How To Get a Music Manager: 7 Tips To Further Your Career

5 Tips On Finding A Music Manager
  1. Make Sure They Are Enthusiastic About Your Music. When hiring a manager, you want them to really believe in what you do. …
  2. You Can Find Managers On Online Forums. …
  3. Consider Asking A Friend. …
  4. Make Sure You Keep Things Official. …
  5. Measure The Success Of Your Manager.

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Benefits of having a music manager

A music manager can help musicians launch or advance their musical careers. The potential benefits of finding a music manager include:

What does a music manager do?

A music manager is a specialist who assists musicians with developing their careers and boosting their sales. Common manager responsibilities can include:

How to get a music manager

Consider the steps below if you are a musician looking for a music manager:

1. Develop your music

Managers are looking for talented musicians who have honed their craft. In order to gain an audience, many musicians start out by handling their own bookings and finances. To hone your industry skills, think about honing your musical abilities, enrolling in classes, and playing in your community.

2. Create recordings

Before agreeing to manage your career, the majority of managers will request to hear a sample of your music. Booking a professional recording at a nearby studio to create a music sample is something to think about. Additionally, you can record one of your performances and send the video to managers to demonstrate your live performance.

3. Explore your network

Musicians can use their network of family, friends, and acquaintances to find managers. Think about contacting your contacts in the music business. You may meet other musicians and proprietors of nearby venues as you launch your career and play at musical events. These professionals might refer or connect you with a manager.

4. Contact agencies and managers

Some musicians call or directly approach agencies or managers to find their managers. You can look through online music groups to find managers in your genre or area. Many managers will provide instructions for submitting a musical sample or list their contact information on their websites.

5. Continue to promote your music

You can continue to expand your audience and market your music as you network and get in touch with organizations. Managers may contact you as you advance in your career and develop your talents. Managers will occasionally offer their services after hearing an artist perform live or online. You could aid managers in finding you by promoting your music and growing your fan base.

6. Meet and discuss your career goals

Once you have a manager, you can meet with them and go over your career objectives. Finding a manager you respect and trust is crucial. You can talk about your intended audience and next steps for your career during this initial meeting. To ensure that you both agree on a management strategy, you can also talk about the manager’s compensation and duties.

7. Negotiate and sign a contract

Music managers set fees for their services. This sum typically represents a percentage of overall sales or booking revenue. A manager may have a fixed rate or negotiate. You can review the agreement and talk about any alterations you want to make. Before you sign the document, make sure you understand all the details.

Tips for finding a good music manager

To find a competent music manager, think about using the following advice:

Consider the areas you want to focus on

Managers have experience with a variety of tasks and can specialize in various musical genres. They might be financial experts or skilled at negotiations. Before looking for a manager, think about the areas you need assistance with. For instance, you can look for managers with business experience if you want someone who can handle your finances. When meeting potential managers, bring up the topic of having someone who designs merchandise. Finding the ideal manager can be facilitated by preparing your desired requirements in advance.

Find someone with a shared vision

It’s crucial to locate a manager who adores your music and concurs with your artistic philosophy. Consider your desired career goals and industry beliefs before looking for managers. While some musicians prefer to perform in large stadiums, others prefer to stick with smaller, independent venues Try to find a manager who shares your ideals by thinking about what your ideal career would entail.

Try to stay patient

Finding a great music manager can take time. Try to stay patient by focusing on your music. By honing your skills, you might improve your chances of hiring the ideal manager. When interviewing prospective managers, take your time to get to know them and carefully review their contract before committing. Finding the ideal manager for your musical career can be facilitated by exercising patience.


How do artists get managers?

Artists can find managers in a variety of ways, including through mutual friends or other artists, cold approaches, catching their attention with your live performances, or music.

How do I hire a personal manager?

How to Hire a Manager
  1. Make Your Case for a New Management Hire. …
  2. Think About Leadership Styles. …
  3. Write a Strong Job Description. …
  4. Look Within Your Organization. …
  5. How to Hire a Manager: Broaden Your Applicant Pool. …
  6. Craft Insightful Interview Questions. …
  7. Avoid Hiring Bullies, Brilliant Jerks, and Other Bad Managers.

How do actors find managers?

Discuss potential choices for an agent or agency with your fellow actors, your instructors, and the rest of your network. You can also use the Internet to look for nearby SAG-AFTRA agents. Knowing which agents and agencies are best for your particular acting style will help you network with the appropriate people.

How do I get a manager for my band?

The Do’s and Don’ts of Hiring a Manager
  1. Do: Know What You’re Looking For. …
  2. Do: Ask Other Bands for Recommendations. …
  3. Don’t: Email Your Favorite Band’s Manager. …
  4. Do: Look for Someone You Feel Comfortable With. …
  5. Do: Get in Touch With the Manager’s Other Clients. …
  6. Do: Decide Where You Will and Won’t Compromise.

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