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It can be as difficult to prepare for an interview as it is to actually have one for a janitorial supervisor position. Even if you have a ton of experience under your belt, insecurity and lack of confidence almost always exist.

If you do not prepare for an interview before you attend one, things could get quite complicated.

Take some time to prepare for the interview even if you are confident you can pass the janitorial supervisor interview. Making a small extra effort now will prevent you from having to deal with a lot of resentment in the future.

Take a look at the following list of interview questions and responses for the position of janitorial supervisor:

Top 20 Custodial Supervisor Interview Questions and Answers for 2022

How do you address recurring staff absences?

Demonstrates the candidate’s leadership and communication skills.

How do you handle a situation in which two staff members are accusing each other of damaging a heavy-duty vacuum?

demonstrates the candidate’s capacity for leadership and conflict resolution

How do you monitor the work performed by janitorial staff?

Demonstrates the candidate’s leadership skills, communication skills, and experience.

6 Custodian Interview Questions and Answers

Provide an example of a challenge you faced involving either the cleaning equipment or the security of the building.

As with any job, custodial work has its challenges. Anyone with relevant experience in the field will have their share of stories. The key lies in their handling of the situation and what they managed to learn from the experience. This will also give you solid information regarding a candidate’s level of performance in their last job as well as insight into how they might respond to similar difficulties in this new position. What to look for in an answer:

  • Willingness to face challenges
  • Ability to respond calmly while under pressure
  • Level of initiative

Describe the steps that you would take if you found a mechanical problem that you were unable to fix on your own.

It’s important for a custodian to be able to handle a multitude of tasks, but everyone runs into difficulty now and then. If the candidate is going to be working as a member of a team, they should have a degree of humility and be willing to ask questions when they feel out of their depth. Solo workers and supervisors, meanwhile, will need to find more creative solutions. What to look for in an answer:

  • Level of humility
  • Willingness to seek help when encountering challenges
  • Degree of problem-solving skills

Would you be comfortable doing your custodial work in front of the general public?

Some applicants might be used to carrying out their tasks in a private or otherwise secured building and may feel apprehensive about cleaning in front of an audience. If their proposed schedule requires them to do their work while the building is open for business, the interview is the time to get a feel for their comfort level. What to look for in an answer:

  • Assurance that the applicant is up to the job
  • Information about other jobs they’ve had
  • Flexibility with work conditions

What would you do if you were working after-hours and someone who you didn’t recognize knocked on the door claiming to be a building employee who forgot something?

Because it’s easier to clean a building when it’s empty compared to when it’s actively in use, custodians often work long after the building closes. This means that custodians play a part in keeping the facility safe and secure from people who aren’t allowed inside. The interviewer can ask this question to identify candidates that possess the instinct and creative problem-solving skills to balance supporting their colleagues with following policy, maintaining the security of the building and preventing break-ins.

A good answer might include:

  • Identity verification
  • Collaboration
  • Setting boundaries

An example answer might look like this:

Do you have any specific certifications or training that would make you a good fit for this custodial position?

Depending on the duties involved, it can be a major benefit to the company if the applicant has been trained in a specific area, such as the disposal of hazardous waste materials. If the candidate does not have any relevant certification, ask if he or she would be interested in acquiring any and what the individual would hope to gain from the training. This will provide you with valuable insight into the applicant’s long-term goals as well as his or her devotion to the job. What to look for in an answer:

  • Unique or unusual skill sets
  • Level of commitment to the job
  • Long-term goals within the company

How might your previous custodial work responsibilities set you apart from other candidates?

Custodians can be responsible for any number of tasks, from basic cleaning to routine equipment maintenance. Others might be more focused on the security of the building that they are being paid to maintain. If the candidate formerly worked in a team environment, it’s important to get a feel for his or her specific skill set. What to look for in an answer:

  • A positive attitude
  • Experience with a company similar to your own
  • Specific examples of previous custodial responsibilities

Why Are You Interested In This Role?

Naturally, if your interviewer asks you this question, he or she is interested in learning why you need the position. Clearly and succinctly describe what prompted you to accept the interview invitation.

