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As job seekers prepare for the spring hiring season, it is important to know the types of questions that may be asked during an interview. Webflux is a popular framework for developing reactive web applications, and for those interviewing for positions related to this topic, understanding the interview questions related to it is essential. This blog post will provide insight into the types of questions that may be asked during a webflux interview. It will also provide tips on how to answer each question, so that job seekers can best demonstrate their knowledge and skills. This blog post will provide an in-depth look into what to expect from a webflux interview, from the types of questions that may be asked to the best preparation tips.

Spring WebFlux Interview Questions and Answers
  • What is WebFlux? …
  • How does Spring Webflux differ from Spring MVC? …
  • Can you explain how to create a web service using Spring Boot Webflux? …
  • What are the main components of Spring Webflux? …
  • Is it possible to use reactive programming in Spring Webflux?

Spring Boot WebFlux | Reactive Streams Specification and work flow | Project Reactor

What is Spring Webflux?Spring Boot 0 was a long-awaited release from the good folks at Pivotal. One of its new features is reactive web programming support with Spring WebFlux. Spring WebFlux is a web framework that is built on top of Project Reactor, to give you asynchronous I/O, and allow your application to perform better. Reactive web programming is great for applications that have streaming data, and clients that consume it and stream it to their users. It is not great for developing CRUD apps. If you want to develop a CRUD API, stick with Spring MVC and be happy about it.The new framework supports two programming models: Annotation-based reactive components Functional routing and handling

  • Spring MVC is a web framework based on the Servlet API; such apps can be deployed on Servlet containers (like Jetty, Tomcat, Undertow).
  • Spring WebFlux is a reactive web framework based on a reactive HTTP layer; such apps can be deployed on Netty or Undertow (with native adapters) or Jetty/Tomcat/any Servlet 3.1 container (thanks to a Servlet 3.1 adapter).
  • Spring Boot applications can use Spring MVC or Spring WebFlux.
  • What is spring reactive web?The spring-web-reactive module contains the Spring Web Reactive framework that supports the @Controller programming model. It re-defines many of the Spring MVC contracts such as HandlerMapping and HandlerAdapter to be asynchronous and non-blocking and to operate on the reactive HTTP request and response.

  • onErrorReturn
  • onErrorResume
  • onErrorMap
  • Handling Errors at a Global Level
  • Spring Interview Questions and Answers

    I’ve included nearly 50 interview questions and their responses below. Because it has been updated to Spring 5, it includes all of the most recent features, including Spring WebFlux for reactive programming.


    In this tutorial, we’ll examine some of the most typical job interview questions that might be asked in relation to Spring.


    Why spring WebFlux is used?

    Consider Spring WebFlux if you’re looking to create a non-blocking reactive web application or Rest web service. Spring WebFlux is supported on Tomcat, Jetty, Servlet 3. Netty and Undertow are examples of non-Servlet runtimes. 1+ containers Spring WebFlux is built on Project Reactor.

    How does Spring WebFlux work?

    Spring WebFlux adds functional routing to the established annotation-based programming model. In addition, it makes the underlying HTTP runtimes compatible with the Reactive Streams API.

    What are the features of Spring WebFlux?

    Salient Features of Spring WebFlux
    • Router functions. The @RequestMapping and @Controller annotation styles used in standard Spring MVC have a functional replacement called RouterFunction.
    • WebClient. …
    • Reactive Steam API. …
    • Servers. …
    • Concurrency Model. …
    • Spring WebFlux Security.

    Who uses spring WebFlux?

    Companies using Spring WebFlux
    • Groww.
    • Craftbase.
    • TracePharm.
    • DomСlick.
    • Visionary AG.
    • AnypointMedia.
    • GoodData.

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