Top 20 Interview Questions and Answers for Hungry Howie’s Pizza & Subs Jobs

Getting hired at Hungry Howie’s Pizza & Subs means impressing hiring managers with your passion for pizza and high-quality customer service. With over 550 locations across America this fast-casual pizza chain needs driven team members who will represent their distinctive flavored crust pizzas and wide variety of subs.

In your Hungry Howie’s interview, interviewers want to see that you have what it takes to thrive in a fast-paced restaurant environment. They will ask behavioral and situational questions to assess your previous experience, work ethic, customer service skills, and ability to resolve problems on the fly.

To help you put your best foot forward here are the top 20 most commonly asked interview questions and how to best answer them

1. Why do you want to work at Hungry Howie’s?

Hiring managers want to know you have a genuine interest in their company. Show your enthusiasm by highlighting their unique offerings like flavored crusts and Howie Breads. Mention how their community engagement initiatives resonate with you. Share that you would enjoy being part of an innovative brand with delicious products.

Example: I’m excited to apply for Hungry Howie’s because I’m a long-time fan of the flavored crust pizzas and Howie Breads. I love how the brand continues to innovate, like being one of the first to offer online ordering. I’m also inspired by the commitment to community initiatives and the family feel of the company. I know my passion for delivering top-notch customer experiences would be a great fit here.

2. What makes you a strong candidate for this role?

This is your chance to sell your top qualifications. Pick 2-3 key skills or experiences and provide specific examples of when you demonstrated them Align your strengths with the job description.

Example: I believe I’m a strong candidate for this role because of my 3 years of customer service experience in the restaurant industry. In my previous serving job, I consistently received positive reviews for my friendly attitude and ability to resolve customer complaints. For example, when a customer wasn’t satisfied with their order, I apologized sincerely, quickly fixed the issue, and followed up to ensure they were happy. I also have strong teamwork skills developed through coordinating with kitchen staff, which allowed us to improve processes and boost customer satisfaction scores by 25% over 6 months.

3. How would you handle an angry or dissatisfied customer?

With this question, interviewers want to see your customer service skills in action. Illustrate your calmness under pressure and focus on resolving the situation.

Example: If a customer was angry or dissatisfied, I would first listen attentively without interrupting so they feel heard. I’d then apologize sincerely and ask clarifying questions if needed so I fully understand the situation. Next, I would do whatever I could to make it right in the moment, such as remaking the order or offering a discount. My goal would be turning the negative experience into a positive one by being empathetic and focusing on an effective solution. Follow-up would also be important, so I’d check in with the customer after resolving the issue to ensure their satisfaction.

4. This location gets very busy during the dinner rush. How would you handle the pressure?

Hiring managers want to know you can stay cool under pressure. Share how you prioritize when multitasking and ensure quality service.

Example: Having worked evening shifts at busy restaurants in the past, I’m comfortable with a fast-paced work environment. When things get hectic, I stay focused on the most important tasks first, such as getting accurate orders to customers quickly. I also communicate clearly with co-workers so we can work efficiently as a team. Most importantly, no matter how busy it gets, I maintain a positive attitude and friendly manner with customers to ensure their satisfaction. My experience thriving under pressure will enable me to contribute to a smooth, quality dinner service here.

5. How do you handle constructive criticism?

Employers want team members who are eager to improve. Illustrate your maturity and desire to learn.

Example: I appreciate constructive feedback and see it as an opportunity to learn and grow. When my manager has critiques for me, I listen carefully to understand their perspective and ask clarifying questions if needed. I’m never defensive and make it clear I welcome suggestions to improve. Then I make a plan to implement the feedback, such as asking for coaching on a new technique. I follow up with my manager to show I’ve made tangible progress. This attitude has enabled me to successfully enhance my skills throughout my career.

6. What kinds of things do you do to ensure great customer service?

With this common question, share your best customer service tips and tricks. Give a specific example of how you went above-and-beyond.

Example: Providing excellent customer service is my top priority. I always have a friendly, patient attitude and truly listen to customers’ needs. When taking orders, I confirm details and offer recommendations when asked. I pay close attention to body language for cues on how customers are feeling. One time, I noticed a customer’s birthday, so I brought over a small complimentary brownie dessert with a candle. She was so delighted that she wrote a glowing online review praising her experience. It’s little acts of observance and care like that which demonstrate genuine hospitality.

7. Tell me about a time you had to be flexible or adaptable at work. How did you handle this change?

By asking this, interviewers evaluate how you deal with ambiguity and think on your feet. Describe how you positively embraced change.

Example: When the restaurant I worked at started using new point-of-sale tablet devices, it was an adjustment for the staff. To set a positive example, I took initiative to become an expert user of the tablets. I even volunteered to help train others and share tips I’d learned to increase our efficiency with the devices. As a result, we had a smooth rollout that enhanced operations rather than causing disruptions. This example shows that I’m nimble when encountering new systems and processes. I look for ways to get comfortable quickly so I can contribute to successful change implementation.

8. Tell me about a time you provided excellent customer service. What was the situation and what did you do?

Storytelling is key for behavioral questions like this. Set the scene, share the obstacles you faced, and explain how you achieved an amazing outcome.

Example: One busy night as a restaurant server, a couple celebrating their anniversary had reservations but we somehow lost their table booking. Rather than make excuses, I profusely apologized for the oversight and promised to make it up to them. I updated the manager, swiftly prepared a complimentary appetizer and arranged a new table decoratively with a candle and flower. When serving them, I wished them a happy anniversary and ensured their meals and wine came out perfectly timed. Despite our initial mistake, the couple had a wonderful evening and even tipped generously while praising my quick actions and attention to detail.

9. How do you stay motivated in a fast-paced work environment?

This question reveals your stamina and mindset. Share tips for maintaining energy and a positive attitude when on your feet all day.

Example: I find fast-paced work energizing and enjoy the satisfaction of providing good service. To stay motivated, I focus on positive customer interactions, which remind me that I’m making a difference. During brief breaks, I do quick stretches to refresh. Having co-workers that I like and can joke around with also boosts morale when the work gets tiring. Most importantly, I remind myself that by pushing through the tough moments, time passes quickly and I will have earned a sense of accomplishment. Keeping the bigger picture in mind keeps me motivated to do my best.

10. How do you ensure orders are accurate during a busy shift?

Hiring managers want to know you can juggle tasks without overlooking details. Share your methods for avoiding errors.

Example: Attention to detail is critical when orders are flying in. To ensure accuracy, I listen carefully to each customer’s order and always repeat it back to confirm I have it right. I utilize point-of-sale systems efficiently to enter items correctly. When fulfilling orders, I double check that all components are there and match the receipt. If I ever have a question, I immediately consult co-workers to verify rather than guess. During my shifts, I take a moment whenever possible to re-center myself and sharpen my focus. These habits allow me to deliver exceptional service and food that matches what our guests expect.

11. How do you create rapport with customers?

Building connections is what hospitality is all about. Share your best tips for putting customers at ease.

Example: I create rapport with customers by being warm and friendly as soon as they arrive. I look for common ground to bond over, like commenting on a sports team logo on their shirt. I also make conversations feel natural, not forced. When taking orders, I engage with any questions and offer menu recommendations if asked. Active listening is key so I can pick up any cues about their visit, such as a special occasion they may be celebrating. I want guests to feel attended to, not just processed through. My ability to establish genuine rapport is what often compels customers to become regulars.

12. If a customer complained about incorrectly

5 Things: Steve Jackson, CEO of Hungry Howie’s Pizza & Subs


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