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Preparing for an interview with Cintas Corporation can be an intimidating process. It’s important to take the time to research the company and the position for which you are applying. Having a good understanding of the job requirements, the industry, and the company culture will help you to stand out from other candidates and increase your chances of getting the job. In addition to researching the company, you should also anticipate what types of questions may be asked during the interview. Knowing the common Cintas interview questions can help you to prepare and present yourself in a professional manner. Through this blog post, you will gain insight into the Cintas Corporation and the types of questions that are typically asked during the interview process. Understanding these questions ahead of time can help you to present yourself confidently and demonstrate why you are the right candidate for the job.

Cintas Interview – Laundry Attendant

Interviews for Top Jobs at Cintas

Stockroom Supervisor Interview


I interviewed at Cintas


Many interviews to go through with many leaders within the organization. This helps ensure your fit to the role. Can take several weeks to know the status of offer or rejection for the role..

Interview Questions

  • How to handle adverse situations.

Fire Sales Specialist Interview


I applied online. I interviewed at Cintas


The interview process at Cintas is extremely exhausting (even existing employees agree during job shadow process). The process consisted of 6 different interviews totaling 5 days of time spent speaking with Cintas leadership. The reason that I specified the overall experience as negative is for the lack of interest in the position from interviewers and the attempted scare tactics that one of the managers I would report to, used during the conversation. 2/6 interviewers actually showed interest in being there and the balance of those showed little to no interest hosting. All employees spoke highly of the company culture and said it was unmatched, but it was evident (at least in this particular office) that there was a divide. One of the interviewers described having industry knowledge as a negative factor for this role. They suggested that they preferred a candidate that did not have previous knowledge on the industry that they would be promoting. This particular interviewer stated they had been with the company for 11 years and in their current for upwards of 3 years. During the interview, they did not ask any off script, “non-HR” questions and seemed frustrated when I prompted them with questions regarding the position. This particular interviewer also spent the first 15 minutes of the scheduled interview discussing the results of an NFL Game with the office secretary. I cannot speak for all offices within Cintas, however, I was not impressed by this particular team and the techniques they used. I declined the position based off the sole fact that I am a highly qualified candidate with a proven track record of measurable success and was not satisfied working for a company that was not as interested in its people as I am.

Interview Questions

  • Various basic “HR” interview questions.

53 questions about Interviews at Cintas

What inquiries are made during the hiring process for positions in accounts receivable?

Some basic normal “tell me about a time” interview questions. But they also asked some of the most bizarre questions I’ve ever heard, none of which a regular person would ever encounter in their life. I essentially had to make up responses to their questions in order to satisfy their desires.

What are some tips for a successful sales interview?

Just be as fake as they are.

Once you’ve had an interview and gone on a ride-along for the route position, how long does it take to get hired?

Three days

What pointers or suggestions would you offer someone going through a Cintas interview?

Long application process, five interviews, all of which asked cliched “tell me about a time when” questions, reference checks, background checks, and drug tests

If a phone interview is accepted, how long does it take to schedule a face-to-face interview?

The next day

What questions did they ask during your interview at Cintas?

Behavior based

How soon after submitting an application do you hear back from Cintas?

1 to 1 1/2 .onths

What questions do they ask during a interview?

I was well-prepared for my interviews, but they included a lot of unrealistic “tell me about a time” inquiries. For example. About half of their questions I had never encountered, so I stumbled through my responses, which I believe was their intention. “tell me about a time when you had to work with someone on a project who didn’t have the same values as you, and how did you handle it.” Naturally, I did not receive a job offer, but to be honest, I wasn’t disappointed!

What is the interview process like at Cintas?

Do better Cintas!!! It’s been 5 weeks and still “going through the “hiring process” Do better Cintas!!! The hiring process is lengthy as if you are going to work for the CIA or some really important high paying job instead of the cheap rate of pay for a route salesman is ridiculous.

