Ace Your Freewill Interview: The Top 10 Questions and Answers

Landing a job at Freewill can propel your career in software engineering, product development, data science, and other high-growth fields. As an innovative startup, Freewill aims to make estate planning simpler and more accessible through technology.

With significant funding from top firms like Accel and Bessemer Venture Partners, Freewill is rapidly expanding its team This means the interview process is quite competitive

To help you shine in your Freewill interview I’ve compiled a list of the 10 most common questions along with sample answers to help you impress your future employers!

1. Why do you want to work at Freewill?

Hiring managers want to gauge your passion for Freewill’s mission. They also want to see that you’ve researched the company.

Emphasize your interest in making a positive impact by democratizing estate planning through technology. Highlight aspects of the culture or values that resonate with you. Demonstrate knowledge of Freewill’s growth, leadership, and innovations.

Sample Answer: “Freewill’s mission to make estate planning accessible for all families deeply resonates with me. The potential to leverage technology to simplify a daunting process is exciting. Freewill’s rapid growth shows the demand for this service. I’m attracted to the startup culture that values innovation, passion, and collaboration. With support from top investors, it’s clear Freewill has huge potential.”

2. Why do you want to work in this role?

Tailor your answer to the specific role you’re applying for. Show how your skills, interests, and experience make you a strong fit. Convey passion for the day-to-day responsibilities.

Sample Answer for Software Engineer: “I’m excited to utilize my full-stack engineering skills to build products that directly help families plan their estates more easily. I’m drawn to roles where I can ideate creative solutions and see my work impact end users.”

3. What experience do you have that’s relevant for this role?

Illustrate how your background makes you uniquely qualified. Highlight relevant hard and soft skills. Provide specific examples of when you demonstrated those abilities. Quantify your achievements and impact when possible.

Sample Answer for Product Manager: “As a PM for 2 years, I launched 3 products by synthesizing user insights, guiding engineers, and analyzing KPIs. One product saw a 20% increase in engagement within 2 months. I’m comfortable juggling ambiguity, collaborating cross-functionally, and iterating based on data and feedback.”

4. Why do you want to leave your current job?

Be honest but positive. Avoid bashing your current employer. Instead, share how Freewill excites you more in terms of career growth, learning opportunities, or making a difference. You can mention wanting to join a rapidly scaling startup.

Sample Answer: “I’ve enjoyed my time at my current company, but am seeking opportunities for more upward mobility and ownership over product direction. Freewill offers that as a high-growth startup disrupting a complex industry. The chance to make estate planning accessible is also compelling to me.”

5. What do you know about our company?

Demonstrate the initiative you took to thoroughly research Freewill. Excite them with your knowledge about their story, product, business model, founders, investors, awards, office locations, growth stats, culture, and recent news.

Sample Answer: “Freewill was founded in 2016 to transform estate planning through software. With backing from investors like Accel, you’ve grown to over 100 employees and raised $35 million. Your SaaS platform has made estate planning 60x faster by automating documents. Your innovative culture led to being named a top startup by LinkedIn. It’s clear Freewill is positively disrupting legal services.”

6. How would you handle a tight deadline on multiple projects?

Hiring managers want to know you can effectively prioritize under pressure. Highlight your time management, organization, multitasking, and communication skills. Provide an example of successfully juggling competing deadlines.

Sample Answer: “I would first identify the high-priority critical tasks for each project with input from key stakeholders. I would assign deadlines for each piece and communicate timelines clearly to all team members. Throughout the projects, I’d provide regular updates on progress and be transparent about any roadblocks. My organization enabled me to recently launch 2 campaigns ahead of tight deadlines.”

7. What is your greatest strength?

Choose a strength that fits the role and culture at Freewill. Provide specific examples that showcase this skill contributing to success. Some good options include problem-solving, adaptability, collaboration, communication skills, work ethic, and attention to detail.

Sample Answer: “One of my greatest strengths is my innovative problem-solving skills. I’m able to think creatively to come up with solutions. For example, I helped my team quickly pivot our testing strategy when we lost access to a critical tool. I devised a new approach incorporating open-source tech that got everything back on track.”

8. What is your greatest weakness?

Pick a minor weakness that won’t tank your chances. Demonstrate self-awareness by sharing how you actively worked to improve this flaw. End on a positive note.

Sample Answer: “In the past, I sometimes struggled with public speaking and presenting to large groups. I wasn’t comfortable putting myself out there. To improve, I volunteered to present at my last company’s all-hands meetings. The more I practices presenting, the more my confidence grew. Now I feel fully capable delivering presentations, and I enjoy the chance to share my work.

9. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Show you’re interested in growing your skills and advancing your career at Freewill long-term. Share aspirations to take on more responsibility in key roles like senior engineer, team lead, or product manager.

Sample Answer: “In 5 years, I hope to be excelling in a lead engineering role, managing a team of developers and mentoring new hires. I aim to continue producing innovative work that advances Freewill’s mission. Most importantly, I want to keep developing and contributing to Freewill’s success in making estate planning more accessible.”

10. Do you have any questions for me?

Prepare at least 2-3 thoughtful questions that demonstrate your engagement. You can ask about the interviewer’s experience at Freewill, challenges faced in the role, skills needed to excel, details about training, team culture, interesting projects, or growth plans.

Sample Questions:

-“What do you enjoy most about working at Freewill?”

-“What are the most important skills needed to thrive in this role?”

-“How would you describe the work culture on your team?”

-“What exciting projects is the engineering team working on lately?”

By preparing winning answers for these common Freewill interview questions, you’ll highlight the skills needed to excel in the role while showcasing your passion for the company’s meaningful mission. Review these examples and personalize your responses. With practice and confidence, you’ll impress your interviewers and land the job at this top startup!

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