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A special program teaches participants excellent hospitality skills while they work with top industry chefs to hone their craft.

The length of the Disney Culinary Program is tailored to each student and school and runs throughout the year. During the interview, the precise timeframe for each individual program will be discussed.

One of the biggest and most exciting vacation destinations is the Walt Disney World Resort, which is spread across more than 47 square miles. There are more than 300 dining establishments spread across the Disney properties, offering a wide variety of dining experiences.

All participants will have the chance to hone their communication and problem-solving skills, as well as work on confidence and self-reliance, even though each role offered in the Disney Culinary Program offers a distinctive and diverse learning experience.

Each Culinary Program participant is expected to make between $14. 40 and $18. 00 per hour. The participant’s role and location will both affect their pay.

Participants are expected to have full work availability. This includes working days, nights, weekends, holidays, and overtime. Any time of day, including the early morning and after midnight, is available for shifts. In the off-peak season, the range of hours is between 30 and 50. Participants may have schedules that exceed 50 hours per week during peak season.

Weekly Housing Payment Depending on the size of the apartment and the apartment complex a participant is assigned to live in during their program, housing costs can range from $114 to $205 per week.

Cast members don’t have to worry about submitting a check at the beginning of the month because housing costs are automatically deducted weekly from their paychecks. This price includes all utilities, including local phone service, cable connection, waste removal, and electricity, as well as the various resort-style amenities available at each complex.

Fees due when accepting invitation to Disney Culinary Program A total of $390 is due when a participant accepts their invitation to the program. This fee must be paid in full using a credit or debit card, and a small processing fee will be charged. Disney will formally reserve the participants’ spot on the program once the payment is received and the online acceptance process is finished.

Participants in the Disney Culinary Program have the chance to live with people from all over the nation and possibly the world. Disney housing complexes provide a variety of amenities, the chance to get to know other guests, and a sense of community. There are one- to four-bedroom apartments available, and each one can house up to eight participants.

At the time of housing registration, housing accommodations are assigned based on gender and available inventory.

On the other hand, some participants might have relatives nearby Walt Disney World® Resort or are already familiar with the area and would prefer to live off-site. Please note: Off-site participants are unable to utilize company-sponsored transportation.

At the time of housing registration, all accommodations will be assigned based on gender and the inventory that is available. Each apartment may house up to eight participants.

Please be aware that only program participants and adults over the age of 18 are permitted to live in housing.

Visitors are welcome to drop by a participant’s apartment building, but overnight visitors are not permitted.

Florida’s transportation services are only available to cast members who reside in one of our apartment buildings. There are also shuttles to the office and nearby shops for groceries and small items.

Participants are encouraged to bring a car if they have one even though transportation is provided for their convenience. All participants who operate a vehicle on property must:

On the day of their arrival, each participant is responsible for arranging their own transportation to the check-in location.

Disney Culinary Program – The Interview | The Art Institutes

Interviews for Top Jobs at Disney Parks

Food and Beverage Interview


I applied online. The process took 5 days. I interviewed at Disney Parks (Orlando, FL) in Mar 2013


apply online go through web based interview get a call and interview on the phone or in person depending where you live they will then offer a job and might give you options to what location you want to work at

Interview Questions

  • what makes you want to work for disney

Food and Beverage Interview


I applied through college or university. The process took 3 months. I interviewed at Disney Parks (Marne-la-Vallee)


C’était un entretien individuel en anglais, le RH pose 4 ou 5 questions. Je devais choisir un horaire, en effet j’ai postulé pour Disney Orlando. C’était des RH qui venaient d’Orlando pour 3 jours. Perso c’était une experience, car la premiere fois que je passe un entretien d’embauche.

Interview Questions

  • Avez vous un tatouage ?

Food and Beverage Interview


I applied online. The process took 2 weeks. I interviewed at Disney Parks (Anaheim, CA) in Sep 2010


the interviewing asked me a simple math problem and about my work ethics. he simple wanted to see if i were competent enough to deal with people and function. also the interviewer went to the same high school and magnet program as me

Interview Questions

  • if i have a sale on churros for $1. 29. and someone gives you a $5 bill after buying three churros. how much change does he get?.


  • You need to be a part-time or a full-time student of a culinary arts school, with a degree in some stream of culinary arts and those who have graduated in the past 12 months of applying.
  • You should also meet your school’s requirements for the application, which you already might know.
  • You should be receptive to Disney’s appearance standards. Any intentional body modifications like tattoos, piercings, brands should be completely taken care of before attending the interview. If you want to know more about this requirement, you can always check it out on the official Disney website.
  • You have to be at least 18 and possess an unrestricted work authorization.
  • Disney World hires tens of thousands of new employees each year, and while you might assume that most of them dress up and interact with visitors, the park also needs chefs and people who can work behind the scenes. Even though you might not require a degree in culinary arts to work at this Florida theme park, you can use some simple strategies to locate and secure a culinary job at Disney.

