Ace Your Filevine Interview: The Top 10 Questions You Need to Prepare For

Getting hired at a fast-growing company like Filevine is no easy task. With its innovative legal tech solutions and great company culture, Filevine routinely attracts top talent. This means the interview process is rigorous, designed to assess not just skills but also cultural fit.

As someone interested in joining the Filevine team, you need to enter each interview ready to showcase your abilities Understanding the types of questions you’ll face is the first step in preparation I’ve compiled the 10 most common Filevine interview questions, along with tips on how to craft winning responses.

1. Why Do You Want to Work at Filevine?

This question tests your understanding of the company and alignment with its mission, Filevine looks for people truly passionate about transforming legal through technology

In your response:

  • Demonstrate your knowledge of Filevine’s products and company culture Mention specific details that excite you

  • Explain how your background and skills make you a great culture add. Focus on unique strengths you’ll bring to the team.

  • Share why you’re inspired by Filevine’s vision and how you can contribute to achieving it. Show you’re in it for more than just a paycheck.

2. How Would You Handle an Unhappy Customer?

Customer obsession is ingrained in Filevine’s culture. This question assesses your approach to client service and problem-solving.

In your response:

  • Emphasize listening actively to understand the root of the customer’s dissatisfaction.

  • Outline steps to diagnose the issue, being as helpful and courteous as possible.

  • Explain how you would escalate if needed while setting expectations transparently.

  • Focus on the partnership, expressing dedication to resolving the situation to the customer’s satisfaction. Share examples of doing this successfully.

3. What Are Your Strengths and Weaknesses?

This classic question tests self-awareness and growth mindset. Be honest but positive.

For strengths:

  • Choose 2-3 attributes relevant to the role like communication, work ethic, or teamwork.

  • Provide specific examples that demonstrate these strengths in action. Quantify your impact when possible.

For weaknesses:

  • Pick a non-critical skill you’re actively improving, like public speaking or data analysis.

  • Share steps you’re taking to improve and highlight progress made. Stay solution-focused.

4. How Do You Prioritize Tasks With Competing Deadlines?

Legal tech revolves around tight deadlines. This question assesses your time management and organization.

In your response:

  • Explain your system for evaluating urgency and importance of tasks.

  • Discuss tools you use for tracking deadlines and managing workloads. Give real examples.

  • Share how you communicate with stakeholders when re-prioritizing.

  • Emphasize being flexible and open to feedback on your process.

5. Why Are You Looking To Leave Your Current Job?

This question gauges your motives and self-awareness. Avoid badmouthing your employer.

In your response:

  • Focus on positive reasons like seeking growth opportunities, new challenges, or a better culture fit.

  • Share valuable things you gained from your current role and how you’ve grown.

  • If issues like lack of advancement, explain diplomatically and re-direct to your excitement about Filevine.

6. Where Do You See Yourself in 5 Years?

This evaluates your ambition and fit with Filevine’s high-growth environment.

In your response:

  • Align your goals with Filevine’s vision and culture. For example, discuss leading a team or managing an important product area.

  • Demonstrate you’re excited by elements like mentoring new hires, building expertise in legal tech, and driving innovations.

  • If interested in management roles, highlight your leadership experience and skills.

7. How Would You Improve Our Product?

This assesses your strategic thinking and understanding of Filevine’s solutions. Thorough research is key.

In your response:

  • Consider Filevine’s target users and their evolving needs. Identify potential gaps.

  • Suggest new features or enhancements that fill those gaps, focused on user value.

  • Explain your logic and back up suggestions with market data or client insights when possible.

  • Emphasize being open to feedback and working collaboratively to improve the product.

8. How Do You Stay Up-To-Date on Industry Trends?

This question evaluates your professional development and curiosity.

In your response:

  • Discuss news sources, blogs, and experts you follow to stay current. Tailor examples to Filevine’s legal tech focus.

  • Share how you apply new knowledge, like integrating emerging technologies into products you’ve worked on.

  • Proactively learning new skills relevant to the role can also be a great example.

9. Tell Me About a Time You Messed Up. How Did You Handle It?

This assesses your accountability, honesty, and growth mindset when things go wrong.

