f2 visa interview questions in nigeria

5. F2 Visa Interview Experience
  • What is your spouse name?
  • What he is doing?
  • When did you get married?
  • Was it arranged marriage?
  • How did you meet him?
  • Where is he working?

How to answer hard F2 visa Questions | Best answers only

F2 Visa Interview – US Consulate – Mumbai – Approved

A few days ago, I emailed with a query regarding my wife’s F2 visa, but I got no response.

I’m sharing her F2 Visa interview experience here in case it can be useful to anyone in a situation like mine.

Despite a little bit of a precarious situation, my wife’s F2 visa was approved with relative ease.

Question about F2 Visa Interview

Precautions & Prep For F2 Visa interview

Since I have yet to receive my receipt, the DSO of my university college advised me to use the FedEx tracking information demonstrating that my STEM OPT extension packet was delivered and received as evidence that my application was delivered to USCIS.

She also took a letter on business letterhead from my manager extending my current work authorization for another six months.

She also requested a copy of the I-9 employment eligibility verification form, which the employer submits to USCIS and which has been updated to include a 6-month extension of the work authorization date (the employer provided a redacted copy of the form because it contains sensitive information).

The usual suspects for an F2 visa interview are all other documents.

Location: Mumbai Consulate Date: Jan-2021 (2nd week)

VO immediately approved without requesting any additional paperwork!

Although I had planned for the worst, she breezed through the interview and came out unscathed!

I’m hoping that my experience and our preparation will help someone who is struggling like I am.

One of the most common and infamously difficult visa interviews for residents of Nigeria is the American one. This is due to the fact that many interviewees or visa applicants are not adequately prepared.

U. S. 2022 visa interview questions: An increasing number of people are becoming interested in traveling They connect it to cultural and educational developments. Besides, more people than in the past can afford it. Wanna travel to the U. S? Below is the most frequently asked interview questions. Study and practice it very well.

This article compiles some of the frequently asked questions from around the world, including Nigeria, during American visa interviews.

First, make sure you understand what a visa actually is. It is a type of permission granted by a nation to a non-citizen to enter and stay there for a brief period of time.

We’re going to observe different visas according to various factors. By purpose, it may divide them into:

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Is there an interview for F2 visa?

Those applying for F-2 visas must present sufficient documentation to prove their identity and their connection to the F-1 international student. You must bring the following paperwork with you to your F-2 visa interview: a current passport, both in original and photocopy form. Form DS-160.

How do I prepare for an F2 interview?

Other preparation tips
  1. Know the F2 curriculum and what you are committing to before enrolling.
  2. Recognize the variations between F1 and F2 and the core competencies unique to each
  3. Understand the NHS’s various doctor grades and the difference between training and non-training jobs.

What are the reasons for F2 visa rejection?

Lack of proper documentation (such as no proof of sufficient financial support), suspicion of excludability (such as criminal activity), or, most frequently, the inability to persuade the consular official that they will return to their home country after the authorized stay has expired are reasons for visa denial.

How much funds is needed for F2 visa?

Proof of funding or bank statement in U. S. dated within the last three months, in U.S. dollars, and covering at least $7,200 USD for the spouse and $3,600 USD for each child.

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