    One of the best advice for those wishing to work in the culinary industry at Disney World is to relocate to Orlando. Disney does not provide financial aid or moving assistance for those moving to Orlando for a new job, so if they learn that you reside in another state they may not even call you for an interview. Managers might assume that because some jobs only pay slightly above minimum wage, you won’t want to relocate for the position. Moving there beforehand demonstrates your commitment to working at Disney World.

    The College Program, also known as CP, is a program that Disney offers to college students. Those who work in the program get the chance to live in Orlando and make money working at the park. According to the official Disney Internships & Programs website, Disney hires students to work in more than 300 of its restaurants as part of the Disney Culinary Program. Qualified applicants must understand the brand and mission of the park and have strong culinary skills.

    The dress code and behavior expectations for employees at Disney are very strict. Before meeting with guests, those wishing to perform as costumed characters must fit the costumes or appear exactly like the characters. Even those who work in the background must adopt the Disney aesthetic. Disney typically doesn’t hire employees with obvious tattoos, untidy facial hair, or numerous piercings. Your chance to land a job in the culinary industry may be lost if the hiring manager doesn’t think you look the part.

    The hiring manager will probably inquire about your familiarity with the Disney name and the park’s goals during the interview phase. Learning more about that mission can make you seem more knowledgeable in the interview and increase your chances of receiving a job offer. Disney puts customer service above all else. The manager may question you on what you would do if a customer complained about the food you had prepared or how you would handle a visitor with a severe food allergy. Prepare responses to some of the inquiries you might encounter during that interview.

    Possible culinary interview questions

  • What are the different cuts on beef?
  • Tell them everything you can remember about the various beef cuts, for instance. The five cuts that I am aware of are the rib eye, New York strip, top sirloin, tenderloin, and top sirloin cap. if you feel you’re capable of doing so, go ahead and elaborate on a point or two.

  • What are your strengths and weaknesses in the field?
  • The best thing you can do is be honest with this question; briefly discuss your weaknesses but try to emphasize your strengths more. Additionally, try to reassure them that you can always leverage your weaknesses for success. This inquiry is intended to gauge your level of self-awareness and acceptance.

  • Tell us how much Wine and beer knowledge you have?
  • Anyone applying to the Disney culinary program must have a solid understanding of both wine and beer. Additionally, you must be able to suggest the wine that goes best with the customer’s meal. Therefore, if you feel the need for it, we advise that you begin honing your skills immediately.

  • Why do you want to work for Disney?
  • Since this is a question about a very unique perspective, you should carefully consider your response as opposed to simply stating your opinions or justifications to the interviewers. However, you can begin by discussing your love of cooking, how you found the program, and how you envision yourself evolving as a result of this program or the opportunity provided.

  • Why are you interested in cooking?
  • Additionally, this is a very individualized question with an easy solution. You only need to briefly describe how you first became interested in cooking before changing the subject to how it influenced your career choice.

  • How do you avoid accidents in the kitchen?
  • “Always be careful and as alert as possible; keep an eye on everything around me rather than just one thing or location.” Be able to gauge the mood in the kitchen, whether it be among the staff or just how things are going overall. You can always respond in your own way or expand on what we suggested; this was just one possible response.

  • What is the first thing you would do while following a recipe to make a particular something?
  • As we previously mentioned, a culinary interview focuses on your unique skills to increase the effectiveness of the kitchen. Therefore, in order to be hired, you must be able to respond to these questions in the most intriguing yet useful manner.

  • What would you do if you ran out of an ingredient that is required for the menu?
  • “Consider all the ways I might be able to get it in time.” I’ll do my best to make the ingredient as quickly as I can if it can be made from scraps. When necessary, I’ll ask the other employees if there is any way I might be able to obtain it. But I’ll also make sure to check ahead of time to stop this from happening in the first place. The key to answering this question is to reassure them that you possess management abilities and come up with a solution to prevent disruptions to the routine.

    Be sure to follow the instructions, adhere to the dress code, sharpen your skills as much as you can, and arrive on time. If the interview is over the phone, be sure to sound confident and assertive.


    What are the top 10 chef interview questions?

    General Icebreaker Chef Interview Questions
    • When did you decide to become a chef?
    • What is your signature dish? …
    • What is your favorite or least favorite dish to prepare? .
    • How do you describe your overall cooking philosophy?
    • Name the three kitchen tools you can’t do without?
    • Why are you considering a new position?

    How much does the Disney culinary program pay?

    Additional Information!: $16. Cook 2/Baking & Pastry 2: $40 per hour $19. 00 for Cook 1/Baking & Pastry 1 per hour $20. 00 per hour for Cook 1 Signature.

    How do you prepare for a culinary interview?

    Chef interview tips
    1. Practice your answers beforehand. Review common interview questions before the interview starts, and prepare responses for each.
    2. Research the restaurant before your interview. …
    3. Provide questions at the end of the interview.

    How does the Disney culinary program work?

    During non-peak times of your program, you may have a schedule of 30 to 50 hours per week; during peak times, you may have a schedule of more than 50 hours per week. If additional work shifts are available, participants are welcome to sign up at any time.

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