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Video interviewing is becoming an increasingly popular way for recruiters to screen job candidates. While video interviews can be a great way for recruiters to get to know candidates without the need for an in-person interview, they also require an extra level of preparation. This blog post will provide potential candidates with an overview of the types of questions they may be asked during a DNV GL video interview, along with tips and advice on how to create the best impression.
DNV GL has a strong reputation in the industry, and the recruitment process is highly competitive. Therefore, it is important to be well-prepared for your video interview and ensure you can demonstrate the skills and qualities that are unique to you. We will provide an overview of the types of questions you may expect during a DNV GL video interview, as well as tips and advice on how to best present yourself. We will also provide some suggested practice questions to help you prepare. With the right preparation, you can feel

How to manage the job interview | Vibeke Bjørnskau – DNV GL

Interviews for Top Jobs at DNV

Intern Interview


I applied online. The process took 5 days. I interviewed at DNV


Very casual and friendly interview. They did not only asked about myself but they also introduced their company which I really liked. The interview was online and worked out without issues.

Interview Questions

  • Tell us a bit about yourself

How candidates received their first interview at DNV

  • I applied and was called upon by my manager. Lead Auditor – Westmont, Illinois – shared on December 26, 2019
  • via online applicationSenior Data Scientist – Oakland, CAShared on May 22, 2019

What candidates say about the interview process at DNV

  • Interview process included a over the phone interview with HR. Then I had a five-person phone interview with the employer I was applying to. Following that, there will be a five-person in-person interview, and H will follow up. Shared on January 21, 2020 – Energy Auditor – Helena, MT
  • Strangely, the Houston man I spoke with during my phone interview had no idea what his actual duties or responsibilities were. The amount of overtime anticipated up until was never clearly explained to me. Shared on May 23, 2019 – Support Assistant – Columbus, OH
  • Strangely, the Houston man I spoke with during my phone interview had no idea what his actual duties or responsibilities were. The amount of overtime anticipated up until was never clearly explained to me. Shared on May 23, 2019 – Support Assistant – Columbus, OH

What advice do candidates give for interviewing at DNV

  • Don’t do it.

    Shared on November 18, 2019
  • You won’t have another opportunity to discuss your pay until now. Don’t expect any significant raises for years if at all. So negotiate high. Shared on May 23, 2019.
  • Consider the workload. Account representative – Katy, Texas – shared on April 29, 2019

Read the job description carefully

DNV spends a lot of time and effort creating job advertisements. During the process, the essential key competencies and character traits are identified and communicated. Prior to the interview, be sure you comprehend what the company is looking for.

DNV operates across several businesses and geographies. Getting an overview will be helpful. Knowing our purpose, vision, and values is important because they guide everything we do.

Think carefully about why you want to join DNV. The recruiters will undoubtedly question you on this: “What is it about the position and our company that speaks to you?”

What distinguishes you from the competition and what makes you uniquely qualified for the position should be stated in your application.

Be prepared to provide examples to support your personal traits when discussing your experiences and traits. If so, give an instance when you demonstrated effective leadership.

The interview is not only a chance for the company to learn more about you; it’s also a chance for you to learn more about the business and determine whether this position is right for you. Don’t hesitate to ask any questions on your mind.

How to succeed in the job search process

Some job seekers prefer to work with people, while others prefer to work with numbers or in sales. You have a good starting point for getting the job you’re applying for if there is a match between what you find most comfortable and what you want to do most, advises Schewe.

He offers the following five advice for job seekers who have just begun their careers:

  • Customize your application and CV

  • Many job seekers present themselves in the same way, regardless of the jobs they apply for. You will gain from tailoring your application text for the open position, despite the fact that it is natural to do so, according to Schewe.

    He is aware that if multiple applications are sent at once, the texts can quickly start to resemble one another, but he thinks that many people underestimate the impact of tailoring the job application.

    “Also your CV should be customized. Oftentimes, only small adjustments will make the reviewer take notice. ”.

  • Understand what the employer needs

  • “This point is related to the above. Be careful about what the job actually entails before applying for it, advises Schewe.

    According to him, the motivation you have for applying for the job is largely reflected by your interest in what the position entails.

    “In both the application and the interview, it will become immediately clear whether or not you have done your homework. ”.

  • Prepare good personal examples

  • If you don’t have any examples to back up your “good leadership skills,” “creative skills,” or “programming skills,” they will lose their persuasiveness when you apply for a new job.

    Schewe advises creating a list of specific instances that illustrate the points you want to emphasize in the interview.

  • Ask questions and be interested

  • Almost all interviews end with a chance to ask the interviewer questions.

    “Use this opportunity to ask a few questions. It demonstrates your genuine interest and commitment to the position, according to Schewe.

    “What if you don’t know what to ask about?”

    “There is always something to talk about. For instance, you can inquire about the ideal candidate’s characteristics, the best aspects of working for that specific business, or the progression of the process, Schewe advises.

    It is also important to practice conversation.

    What you want to say about yourself, what questions you can get, what are your strong and weak points, what concrete experiences to share with them” When preparing, you consider the responses, but you don’t speak them aloud. ”.

    Schewes advises setting aside time for questions and preparing what you want to say during the interview.

    “Then you will appear both more confident and credible. Asking friends or people you know well to practice with you is the best strategy, he advises.

    Here are the top 16 video interview tips to ace your interview.

    The thought of being on camera makes some people nervous. Virtual interviews are more common than you might think, and they’re more like in-person interviews than you might think, so don’t worry!

    Over time, video interviews have quickly taken the place of dated, conventional interviews. The global pandemic has further accelerated their adoption. Because of COVID-19, remote work and remote hiring have become more commonplace. It’s a natural progression. There has been a sharp increase in businesses switching to remote recruitment to keep up with the new workplace.

    67% spike in video interviewing

    86 percent of businesses now use video interviews to select candidates.


    What questions are asked in a video interview?

    What are some common video interview questions?
    • Tell me about yourself. …
    • Why are you interested in working for us? …
    • Why should we hire you? …
    • What do you know about our company? …
    • What’s your greatest accomplishment? …
    • What is your ideal work environment? …
    • Where do you see yourself five years from now?

    How do you pass a video screening interview?

    Video Interview Tips: A Job Candidate’s Checklist
    1. Test your technology. …
    2. Charge it up. …
    3. Dress for success. …
    4. Set the stage for a distraction-free video interview. …
    5. Be a well-prepared early bird. …
    6. Maintain good eye contact and body language. …
    7. Project and pause. …
    8. End the video interview with appreciation.

    How do you prepare for a video assessment interview?

    Video interview tips
    1. Find a quiet, private, well-lit place, free from possible interruptions.
    2. Ensure your internet connection is stable.
    3. Check that your computer’s audio is working.
    4. Test your computer’s webcam.
    5. Close any unnecessary web browser tabs and applications.
    6. Dress professionally and avoid bright colors.

    How do I prepare for a digital video interview?

    Tips to prepare for your digital interview
    1. Do your homework. Learn what information about you and the business is available online.
    2. Practise and prepare. …
    3. Treat your digital interview just like a face-to-face interview. …
    4. Be mindful of background sounds and sights that the interviewer may hear and see.
    5. Be tenacious and resilient.

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