Sample Answer

First off, I’m interested in the position because I believe I am qualified and possess the necessary skills. Second, I would like to be a part of the team that contributes to your company’s performance being excellent in neatness and cleanliness. Additionally, I want to enhance my abilities by acquiring new ones from your business. ”.

The main skills a janitorial supervisor needs to work effectively include the capacity to build and lead a team of janitorial staff members, exceptional organizational skills, in-depth familiarity with safety precautions and regulations, the capacity to offer ongoing training to staff members, and understanding of how to use and maintain tools and equipment used in the trade.

It can be as difficult to prepare for an interview as it is to actually have one for a janitorial supervisor position. Even if you have a ton of experience under your belt, insecurity and lack of confidence almost always exist.

I place a high priority on ensuring the safety of my employees, building occupants (including executives, clients, and visitors), and the building itself. My staff is regularly trained to use cleaning tools and supplies according to established procedures, and I make sure that cautionary signs are posted on all potentially hazardous surfaces.

I have excellent communication skills, and I think that good communication between people is essential to making sure that everyone performs well in their designated roles. I work hard to ensure that I’m in constant communication with my team members so that they understand what they should be doing.

Take a look at the following list of interview questions and responses for the position of janitorial supervisor:

To find out if you have experience instructing staff members on how to use new tools or services, interviewers may ask you this question. This can be a crucial aspect of your job as a custodial supervisor because it demonstrates your ability to mentor others and aid in their skill development. Try to describe in your response what you did to train the employee and the results you observed as a result of the training.

I am a successful custodial supervisor because I have excellent communication and problem-solving skills, for instance. I observed there was a lot of trash in one area of the building during my previous job as a custodian. I looked into it and discovered that the garbage can was malfunctioning. I chose to replace all of the cans in the facility so they were uniform, as opposed to just the trashcan. This helped reduce the amount of trash on the floor. ”.

Example: “I would first meet with the employee in private to discuss the problem if I saw they weren’t performing their duties effectively. I would provide support and resources to aid them in getting back on track as soon as possible if they were having trouble doing their job as a result of a health issue or other circumstances. However, I would have a more formal meeting with the employee to inform them that their performance is unacceptable if it became clear that they were simply not performing their job well. Before taking further action, I would give them a reasonable amount of time to improve. ”.

I located an extra roll of toilet paper in the supply closet. But it wouldn’t fit in the dispenser when I tried to put it there. I understood that we required toilet paper in a different size. To help me find the appropriate size, I called another custodian over. Together, we changed the toilet paper and made sure there was enough equipment in every bathroom. ”.

Example: “I think that routine maintenance on equipment should be done before it malfunctions or breaks down. This enables me to make sure that every piece of equipment is in good working condition and available for use whenever the custodians require it. Additionally, I believe it’s crucial to plan routine maintenance visits so we can spot equipment problems as soon as they arise. For instance, I would like to be informed right away if a vacuum cleaner has a loose wheel so that I can fix it before someone needs to use it. ”.


How do you answer what makes you a good supervisor?

Qualities of a good supervisor. Excellent communication skills—the capacity to speak in a clear, succinct, and positive manner is crucial. A positive outlook and a friendly demeanor go a long way with both clients and employees. Lead by example- in attitude, work ethic and appearance.

How do I prepare for a custodian interview?

Reading potential interview questions and coming up with sample responses and short stories to draw from is one of the best ways to get ready. This article will go over ten frequently asked questions about custodians, explain why interviewers ask them, and provide some useful examples.

What are the responsibilities of a custodial supervisor?

The Custodial Supervisor is responsible for assigning and supervising custodial workers to keep buildings, offices, classrooms, fitness centers, laboratories, furnishings, and equipment clean and sanitary, as well as the building entrances and exterior.

What questions are asked in a supervisor interview?

Some of these types of questions may include:
  • How would you describe your management or leadership style?
  • What are your strengths as a supervisor?
  • What elements do you take into account when assessing a team member’s performance?
  • Describe your planning process.
  • In what work environment have you achieved the most success?

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