How To Get a CQA Certification

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Start Your Preparation for ASQ Certified Quality Auditor (CQA) Certification Exam

Who should get a CQA certification?

Anyone engaged in quality auditing or working as an auditor can benefit from obtaining a CQA certification. However, the CQA certification is not intended for entry-level auditors. The best candidates for this certification are those who have at least a few years of experience working as auditors and have acquired expertise and knowledge. It is critical that you are prepared for the exam because the certification does not impart new knowledge; rather, it allows you to demonstrate your existing knowledge.

This is particularly crucial to take into account because you have to wait two years from the original testing date to retake the CQA exam if you don’t pass it on your first try. Consider obtaining a CQA certification if you want to advance in your career and are confident in your abilities as a quality auditor.

What is a CQA certification?

A national standard that identifies someone as a Certified Quality Auditor is the CQA certification. A Certified Quality Auditor is qualified to examine a quality system, guarantee accuracy, and uphold all laws and standards of conduct. The National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA) has accredited the CQA certification, and it is acknowledged globally. You must possess demonstrated abilities and experience in the area of quality auditing in addition to passing an exam in order to obtain a CQA certification.

Benefits of a CQA certification

For an auditor, earning a CQA certification can be very beneficial. The CQA certification can benefit you during the hiring process and looks great on a resume. This certification demonstrates your expertise in conducting and reporting quality audits, which enhances your application. The CQA certification may even enable you to advance in your quality auditing management career.

Additionally, this certification will help you in your current job. Your competency and output may increase thanks to this certification, which may also entitle you to a promotion or pay increase. Due to their additional credentials, CQAs typically make more money than non-certified quality auditors.

Employers can gain from having a CQA on their team because it boosts confidence in their auditing procedure. Some employers may even support their quality auditors’ certification efforts by paying for their exam fees. If you’re considering becoming a CQA, you might want to discuss the possibility with your employer.

How to get a CQA certification

If you’re interested in becoming a CQA, take the following actions to become certified:

1. Meet the prerequisites

You must first fulfill a number of requirements in order to become a CQA. To become a CQA, you must possess one of the following qualifications in terms of both education and experience:

The minimum amount of experience a CQA can have is three years, and the amount of experience needed varies depending on your educational background. A CQA should have experience working as a quality auditor or a similar type of auditor, and their degree should be in auditing or in a related field, like business or accounting. Internships and college courses that are not paid do not count toward the required experience.

2. Submit an application

You need to submit an application to sit for the exam in order to receive a CQA certification. Your application should include a list of your education and professional experience to demonstrate your eligibility to take the exam. Along with this application, there is a fee that varies according to whether you are a member of the organization or not. Every few months, CQA exams are given, and when applying, you can select the test date of your choice.

You must read and accept the American Society for Quality’s (ASQ) code of ethics as part of the application process. You must abide by this code to represent them as a respectable individual and a quality professional.

3. Take the exam

The exam is the last step, so you should make sure you study for it beforehand. There are two ways to take the CQA exam, which is made up entirely of multiple-choice questions. Candidates have the option of taking the test in person or online. 165 multiple-choice questions make up the online exam, which assesses your understanding of quality auditing principles. The exam has a five-hour and-18-minute time limit, and 15 of these questions are not scored.

There are 150 multiple-choice questions on the in-person test, and each one is graded. Unlike the online exam, this five-hour exam is only available in English. Since the tests are open-book in both formats, you may bring study aids with you.

10 to 15 percent of the CQA exam’s questions are based on case studies of particular auditing circumstances. These inquiries demand you to use critical thinking abilities while looking over provided documents, memos, and other pertinent information because they are a little more difficult than the others. However, the four option multiple-choice format is still used to answer these questions.


How hard is the CQA exam?

This is one of the earliest certifications offered by ASQ, and the exam is not particularly challenging. There are 165 questions on the exam, but only 150 of them are evaluated for scoring.

How long does it take to get CQA?

One year is waived for technical or trade school diplomas. Associate degree — two year waived. Bachelor’s degree — four years waived. Master’s or doctorate — five years waived.

What is a CQA certificate?

A national standard that identifies someone as a Certified Quality Auditor is the CQA certification. A Certified Quality Auditor is qualified to examine a quality system, guarantee accuracy, and uphold all laws and standards of conduct.

How do you become a certified auditor?

Steps to Become an IT Auditor
  1. Earn a Bachelor’s Degree. Gaining employment on the IT auditor career path may benefit from having a bachelor’s degree in a related field, such as the online bachelor’s in cybersecurity offered by Maryville University.
  2. Gain On-the-Job Experience. …
  3. Earn Certifications and a Master’s Degree (optional)

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