change management interview questions

Managing change interview questions with sample answers
  • What would you do if your manager requested you change your way of working for a project? …
  • Tell us about a time when you were opposed to change. …
  • How do you manage changes in the workplace? …
  • Have you ever had to convince your team to accept change?

CHANGE MANAGEMENT Interview Questions And Answers! (Leading Change Interview Tips!)

20 Change Management Interview Questions

Here are some change management interview questions you can expect during a job interview.

These 20 questions have been broken down into a few major categories … these categories are in addition to the “standard” interview questions mentioned above.

2. Briefly Outline The Roles Of Change Managers?

Here, the interviewer is interested in knowing if you are conversant with the roles of change managers.

Tip 1: State the roles performed by change managers

Tip 2: Provide two or three roles performed by a change manager

Sample Answer

“Change managers act as facilitators who are responsible for overseeing the entire change management process. They approve or authorize changes and thus act as the authority for implementing or rejecting change. Moreover, a change manager holds meetings with an organization’s change advisory board to deliberate on high-risk changes. Change managers make sure that activities that are designed to roll out change meet the set standards.”

11. According To You, Is It Important To Measure Change Impacts On The Profit, Sales, And Productivity Of A Company/Team/Department? How Can You Accomplish That?

The interviewer will ask this question to evaluate whether you understand the necessity of change impact analysis.

Tip 1: Clearly show the importance of measuring change

Tip 2: Briefly describe the process involved in measuring the impact of a change

Sample Answer

“It is not only important but very essential. Unless you measure the effects of change, it won’t make sense for it to be introduced. As a change manager, I will ensure that I have specified clear metrics and indicators, and I will measure them prior, during, and after introducing the change.

The way I will measure this impact will be determined by the kind of modification used. For instance, the phone calls made each day, the total number of daily sales, and the number of daily complaints from customers can be used to measure the impact caused by the change.”


What are some important change management questions?

When building your ITIL change management checklist, it can be helpful to structure your procedures around the “7 R’s”: Who RAISED the change? What’s the REASON for the change? What is the expected RETURN for the change? What are the potential RISKS involved?

How do you answer a change management question?

16 Change Management Questions to Ask
  • #1: What do we stop and what do we continue doing?
  • #2: Is this change needed?
  • #3: How do we start?
  • #4: How would you ensure that everyone involved is well-informed about the change?
  • #5: What are your high-level goals and when do you want to accomplish them?

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