I would appreciate it if someone could point me in the right direction so that I can at least have the opportunity to interview with the company. I am qualified to work at Cintas because I have over 11 years of experience as a route driver.

Cintas will not hire from our compitition. It’s in a training video.

What candidates say about the interview process at Cintas

  • Do better Cintas!…Shared on October 28, 2022 The hiring process is drawn out as if you are going to work for the CIA or some really important high paying job in contrast to the low rate of pay for a route salesman, which is absurd.
  • 3 interviews, quick process to hire people. Shared on June 7, 2021.
  • I was asked to do OTJ and paid $10. 00 and worked all day with the orginal driver first. This was only done to obtain inexpensive labor and to make up behind-scheduled drivers. I then received five or six interviews. Shared on May 20, 2021

How candidates received their first interview at Cintas

  • I found the job opening on Indeed. com and responded to the ad. On October 2, 2016, a route sales representative from Frankfort, Indiana, shared a message.
  • shared on July 7, 2016 – Maintenance Supervisor – Bakersfield, California

What advice do candidates give for interviewing at Cintas

  • Long process, all FIVE INTERVIEWS, reference check, background check, and drug test, all with the dreaded “tell me about a time when” interview questions
  • Practice using the S. T. A. R format for answering questions have questions ready. research the company and the position before you go in. Be ready to go on at least three interviews. Shared on December 20, 2019
  • Be yourself

    Shared on November 19, 2019

What people are saying about Cintas

It was a very long interview process. Everyone I talked to was very friendly and helpful. This place sounds like an amazing place to work. There were 5 interviews so the process get very long.

  • What can you you offer this company that others can’t.Answer Question
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    Basic behavioral questions. Interview with a service supervisor, then with a service manager. Pretty straight forward. They want to get a sense of your personality because it will help them predict how you will interact with customers.

  • “Tell me about a time when..”1 Answer
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    Great people at Cintas. It appears that they thoroughly vetting candidates to create a strong workplace culture. The generic nature of the questions allowed for a simple conversation with the manager.

  • Describe a time when you faced a high paced operation?Answer Question
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    There will be many leaders within the organization with whom to conduct interviews. This helps ensure your fit to the role. It may take a few weeks to learn whether an offer has been made or rejected for the position.

  • How to handle adverse situations.Answer Question
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    Anonymous Interview Candidate in Austin, TX

    I applied through college or university. I interviewed at Cintas (Austin, TX) in Oct. 2022.

    Tell me about yourself, Why Cintas, What makes you a great fit for this company, and Tell me the most important thing you learned about our MT program were the standard interview questions.

  • Tell me a little bit about yourself?Answer Question
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    Anonymous Interview Candidate in Portland, OR

    I applied online. I interviewed at Cintas (Portland, OR) in Oct. 2022.

    The business boasts about how proud they are of their interviewing procedure and demands a three-stage procedure. 1. A screening interview 2. A ride along. 8-10 hours with pay. 3. A series of in-depth interviews with management. The team that worked with a candidate gets together to talk, then decides on the candidate. Despite the drawn-out 13-hour process that took place over two days, the interviewers might not be able to offer any explanations for their choices. Expecting a reasonable justification for their choice in one direction or the other is unrealistic because their bias or preferences influence the result.

  • Describe a time that you had a problem with a customer, how was it resolved?Answer Question
  • Describe a time that competition helped you excelAnswer Question
  • What is something you consider a strength, how is it a weakness?Answer Question
  • Describe a time you received criticism that you felt was unjustifiedAnswer Question
  • How have you improved your work place, or made it betterAnswer Question
  • Why do you want to work for usAnswer Question
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    1st interview is a series of behavioral questions. Inquiring about a time when… comes second is a factory tour. In all, it was a wonderful experience because everyone was so kind and welcoming.

  • Tell me about a time when you were over your headAnswer Question
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    Quick and easy process. The entire interview took about 30 min. They provide you with a uniform for the ride along, but they put you on the busiest, longest route that day.

