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In this article, we address some frequently asked questions about Google’s SWE internship, including interview advice.

In this post, we’ll cover some crucial details about interning at Google, one of the biggest tech companies in the world, in case you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to work there.

Google’s internship programs are designed for aspirants who are eager to advance their careers through the training they receive as interns. Interns will receive fundamental training, on-the-job training, and role assignment in order to become familiar with Google’s tools, technology, and culture. There are positions available in the UK, the US, and dozens of other nations. Here some more information about the internships:

You must be currently enrolled in a Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree program in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Data Science, Electrical Engineering, or a major closely related to these fields to be eligible to apply for an internship at Google. Candidates with some prior technical experience are typically preferred by Google; in particular, programming knowledge of at least one modern language, such as Python, Java, or C++, is highly advantageous. .

Google offers a program for first and second-year undergraduate students who are passionate about technology and computer science, with “a focus on providing development opportunities to students from groups historically underrepresented in tech, through technical training and professional development.” Don’t worry if you don’t have any experience with coding or software development internships. “.

If you’re just starting out in computer science, the STEP program, which stands for Student Training in Engineering Program, is a fantastic choice.

Applications for Google’s SWE internships typically go on sale in September or October of the year prior, so those for the summer of 2023 would do so in September of 2022. Google has established a deadline for applications within two to three weeks of the application opening in recent years. Most events in the application process (interviews, technical screens, etc.) for software internships occur fairly quickly. (taking place within the first three months of the application’s launch) .

As roles become available, the process starts with a preliminary resume screening, according to Google. You might get a follow-up survey depending on the positions available and the areas you apply to. Following review of this data by the hiring team, if any positions match your specialized skills, the hiring team will get in touch with you to arrange phone interviews.

The Google interview process for SWE roles in particular consists of two 45-minute technical interviews where you code in a Google Doc in the programming language of your choice. Each interview typically consists of two medium level LeetCode questions, but it may vary.

We’re glad you asked, because there’s a great Reddit thread on how to prepare for technical interviews, which we’ll summarize here.

Data structures and algorithms are the two main concepts that are typically covered in technical interviews, especially those for internships.

Refresh your memory on some interviewer favorites like Arrays, Linked Lists, Stacks/Queues, Trees (Binary Tree, Binary Search Tree, Red-Black Tree, etc.) as you study for Data Structures.

Similarly, sorting algorithms and tree traversals (in-order, preorder, postorder, and level order) are excellent places to start when reviewing for questions on algorithms.

If you have any ideas or feedback for a particular Google product or service, bring it up during the interview to demonstrate that you’ve gone above and beyond and are a good fit for the company. This can also help you stand out from the crowd and demonstrate your familiarity with Google products.

Google Software Engineering Internships – Answering Your Questions

Interviews for Top Jobs at Google

Intern Interview


I interviewed at Google


group interview in which the HR asks to people what are their interests, how they can contribute to the company and some decision making games to show their performance. The interview process is quite simple and the people there are very kind

Interview Questions

  • What are your hobbies and why=

Intern Interview


I interviewed at Google


It was held virtually on zoom. The interview took about 1 hour. It was quite stressful but was happy once I got it over with. Google is a technology giant so it makes sense.

Interview Questions

  • Why did you choose Google?

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google intern interview questions

I am Divya Sri Darimisetti, a student at the National Institute of Technology, Rourkela, who is pursuing her BTech in electrical engineering. I am neither a competitive coder nor a GSoCer. I went through a period in my life where I was rejected more often than hens in a hen house. This rejection started with a few startups, fintechs, and even some student leadership programs. Therefore, if you are like me, this blog is undoubtedly for you!

There have been a few inquiries from people who are interested in learning about my preparation method and the application process ever since I received an internship offer from Google. I therefore decided to create a blog to address all the questions. I would like to mention two points before going ahead.

  • I’ve never explicitly prepared for an organization somewhat never expected a call from Google.
  • NOW is never too late regarding when to start the preparation.
  • I submitted an application for the Google Summer Internship of 2022. I didn’t anticipate hearing back from them because I submitted an off-campus, unrecommended application from a tier 3 college. But after about 3 weeks, I received a response from Google with an invitation to an interview. We also had an interviews preparation session.

    Assume that each element of array A is an integer in the range [1, 1000000000] and that 1 = N = 1000.

    Write a function that returns the videos with the top 10 watch rates given a list L of video names and their watch rates. Video names may appear more than once.

    THINK OUT LOUD! I can’t stress this one enough. You are also being judged on your thought process. Your interviewer cannot give you advice or correct you in any way if they are unaware of what you are thinking. And believe me, they want to see you succeed. They are there to aid you and direct you as you work through the issue.

    The function should return 3 in this case because after invoking A three times and receiving the result “abcdabcdabcd,” B is now a substring of A.

    Ask questions. The interviewer will purposefully ask you a question that is unclear in the hopes that you will follow up with inquiries to clarify it for yourself.


    How do I prepare for a Google internship interview?

    In this blog post, I have tried to clear some of the common questions every student has regarding interview preparation.

    Google Specific Interview Tips
    1. Practice coding on google docs.
    2. Write variable and function names that are descriptive.
    3. Be honest. …
    4. Be vocal, explain your approach while coding.

    How many interview rounds for Google internship?

    Our hiring process can be demanding (typically three to four in-person or video interviews in a single day), but it also aims to be cordial and warm, giving you the chance to get to know us better.

    What are the top 5 questions to ask an interviewer for an internship?

    Best questions to ask during an internship interview
    • Can you tell me about the onboarding process? …
    • Can you describe the company’s culture? …
    • What are the main day-to-day responsibilities involved in this internship? .
    • What are some essential qualities for successful interns?

    How hard is it to get an internship interview at Google?

    There is a reason why Google is consistently rated as one of the best employers in the world. Some claim that only 2% of applicants for internships are accepted, and many people claim that applying for an internship at Google is more difficult than applying for admission to Stanford University.

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