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France has throughout the long term gotten one of the top study abroad destinations for Indian students and as it should be. The nation gives applicants cutting-edge educational institutions, present-day offices, or more each of the student agreeable climate for Indian students which is both protected and enjoyable to feel comfortable away from home.

The interview for your France Student Visa is similarly significant as you will be needed to persuade the board of your motivations to travel to another country to study in France. Do take note that the specialists are not hoping to reject candidates however searching for candidates who might fit the shape or the exclusive expectations continued in the host nation. No student should be permitted to go to the nation that has gone through lakhs of cash to feel lost and overpowered by the norms continued in the nation.

For the most part, any interview would begin with the board approaching you for your own presentation. Candidates would be needed to present themselves. They should discuss their schooling capability, their diversions, likely arrangements a little about their past experience, travel encounters. Anything that elevates the picture of the interviewee before the questioner. Applicants could likewise quickly address subjects like their family foundation and discussion about their kin. Furthermore, if the candidate knows the French language this is a major favorable position and should be referenced to the questioner.

The following question would be about your choice to pick France as your study abroad destination. This is significant in light of the fact that the candidate would need to consider how he plans to visit France for the correct reasons. He should have the option to discuss France as a student and study abroad destination. Their post-study work recompense. Candidates should have the option to do investigate and give redid answers. General answers would defect the candidate’s notoriety. The ease of living in France when contrasted with different nations could likewise be one reason for picking France as your study abroad destination.

A ton of times candidates picks a specific college in the attire of ulterior intentions. Henceforth, it is significant for the contender to show certified explanations behind picking a specific college. It could the accessibility of a huge number of courses, the low educational cost costs or an incredible area, a more prominent number of worldwide student qualities, or even a simple application measure. Whatever be the explanation, it should be certified and the board should be persuaded about your choice of picking a French University for studying abroad.

Indeed, when the visa officials have gotten some information about the nation, the college how far can be the questions on your course. You would need to discuss your explanation behind the determination of your specific course. Candidates should remember that the visa officer isn’t hoping to reject your Visa Application however to see that you are an ideal choice for the course, the college, and the nation. As it would be a disgrace if a student was to go through cash and not have the option to profit from it.

Applicants should know about their monetary supporters. The interview board could suggest conversation starters about your monetary support. Also, they should know about how they would back themselves while in an outside nation. Students ought to never exclusively depend on the part-time work license that is given to all international students. They ought to have enough monetary autonomy to not turn into a weight to the unfamiliar nation at the principal sight of a glitch. These are significant viewpoints and should be remembered. Share

Here are a few Campus France Interview Questions that you can expect to be asked during your France student visa interview.
  • Introduce your self. …
  • Why is France your study abroad destination? …
  • Your reason for choosing a French University. …
  • Course selection. …
  • Talk about your goals. …
  • Financial information. …
  • Also remember.

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Most asked questions in France Student Visa Interview

While giving your France student visa interview questions, it is important to be prepared to respond effectively to all of the questions that the interviewer typically asks. This is why weve taken the time to prepare this exhaustive and effective list of potential France interview questions and answers:

Ques. Introduce yourself.

A question that is asked in almost all types of interviews. You can prepare 2 to 3 lines on which you greet the person in front of you. Then, express your motivation to pass the interview.

Ans. “Hello, I present myself (your name and first name). I am (your age) years old, I am (you can say what you are currently doing, if you are a student explain what you are studying, if you work or are completing an internship briefly tell your post, what you do there … etc.) I will be happy to answer all your questions”.

Ques. What guided your choice towards French education?

While answering this question with respect to your country of origin, you can highlight several points:

  • The quality of studies in France.
  • The ease of finding a job in your country with a French diploma.
  • The easy business immersion that allows training in France compared to what you have in your country.
  • Ans. “I opted for France because it is a country which offers quality training, a multitude of advantages for foreign students which is similar to French students, but also because once my training is over I know that in my country of origin it is a diploma which is recognized by the State and by the recruiters, therefore, a fruitful training from all sides”.

    Ques. What are your motivations for choosing your training/program?

    To anticipate the answer to this question, you must put on paper what is your study project and your professional project.

    A professional project can be for example wanting to be a network and information systems architect. Your study project could be in order to do scientific preparatory classes. Or a licence in networks followed by a master/school of the engineer in the field of networks and information systems. So, concretely what you will do as a study that will help you achieve your professional dream.

