Top Interview Questions for Children’s Ministry Positions

Hiring the right person for your children’s ministry is crucial for the spiritual growth and safety of the kids in your church. To ensure you find the best fit, it’s essential to ask the right interview questions that gauge the candidate’s qualifications, experience, and commitment to the role. Here are some of the top interview questions you should consider asking potential children’s ministry candidates.

The Candidate’s Relationship with Jesus

One of the most important aspects to assess is the depth of the candidate’s relationship with Jesus Christ. As a children’s ministry leader, they must have a solid religious foundation and a close connection with God to effectively guide and nurture the faith of the children in their care.

  • When did your relationship with Jesus begin? This question allows the candidate to share their personal testimony and provides insight into the depth of their faith journey.

  • How do you practice your faith regularly? Their answer will reveal how they actively nurture their spiritual growth through practices like prayer, Bible study, or attending church services.

  • What do you do to deepen your relationship with God? This question helps you understand the candidate’s commitment to continually strengthening their bond with God, which is essential for leading children in their spiritual development.

Motivation and Passion for Children’s Ministry

Understanding the candidate’s motivations and passion for children’s ministry is crucial to ensuring they are a good fit for the role.

  • What prompted you to apply for this position? Their response will give you insight into their reasons for pursuing a career in children’s ministry and their level of commitment to the role.

  • Why do you want to be a children’s ministry coordinator? This question allows the candidate to articulate their desire and motivation for working specifically in children’s ministry.

  • Why are you passionate about kids’ ministry? Their answer will reveal their genuine enthusiasm and love for nurturing the faith of children, which is essential for effectively connecting with and inspiring young minds.

Teaching Methods and Curriculum Preferences

Inquiring about the candidate’s preferred teaching methods and curriculum will help you gauge their experience and compatibility with your church’s existing programs.

  • What’s your favorite children’s ministry curriculum? Their response will give you insight into their familiarity with different curricula and their preferred teaching styles.

  • Which kids’ ministry curriculum did you experience when you were younger? This question allows the candidate to share their personal experiences with different curricula, which can inform their teaching approach.

  • What is your preferred method of teaching for kids’ church lessons? Their answer will reveal their teaching style and ability to engage children through creative and age-appropriate activities.

Vision for the Ministry

Assessing the candidate’s vision for the children’s ministry will help you determine if their goals align with the direction and values of your church.

  • What are three goals you would hope to accomplish in your first year? Their response will give you insight into their priorities and ambitions for the ministry.

  • What are the three most important things in a kids’ ministry? This question will reveal the candidate’s values and understanding of what makes a successful and impactful children’s ministry.

  • What will you do to ensure that the ministry is successful? Their answer will demonstrate their commitment to the ministry’s success and their strategies for achieving it.

Connectedness with the Church and Families

A successful children’s ministry should be integrated with the broader church community and involve families in nurturing their children’s faith.

  • What do you think the relationship between the kids’ ministry and the church should be like? This question will reveal the candidate’s understanding of the importance of aligning the children’s ministry with the church’s overall vision and teachings.

  • Do you think parents are a help or a hindrance when deepening a child’s faith? Their response will demonstrate their perspective on the role of parents in their children’s spiritual development.

  • How much involvement do you think parents should have when making decisions within the ministry? This question will gauge the candidate’s willingness to collaborate with and involve parents in the decision-making process for the children’s ministry.

Volunteer Management

As volunteers are often the backbone of a successful children’s ministry, it’s essential to understand the candidate’s approach to leading and managing a team of volunteers.

  • Do you have any experience leading a group of adults? Their response will reveal their leadership experience and ability to guide and motivate volunteers.

  • What are three qualities that you look for in a volunteer? This question will give you insight into the candidate’s criteria for selecting and working with volunteers.

  • How would you build up a team of volunteers? Their answer will demonstrate their strategies for recruiting, training, and retaining dedicated volunteers.

  • Which tools would you use to manage them? This question will reveal the candidate’s familiarity with volunteer management tools and their ability to organize and coordinate a team effectively.

Asking these well-rounded interview questions will help you gain a comprehensive understanding of the candidate’s qualifications, experiences, and suitability for the children’s ministry position. By thoroughly evaluating their responses, you can make an informed decision and hire the best candidate to nurture the faith and spiritual growth of the children in your church community.

Things Every Children’s Minister Needs to Know


How do I prepare for a children’s ministry interview?

Children are highly impressionable, so pastors want assurance that you’ll lead by example. Applicants should be prepared to discuss ways their life has benefited from children’s ministry. The pastor may also want to know your views on specific doctrines or how you maintain a healthy spiritual life.

Why do you want to serve in children’s ministry?

When you serve in Children’s Ministry, your efforts will be multiplied long term. When you interact with kids in a loving way and teach them the important truths of the faith, you are influencing generations to come. Children will eventually become parents who will have children who will become parents and so on.

What makes a successful children’s ministry?

Play and laughter is a natural part of being a child and needs to be included in children’s ministry. It’s not only OK to enjoy the experience, but it’s also key to your success. If you have a safe environment, love for the kids, quality training, and teach about Jesus, then you are set to add all the fun you can.

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