H4 Dependent Visa Interview: The Ultimate Prep Guide with Sample Questions and Answers

If your spouse has received an H1B visa to work in the United States, you may be eligible for an H4 dependent visa to accompany them. However, before obtaining this visa, you’ll need to go through an interview process to validate your relationship and intentions. This comprehensive guide will equip you with the knowledge and preparation strategies needed to ace the H4 visa interview, increasing your chances of a successful outcome.

Understanding the H4 Visa Interview Process

The H4 visa interview is a crucial step in the application process, as it allows the immigration officer to assess the authenticity of your marriage and ensure that you meet the necessary requirements. During the interview, you can expect a wide range of questions related to your personal background, your relationship with your spouse, and your plans for staying in the United States.

Types of Questions to Expect

The questions asked during an H4 visa interview can be categorized into four main areas:

  1. Personal Questions: These questions aim to gather information about you, your background, and your future plans in the United States.
  2. Marriage-Related Questions: These questions are designed to verify the legitimacy of your marriage and the depth of your relationship with your spouse.
  3. H4 Visa-Specific Questions: These questions focus on your understanding of the H4 visa, the application process, and the necessary documentation.
  4. Spouse-Related Questions: These questions seek to confirm the details of your spouse’s visa status, employment, and background.

Sample H4 Visa Interview Questions and Answers

To help you prepare for the interview, we’ve compiled a list of potential questions and suggested answers based on the information provided. Remember, it’s essential to be honest and provide relevant details to support your responses.

Personal Questions

  1. Where will you live in America?

    • Provide the name of the town or city where you plan to reside in the United States.
  2. What are your plans in the USA?

    • Provide a truthful and concise answer about your intentions, such as accompanying your spouse or exploring the country.
  3. Do you have family members besides your spouse in America?

    • If yes, provide details about your family members residing in the United States.
  4. Do you wish to work in America?

    • The H4 visa allows dependent spouses to obtain work authorization in certain circumstances. Answer accordingly based on your plans.
  5. Whom do you currently live with?

    • Provide an honest answer, such as living with your in-laws, parents, or independently.
  6. What is your current residential town or city?

    • Mention the name of your current residential town or city in your home country.
  7. With whom will you reside in the United States?

    • State that you will be living with your spouse, the H1B visa holder.
  8. Who will support you financially in the United States?

    • Indicate that your spouse will be supporting you financially during your stay in the United States.

Marriage-Related Questions

  1. Is there any photograph or legal document proof of your marriage?

    • Carry your marriage certificate and wedding photographs as proof of your marriage.
  2. What was the date of your marriage? For how many years have you been married?

    • Provide the exact date of your marriage and the number of years you’ve been married.
  3. Was your marriage arranged or love? If arranged, who arranged it?

    • Answer honestly and provide details about who arranged the marriage if it was an arranged marriage.
  4. What was the location of your marriage?

    • Provide the city, state, and country where your marriage took place.
  5. Was there any engagement before your marriage? If yes, provide details.

    • If you had an engagement ceremony before your marriage, provide relevant details and proof, if available.
  6. What was the total expenditure of your marriage? Who financed it?

    • Provide an estimate of the total expenses incurred during your wedding and specify who funded the event.
  7. When and where did you meet your spouse for the first time?

    • Mention the approximate date or year and location where you first met your spouse.

H4 Visa-Specific Questions

  1. Which visa are you applying for?

    • Directly state that you are applying for an H4 visa.
  2. Why do you want an H4 visa?

    • Explain that you need an H4 visa to accompany your spouse, who holds an H1B visa, to the United States.
  3. Have you scheduled an appointment by yourself?

    • If someone else scheduled the appointment for you, provide an honest explanation and a legitimate reason.
  4. When did your spouse receive approval for an H1B visa?

    • Provide the accurate approval date, month, and year for your spouse’s H1B visa.
  5. How did you collect all the necessary documents for this interview?

    • Explain the process you followed to gather the required documents for the H4 visa interview.
  6. Why did you not attend the H4 visa interview with your spouse?

    • If applicable, provide a valid reason for not attending the interview with your spouse.

Spouse-Related Questions

  1. From which university did your spouse graduate? What is their highest educational degree?

    • Provide the name of the university your spouse attended and their highest educational qualification.
  2. When is your spouse’s birthday?

    • State your spouse’s date of birth accurately.
  3. What is the name of the organization your spouse is currently working for? Where is it located?

    • Mention the name of the company your spouse is employed with and its location.
  4. How long has the current company employed your spouse?

    • Provide the exact month, year, and date when your spouse began working for their current employer.
  5. What is the profession of your spouse?

    • Describe your spouse’s profession and job description accurately.
  6. What is the annual income of your spouse?

    • You may need to provide proof of your spouse’s income, so answer honestly.
  7. Do you have your spouse’s bank statement?

    • Be prepared to submit your spouse’s bank statements and relevant financial documents if requested.
  8. Does your spouse currently stay in the United States?

    • If your spouse is already in the United States, provide the date, month, and year of their stay.
  9. Is your spouse a US citizen? If not, have they applied for a green card?

    • Provide an appropriate answer based on your spouse’s citizenship status and green card application, if applicable.

Tips for a Successful H4 Visa Interview

In addition to familiarizing yourself with potential questions and answers, here are some tips to help you prepare for a successful H4 visa interview:

  1. Be on time: Arrive at the interview venue at least 15-20 minutes early with all the required documents. This will help you stay calm and composed.

  2. Answer confidently: Respond to questions clearly and confidently. Skipping or providing false information can jeopardize your chances of obtaining the H4 visa.

  3. Keep documents ready: As illustrated by the sample questions, you may need to provide various documents to support your answers. Keep these documents organized and easily accessible.

  4. Review your documents: Carefully review all your documents to ensure the accuracy of information such as names, birthdates, and other details, as they will be printed on your visa.

  5. Check your visa upon receipt: Once you receive your H4 visa, thoroughly check for any errors or discrepancies and report them immediately if found.

By following these tips and preparing thoroughly with the sample questions and answers provided, you’ll increase your chances of a successful H4 visa interview and pave the way for joining your spouse in the United States.

Remember, honesty and transparency are key throughout the interview process. With the right preparation and a positive attitude, you can confidently navigate the H4 visa interview and embark on this exciting new chapter of your life.

H4 Visa Interview Questions for Wife


What kind of questions are asked in H4 visa interview?

The H4 Visa interview assesses the validity of a marriage-based visa. Questions cover visa details, personal information, marriage specifics, and knowledge about the spouse. It’s crucial to be honest, prepare truthful answers, and provide supporting documents.

Can I go with my wife for H4 visa interview?

A: It is recommended that the spouse and dependent children go for their visa interview at the same time as the principal applicant. Q: Should my spouse’s name be in my passport? Do we need to have the same last name? A: Your spouse’s name should be entered in your passport if you are applying for an H4 visa.

What are the chances of H4 rejection?

Fiscal Year*
Approval Rate
Refusal Rate

What are your plans to do in the USA for H4 visa interview?

Who do you plan on residing within the United States? For this question you should answer that you will be staying with your spouse. Who will financially support you during your period of stay in the United States? For this question you should answer that your spouse will support you financially.

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