    Ans. “What motivated me enormously for the choice of his training is that it allows me to perfectly realise what I have traced as a professional project is the perfect study project to become [project manager Marketing, Commercial, Computer Engineer, etc.]”

    Ques. What is your professional project?

    This is definitely a highly asked question during a France student visa interview.

    When you are brought up to tackle this subject, you need above all 3 ingredients that we consider essential:

  • Motivation, having a passion for what you want to do.
  • Know exactly what you want to do (that said, you want to work in which sector of activity, an exercise which profession, etc.)
  • And of course the consistency of what you do as a choice of training/program (study project) with this professional project.
  • Ans. “My short-term professional project is to integrate a company as a network and information systems engineer. In the medium term, I plan to move to the position of architect”.

    You can adapt your examples according to what you do. But above all, make sure that it aligns with your choice of training and your study project.

    Ques. Why did you choose this study project/program?

    The study project as we may have talked about in the last few questions is the study trajectory or your choice of training.

    Ans. “I chose the training in network systems and information security because I would like to be an architect in information systems security, this study project will allow me to receive complete training which will assure me the realisation of my professional project”.

    Ques. Why did you get bad marks in a given year/semester?

    Ans. “Getting bad or even good grades is part of the normal student curriculum for all students at all levels. The management of studies, like anything else in life, is a management that is sometimes meant as a priority. From the start, one of my first goals was to focus on the subjects that make up the heart of my job, which you can also notice on my notes”.

    Ques. Are you aware about the annual cost of living in Paris?

    The tuition fee in Paris ranges from 4,000 EUR to 8,000 EUR on an average per year. You can speak about your university/school’s tuition fee, and the estimated cost of living in France, on a rough basis.

    #1. Know all your course module

    Know all about your course details and its module. You will be asked to answer questions related to your course, like why you selected this course over others? How you see yourself after completing this course? What are your plans for the course?

    Well, these questions look very casual, but your answer should be more unique and satisfying for the interviewer.

    To answer this question, you can study the modules of the course. How this course will help you in your career. Your study background, passion, and future goal. If you ask these questions yourself you will get the answer.

    Ex. If you selected the hotel management course.

    Get the list of modules like

  • Introduction to Hotel Management
  • Handling Front Office Operations
  • Food & Beverage Production
  • Managing Food and Beverage Operations
  • Quality Management
  • With this course module, you get a clear view for you to answer.

    Why did you choose to continue your studies in a school?

    This question is quite complex, but simple at the same time. Indeed, you simply have to be spontaneous. You could for example mention the fact that fashion or business schools are accessible after the baccalaureate. In addition, there are many renowned schools which enjoy an excellent reputation in Paris. They have a rather professional vocation and are open to the international. If you feel that you do not have enough prerequisites, you can request the integration of a preparatory class at the grandes écoles.

    In short, you must bet on the advantages that Parisian schools offer to their students. Indeed, the courses within schools multiply the chances of finding a job suited to your profile. The training offered is very often of a high level. In addition, most schools have partnerships and collaborations with companies and offer openness and great chances of finding a job even outside of France. Thus, you can say that schools in Paris, whatever your field of study, offer several opportunities and facilitate access to working life.


    Is there an interview for France student visa?

    A France student visa interview is conducted, as a final step towards your completion of a French student visa application. The interview is of utmost importance, and plays a major role in deciding whether you’ll be eligible for studying in France.

    What questions are asked in student visa interview?

    The most common F1 visa interview questions are the following:
    • Why are you going to the United States? What will you specialize in for your degree? …
    • Where did you go to school now? …
    • Why are you planning to continue your education? …
    • How many colleges did you apply to? …
    • Do you know your professors at that university?

    What do I need to take to a campus interview in France?

    The required documents are as follows:
    1. Valid passport.
    2. Cover letter.
    3. Proof of funding.
    4. Proof of accommodation.
    5. Medical insurance.
    6. Flight ticket.

    How do I ace my student visa interview?

    Top 9 Tips for the F1 Visa Interview
    1. Make a Good First Impression.
    2. Communicate Clearly.
    3. Speak English.
    4. Be Prepared.
    5. Know Your School and Program.
    6. Prove Your Intent to Return Home.
    7. Keep Your Answers Precise and Concise.
    8. Stay Positive.

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