  • What are previous Job experiences1 Answer
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    Glassdoor users rated their interview experience at Cintas as 44. 0% positive with a difficulty rating score of 2. 86 out of 5 (where 5 denotes the most difficult level) Interviews for SSR and Management Trainee roles were rated as the most difficult by candidates, whereas interviews for Service Sales Representative and Sales Representative roles were rated as the most straightforward.

    When taking into account 87 user-submitted interviews for all job titles, the hiring process at Cintas takes an average of 23 days. The hiring process for candidates applying for Facility Services Sales Representative roles was the quickest (on average 14 days), while the hiring process for Management Trainee roles was the slowest (on average 29 days).

    According to 87 Glassdoor interviews, the Cintas interview process typically involves the following steps:

    One-on-One Interview: 30.94%

    Phone Interview: 26.52%

    Group Panel Interview: 9.94%

    Drugs Test: 7.73%

    Presentation: 7.18%

    Skills Test: 4.42%

    Other: 4.42%

    IQ Intelligence Test: 3.87%

    Background Check: 3.31%

    Personality Test: 1.66%

    When I was an event planner, for instance, we had a client who needed their wedding to be planned in just six months. Our company had a very limited amount of time to plan such a significant event. However, by assigning tasks to one another and maintaining regular communication, my team and I were able to succeed. We also kept on top of everything by using our organizational skills. ”.

    Example: “By utilizing Cintas’ tuition reimbursement program, I intend to continue my education there.” In order to advance into a management position, I would like to complete my bachelor’s degree in business administration within five years. I’ve observed that many employees in my current position as a sales associate get promoted after they finish their degrees. I believe this demonstrates Cintas’ dedication to the success of its employees. ”.

    Example: “I’ve never worked in sales before, but I did work for two years at a clothing store where I was in charge of assisting customers in finding what they were looking for.” I was able to improve my communication abilities and learn how to deal with people who are looking for a specific item because of this. It also taught me how to assist clients in identifying their preferred size and color ”.

    Example: “In my prior employment, I used MailChimp and Constant Contact.” These, in my opinion, are excellent resources for developing targeted emails based on customer preferences. For instance, when I worked at a car dealership, I sent a single email to all of our clients who had just bought a new car. This email included information about our extended warranty program. Customers who hadn’t visited us in more than six months received another email. They were given a discount in this email if they visited the dealership within the following week. ”.

    Example: “I have always admired the quality of Cintas’ uniforms and I am interested in working for them.” My family has used Cintas for years, and I can still see my dad’s joy when he learned that we could order personalized uniforms from them. He used to always tell me tales about the amount of time and effort that goes into each uniform. It really inspired me to pursue a career in fashion. ”.

    Popular Careers with Cintas Job Seekers

    cintas interview questions

    cintas interview questions

    Cintas Corporation, based in Cincinnati, Ohio, assists companies of all sizes in getting ready for the workday®. We do this by. – More.

    The opportunity for the employer to explain why you should work for them is now. The information provided is from their perspective.


    What interview questions does Cintas ask?

    Cintas is a sales-based company, so interviewers may inquire about your sales experience to determine whether you have any knowledge of cold calling. Consider describing your customer service or retail experience and how it relates to the job if you don’t have any prior experience in sales.

    Is it hard to get hired at Cintas?

    Yes, Cintas jobs are not difficult to obtain. They consequently hold a wide range of positions in various divisions, including those in corporate, sales and marketing, production, and global supply chain, as well as positions as fire safety technicians. The hiring process differs in difficulty depending on the department.

    Why would you want to work for Cintas?

    A career at Cintas is full of opportunities. Our employee-partners can advance through lateral or promotional moves within various functions where skills are readily transferable, or they can move from one function to another.

    How long is the interview process at Cintas?

    When taking into account 87 user-submitted interviews for all job titles, the hiring process at Cintas takes an average of 23 days.

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