are a few websites (as previously mentioned) where you can sign up and practice for free. Create an account if you don’t already have one, and whenever you have some free time, work on some coding puzzles. You will benefit greatly from this as you get ready for the interview test.

Refresh your memory of the fundamental Java and Spring concepts. There is lots of material online. It’s crucial that you perform well on the Java portion even if you don’t perform well on the Hybris questions. Spend 10–20% of your time reviewing these fundamental ideas.

Hybris is a large piece of software that has grown significantly since becoming an SAP product and has been around for 20 years. Therefore, if you haven’t worked on some modules (like DataHub or SmartEdit, to give a few examples), it’s okay. What matters is that you are aware of them; at the very least, you must have read the official documentation to the point where you can describe the module’s fundamental purpose. If you have completed the Trails for that topic, it will be extremely beneficial for your confidence in the interview. If you have, you should share this information with your interviewer when you have the opportunity. By doing so, you can demonstrate that you are a self-learner and are capable of properly preparing for any upcoming work.

Do your best to impress the people with your personality, but more importantly, stay true to yourself and don’t be afraid of exposing what makes you unique. If you reach this stage, it means they already like you and you are on a shortlist. People will respect you as a developer if you have strong interpersonal skills and a sense of teamwork. You can practice these questions that are very popular for this round:

As a presumption, I’ll be clear that I refer to “Hybris” rather than “SAP Commerce” in this blog post to keep things simple, but be aware that “SAP Commerce” or “SAP Commerce Cloud” is the actual name you should use in your interviews. If you’re interested in learning more about the history of Hybris, check out my previous blog post on the subject: From Hybris to SAP Commerce Cloud.


What is OCC in Hybris?

OCC stands for Omni commerce connect. Using Rest Webservices, it is used to make the Hybris API accessible to outside systems. Here, I’ll make studentId available as a Hybris api to outside systems like Swagger. Based on the studentId, it will retrieve all of the student’s information, which we can view in Swagger.

What is V1 and V2 in Hybris?

Customer and cart information is saved in the session in V1 and is maintained between requests. As opposed to V2, where session scope is set using a service layer session filter for each request.

What is workflow in Hybris?

Workflow is a Hybris Collaboration module that helps users and employees follow business processes. 2. Workflows can be created form admin cockpits or from HMC. 3.

Is Hybris and SAP Hybris same?

The enterprise Omni channels and product content management (PCM) software company Hybris was acquired by SAP in 2013 and rebranded as SAP Hybris.

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