Acing the College Cheer Interview: A Guide to Unlocking

PHS Cheer Tryouts: Interview Questions


What questions should I ask a cheerleader for an interview?

What do you think your best qualities are? What do you think you need to work on? What are your goals in cheer, in life? How would you promote positive relationships in the squad?

Why do you want to be a college cheerleader?

Cheer teaches you many things other than being able to tumble and shout! As a cheerleader, you learn to encourage anyone that needs that boost of encouragement, we learn how to work together with other people. Your cheer team members will become your family!

Why do you want to be a cheerleader answer?

The sport has helped me to realize that every good thing comes with hard work. To me, cheerleading is about leadership. It provides many people the chance to step up and set a positive mood for a long night’s practice, or even a day at a competition.

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