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As a job seeker, you want to make sure you go into your interview fully prepared. Coming up with the right answers to interview questions can be a challenge, but with the right preparation, you can stand out from the crowd. Knowing what to expect in a BOKU interview can help you feel more comfortable and confident in your answers. BOKU, or Bank of the Philippine Islands, is one of the country’s largest banks and a respected employer in the finance and banking industry. To help you get a better understanding of BOKU’s interview process, this blog post will cover some of the most common questions asked during a BOKU interview. Understanding the types of questions you’re likely to be asked, and having thoughtful and well-considered answers prepared in advance, will help you put your best foot forward and shine in the interview.

Boku interview

Interviews for Top Jobs at Boku

Customer Relationship Manager Interview


I applied online. I interviewed at Boku (Tartu) in Jul 2020


First there’s a 30 minute interview to talk about the role and candidate, then homework is given and after that there’s a 90 minute interview with peers involved. If all goes well, you get an offer call.

Interview Questions

  • Share a failure you had at a prior job and how you handled it.

Strategic Operations Engineer Interview


I applied through a recruiter. The process took 6 weeks. I interviewed at Boku in Aug 2021


5 Different Zoom calls with different parts of the team.The first call will is with HR/recruiter introduce you Boku and evaluate if you are a good fit. Second interview was with the Hiring manager. Third interview is a group call with the rest of the team, and is open up for questions. Forth and fifth interviews will be with higher up managers that will want to meet you/makes sure you are a good fit.

Interview Questions

  • How do you prioritize and respond to customer challenges as they arise?

6 questions about working at BOKU

What pointers or advice would you offer someone going through a BOKU interview?

Don’t interview at boku. Keep looking if you accept employment because you will be fired without any prior notice.

What would you change if you were in charge to improve working conditions at BOKU?

Give engineers more time to work from home, especially those who are located far away. not make them wait five years to receive any benefits that everyone else enjoys. Most people have been there 5 or more years. They hire probably a dozen new employees, but it’s clear they don’t keep them. Most are no longer there within a year.

What is the interview process like at BOKU?

In the initial call, fundamental skill sets were identified and compared to the requirement. An in-person interview with the engineering manager who described the nature of the work was next, followed by a test in unix, sql, and data structures (with little emphasis on the third part but a lengthy unix, sql questionnaire). After that, there were two Skype sessions: one with Germany and one with the entire USA team (dev and mgmt). A week later, a call to express congratulations and discuss compensation and the timing of joining arrived.

What is the best part of working at BOKU?

The pay. That’s about it.

What is the most stressful part about working at BOKU?

Lots of hazing from senior members of staff. Dirty looks and lots of gossip.

What is the work environment and culture like at BOKU?

The environment at BOKU is wonderful. People here are friendly and welcoming, and they immediately make you feel like a member of the BOKU family.

I am yet to meet myself. I learn. I unlearn. I adapt. I change. Everything (activities, interests, opinions) what I was once has changed. Hence cannot put anything concrete. In their words, I’m “not believable as a human being.” You better take their word .

The response time was so quick. Although I knew many consultants, none were as candidate-friendly as InterviewBit. I felt IB so professional. I’d like to make an analogy between them and Amazon’s customer service. Credits to Janani for responding back real quick.

Initially, I coded just for the sake of it. However, it was my desire to solve algorithms that drew me toward programming. I recall solving a problem for fun while sitting in the hostel room.

Speaking up and having a predetermined goal haven’t worked for me. A concrete plan hasn’t worked too.

7) Describe some programming-related moments when you have the thought, “Wow, I love my job/field so damn much.” ”.

The agreement with Amazon, the introduction of a well-established major merchant into China on the country’s most popular eWallet Alipay, and what to anticipate for the rest of the year are just a few of the highlights Jon goes over in his overview of the period.

Jon Prideaux, the CEO of Boku, Inc. (LON:BOKU), joins DirectorsTalk Interviews to discuss the half-year results that ended on June 30, 2022.

Boku, Inc. is a provider of mobile payments that enables companies to take online payments via carrier billing and mobile wallets.

Introduction to SDET Interview Questions and Answers

The following article provides an outline for SDET Interview Questions. Software Development Engineer in Test, also known as SDET, refers to testing done primarily on software products. It actually required a candidate with the capacity to develop and carry out testing. Microsoft started this, but other companies are now very aware of it, and they’re looking for someone with expertise in SDET to help with both the full development of their product and the testing design that needs to be carried out for that particular development. The business can use the same resource for two crucial tasks that will always yield a profit.

You must practice for the 2022 SDET Interview Questions if you’re searching for employment in the field of SDET. Each interview is unique because of the various job profiles. You can succeed in your interview by using the crucial SDET Interview Questions and Answers provided here. The 10 most significant and typical SDET interview questions will be covered in this article on 2022 SDET Interview Questions.

These interview questions are divided into two parts as follows:

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