fun interview questions for high school students

High school students often face a variety of challenges, from academic pressure to extracurricular activities. As such, the interview process is a key way for employers to gain insight into a student’s abilities and interests. Asking the right questions in the interview can make all the difference between finding the perfect candidate for the job and settling for someone who may not be the best fit. This blog post will provide some fun and engaging interview questions that will help employers get to know potential high school student applicants. These questions go beyond the basics, giving employers a unique and insightful view into the qualities, skills, and enthusiasm of the interviewee. With the right questions, employers can find the ideal candidate who will fit the job perfectly.

21 fun interview questions for kids
  • What do you like most about yourself right now? …
  • What do you think your future job will be?
  • What is the funniest thing you’ve ever done?
  • How do you like to spend your time?
  • What are you good at?
  • What do you think will be different about the world when you are an adult?


If you could choose one song to play every time you walked into a room, what would you choose and why?

This query enables the interviewer to gain a deeper understanding of your personality and self-perception. Picking a song that most people are familiar with could help the interviewer relate to your response more. Give a brief description of the music’s sound and some context-relevant lyrics if the interviewer has never heard the song or it is not widely known.

For instance, “I’d play Stevie Wonder’s “Don’t You Worry Bout a Thing” When people hear this song, they feel carefree and cheery. I believe that sometimes people worry about things that are beyond their control, and I’d like to believe that when I’m around, there aren’t many things to worry about. Additionally, if you want to dance to it, it has catchy lyrics that many listeners are familiar with. “.

What do you think of garden gnomes?

This or another seemingly random interview question may be asked to help defuse the situation. You can give a variety of responses, but the most crucial thing is how you act. Try to respond to the query with assurance and show that you are amenable to humor at work.

Example: “Garden gnomes are the ideal combination of cute, charming, and mischievous ornaments, so I’m glad someone has finally asked my opinion about them during an interview. “.

What would you do if you were the only survivor of a plane crash?

This is a test question for your empathy and emotional intelligence that interviewers may ask you. Try to be upbeat and discuss what you learned from the experience. Your answer can demonstrate your independent nature and accountability.

For instance, “I would be glad that I flew alone that day and then probably put in more flight training hours before I flew a plane again.” “.

Why did you choose your school?

This question is intended to determine whether you have a clear direction for where your professional and academic development are going. Your response will demonstrate to the interviewer that you have considered your educational options and have the self-control to make wise choices that will advance your goals.

For instance, “I chose my university because it is a highly regarded and established school of science, and I wanted the opportunity to study with some of the brightest minds in the field.” Additionally, my school provided the biomechanical engineering specialization I was seeking. “.

In-depth questions

You may be asked more in-depth questions as the job interview progresses, such as:

What aspects of your studies do you enjoy most?

The interviewer is interested in learning what drives, inspires, and motivates you. This can help them determine how dedicated you will be if you get the job. Include details about your major or a subject you are particularly passionate about in your response. You can also talk about your favorite class and how your teachers encourage and inspire you.

Example: “I love my architectural design course. Since I’m majoring in architectural engineering, I prefer taking design courses now because they push me to think of new ways to develop plans for structures. I enjoy the planning and design phases because they provide me with inspiration and motivation to continue honing my skills while working on a design team. “.

What Types of Yearbook Interview Questions Really Work?

When interviewing students, you should focus on three different types of questions: surveys, anecdotes, and fishing for quotes.

These are the lifeblood of your book. From “what was the song of the year?” to “which student in your class would win the presidential election?,” questions can be asked. Before asking students to share their personal opinions and anecdotes, use these amusing questions to ease their nerves and establish trust.

Here, you’re looking for stories. Ask questions that will elicit detailed responses packed with personality once a student is at ease (after you’ve conducted a survey). The more long winded, the better (they can be culled).

Asking for anecdotes will not only provide you with fresh perspectives from the viewpoint of the student, but it will also reveal the occasions that call for additional coverage from the yearbook staff.

Your yearbook will have more impact if the most significant events at your school are condensed into tweet-length chunks. It’s likely that many of them will be humorous and not serious, and that’s okay because quotes only need to capture moments and don’t need to be profound. Who knows, maybe this year a student will say something that sums up the culture of your school perfectly.

Avoid yes/no questions at all costs, whatever you do. Only the most gregarious students will overshare in binary questions because they devalue opinions in favor of convenience. Your yearbook should be diverse and feature as many different personalities as it can.

What Are Three of Your Favourite Qualities About Yourself?

Allowing applicants to say things that make them feel good about themselves is crucial. Additionally, this question will reveal a lot about their personality. Students are social and invested in their friendships if they say they enjoy having good friends.

Ice breaker questions for elementary school students

The beginning of a new school year is particularly challenging for young children, but these amusing icebreaker questions can make them feel at ease and motivate them to make new friends:

The best types of ice breaker questions for students are open-ended questions because those open a conversation up for further discussion. You can even ask follow up questions or play a fun game with their answers.


What are some fun interview questions?

Examples of these interview questions include:
  • What would you do if a penguin was discovered in a freezer?
  • How many basketballs would fit in this room?
  • What would scissors be useful for if you delivered pizzas?
  • Why is a tennis ball fuzzy?
  • How much pizza is consumed per square meter in the U S. every year?.

What are the interview questions for high school students?

Common High School Interview Questions
  • Tell me about yourself. …
  • What are your strengths? …
  • What are your weaknesses? …
  • What do you enjoy doing in your spare time or for fun?
  • What extracurricular activities interest you? …
  • What is your favorite subject? …
  • What subject do you find the most difficult?

What are some good interview questions for students?

General questions
  • Can you tell me a little bit about yourself?
  • What do you know about our company?
  • What interests you about this job?
  • What are your strengths?
  • What do you consider your weaknesses?
  • Why do you want to work here?
  • Can you describe your ideal work environment?
  • How would your peers describe you?

What are the 5 unusual interview questions?

Examples of Weird Interview Questions
  • How many basketballs can fit on a bus?
  • Aside from food and water, what other two things would you want to have on a deserted island?
  • How many pizzas are ordered in the US every night?
  • What would you do if you won the lottery?
  • Blue or green?

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