In your response:

  • Pick an example that won’t raise red flags about your capabilities. A miscommunication or missed deadline can work.

  • Explain the situation objectively, without emotion or blame. Focus on what you learned.

  • Share specific steps you took to address the mistake and prevent it going forward. What changed as a result?

10. Why Should We Hire You?

This gives you a chance to tie your experience, skills, and passions back to Filevine’s needs.

In your response:

  • Summarize 2-3 key strengths or accomplishments that make you stand out. Quantify achievements.

  • Explain how your capabilities directly address Filevine’s needs or advance their mission. Make an impact focused case.

  • Share your excitement about the role and passion for the company. End on a high note.

Ace the Process by Practicing Responses

Preparing clear, compelling responses to these common questions will give you an immense edge in your Filevine interviews. Take time to practice out loud until your answers flow naturally. The more polished and gecured you feel walking in, the better your chances of landing your dream job.

I know with thorough preparation, you’ve got what it takes to wow the hiring team. I’m cheering you on as you embrace this exciting opportunity to join Filevine’s talented crew. You got this!

Building community. Not filling positions.No matter who you are, we put our people first. Whether you’re new to legal tech or a guru in the industry, we want to support your career goals while providing an inclusive, creative and fun work culture.

filevine interview questions

Welcome to Filevine! We are proud to offer our employees a benefits package that is among the best in the business.

  • Medical, Dental, & Vision Insurance
  • Competitive & Fair Pay
  • Short & long-term disability
  • Maternity & Paternity leave
  • Weekly Taco Lunches in the summer
  • Centrally located open office in Sugar House
  • Flexible work schedules depending on the division and department
  • Company swag that will make your friends envious
  • Opportunity to make an impact on Day 1

filevine interview questions

A culture is built on diversity, support, and empowerment.

With the Women of Filevine organization, we honor women in tech by giving them a place to get support and feel strong.

filevine interview questions

Filevine is an inclusive company that welcomes the LGBTQIA+ community. We’re dedicated to providing a safe and inclusive workspace.

filevine interview questions

The Diversity Matters group at Filevine supports diversity. Its goal is to honor the history of all racial groups and give people who aren’t heard a voice in society.

filevine interview questions

“There were three things that drew me to Filevine: 1) The smart and talented team; 2) The product and all of its features; and 3) The chance to help people seek justice.” Great to have you on board! What I love most about Filevine is that I can bring my whole self to work—my skills, my interests, my experience, and who I am outside of work. Every day I get to give all of me and make an impact. ” Alison Holmlund Chief Customer Officer.

“I chose Filevine because I wanted a job that would give me a chance to think outside the box when it comes to hiring strategies in a fast-growing industry.” Every day work at Filevine makes me feel like I’m an important part of the team. ” Erin Grosso VP, People & Talent.

“I joined Filevine five and a half years ago, but I didn’t know what to expect from a new business.” Even after all these years, I still work at Filevine because the leaders really care about their employees. That gratitude shows through in every decision we make. ” Diana Glindo-Kiefer Senior Director of Implementations.

“I chose Filevine because it gave me so many chances to learn new things and grow in my career.” I feel valued at Filevine because it gives me the freedom to work alone and connect with different coworkers through our many culture initiatives, even if I’m working from home. ” Kathryn Olvis Senior UX Designer.

“There is extraordinary talent at Filevine and yet everyone is willing to share ideas and listen. The company culture is biased toward action and I enjoy working on challenging problems. ” Vedika Katurna Senior SDE.

“I chose to work at Filevine because I want to make an impact in the world. I love helping people, and Filevine makes a big difference in the daily lives of everyone who uses it. That difference has a direct effect on the thousands of people and families they serve. We enable our users to give their best work to each and every client and family. Filevine has always made me feel welcome and valued because they know I’m a woman in tech and a woman in leadership. They gave respect and opportunities to me because of my talent and skill—regardless of my gender. ” Mary Lyon Chief of Staff for Engineering.

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What questions are asked in a filing interview?

Role-specific interview questions What are the best tools and systems to help keep files organized? How would you rate your typing skills? How do you do super accurate data entry? How do you avoid data losses?

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