Everything You Need to Know to Ace Your BH Management Services Interview

BH Management Services main competitors are United Dominion Realty Trust, Post Properties, and Mid America Apartments.

Interviewing at BH Management Services can be an exciting yet nerve-wracking experience. With the right preparation, you can walk into your interview feeling confident and ready to impress. This comprehensive guide will teach you all about BH Management Services, provide tips to prepare, and equip you to ace the most common interview questions.

BH Management Services Company Overview

BH Management Services is a property management company headquartered in Des Moines, Iowa. They manage apartment communities, condominium associations retail centers and commercial buildings across the Midwest.

With over 40 years of experience, BH Management has established a reputation for providing exceptional service to property owners and residents. Their core values focus on integrity, teamwork, excellence, and exceeding expectations

The company prioritizes hiring people-oriented, motivated individuals who take pride in their work. Customer service skills and attention to detail are must-haves for any BH Management role.

Interview Process Details

The BH Management interview process typically follows these steps:

  • Initial phone/video screening – A recruiter will spend 15-30 minutes discussing your skills, experience and salary expectations.

  • In-person interview – If you pass screening, you’ll be invited for a 1-2 hour interview at the branch office. You’ll meet with the branch manager and tour the property.

  • Skills assessment – For property manager roles, you may complete a skills assessment relevant to the position. This could involve composing a sample violation notice, completing a maintenance request form, etc.

  • Second interview – Strong candidates may be invited back for a 2nd in-person interview to meet corporate leadership.

  • Reference and background check – The final step involves contacting references and completing employment verification and criminal background checks.

The process aims to thoroughly evaluate not only skills but company fit. Showcasing your customer service abilities is key.

How to Prepare for Your BH Management Interview

These tips will help you have an amazing interview experience:

  • Research the company – Thoroughly explore their website and social media pages. Understand their services, values, culture and competitive advantages.

  • Practice interviewing – Rehearse your answers out loud to common questions. Feel free to record yourself on video to refine your delivery.

  • Review your qualifications – Refresh knowledge of all the skills, achievements and certifications on your resume. Be ready to provide examples of each.

  • Plan your interview attire – Dress professionally in a suit, dress, or dress pants and nice blouse or collared shirt. Well-groomed hair and minimal accessories complete the look.

  • Compile a list of references – Have 3-5 references ready to speak to your qualifications. Get their permission and current contact info beforehand.

  • Prepare questions to ask – Draft 2-3 thoughtful questions that demonstrate your engagement. Inquire about training, growth opportunities, company culture, etc.

Following this advice will instill confidence and impress your interviewers.

Common BH Management Interview Questions and Answers

Let’s look at examples of popular interview questions and how to craft strong responses:

General Interview Questions

Tell me about yourself.

Start with an overview of your professional background and experience. Share relevant details that make you an excellent fit for this role and company. Conclude by expressing enthusiasm about the opportunity.

Why are you interested in working at BH Management Services?

Emphasize their stellar reputation for property management services. Share that their commitment to accountability, teamwork and surpassing owner expectations closely aligns with your own values. Explain why you’re excited to bring your skills to enrich their team.

What makes you qualified for this position?

Summarize your most relevant hard and soft skills for the role. Provide specific examples that demonstrate times you successfully applied those skills to achieve results. Tie it back to how you can immediately contribute value in this position.

How would your previous managers describe you?

Highlight managers praising your reliability, positivity, customer service, communication abilities, detail-orientation, and teamwork. Share a specific example of when you impressed a manager to showcase strengths.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Share your career goals of gaining management experience and contributing value long-term at BH Management Services. Show how this role aligns with your professional growth objectives. Express interest in advancement opportunities.

Behavioral Interview Questions

Tell me about a time you had to delicately communicate negative information to a resident or tenant.

Explain the situation briefly. Emphasize remaining calm and professional when describing the issue to the resident. Discuss using tact, active listening and understanding their perspective. Share the polite yet firm result.

Describe a situation where you exceeded a property owner’s expectations.

Tell the story highlighting what actions you took to go above and beyond. Share any positive feedback the owner provided praising your efforts. Conclude with the value the outcome brought for the owner and residents.

Give an example of when you successfully resolved a complex maintenance issue.

Set the scene concisely. Walk through how you investigated, diagnosed the problem, communicated with vendors/technicians and oversaw repairs. Describe the systematic approach that led to the optimal resolution.

Tell me about a time you had to collaborate with a difficult coworker. What strategies did you use?

Be diplomatic when describing the challenges working with this person. Explain how you found common ground, worked to understand their perspective, and identified solutions allowing you to collaborate harmoniously.

How have you motivated an underperforming employee in the past?

Share how you first tried to understand reasons for the performance decline. Discuss tactics like setting clear expectations, providing coaching and feedback, recognizing small wins, and partnering to create a performance improvement plan.

Questions to Ask the Interviewer

Lastly, prepare 2-3 thoughtful questions to ask your interviewers:

  • What traits do your top property managers possess? Jots down characteristics they value to reinforce them during your interview.

  • How is performance measured and reviewed at BH Management? Helps you understand expectations and advancement.

  • Could you describe the culture on your property management team? Gives insight into their values and work environment.

  • What training and development opportunities are available to employees? Shows you’re eager to grow professionally.

  • What attracted you to work at BH Management personally? Provides perspective on employee satisfaction.

With meticulous preparation and utilizing this advice, you will impress your BH Management Services interviewers. Highlight your customer service skills, accountability, and passion for property management. Be yourself and let your qualifications shine. You’ve got this! Wishing you the best of luck!

Compare BH Management Services Job Title Salaries VS Competitors

Show more

Company Highest Salary Hourly Salary
BH Management Services $58,462 $28.11
Mid America Apartments $59,026 $28.38
Post Properties $58,489 $28.12
RAM Partners $58,317 $28.04
Bell Partners $58,240 $28.00
Peak Campus $58,231 $28.00
LEDIC Realty Company $58,228 $27.99
Sares-Regis Group $58,190 $27.98
Monarch Investment and Management Group LLC $58,160 $27.96
Venterra Living $58,123 $27.94
Greystar Real Estate Partners $58,076 $27.92
Edward Rose Building Ent $58,036 $27.90
Camden $58,006 $27.89
Drucker + Falk $57,887 $27.83
Ambling Management $57,860 $27.82
Trinity Property Consultants $57,790 $27.78
Equity Management $57,620 $27.70
Village Green $57,578 $27.68
United Dominion Realty Trust $57,092 $27.45
Home Properties $56,956 $27.38

Do you work at BH Management Services ?

Does BH Management Services effectively differentiate itself from competitors?

BH Management Services salaries vs CompetitorsAmong BH Management Services competitors, employees at United Dominion Realty Trust earn the most with an average yearly salary of $48,22

Company Average Salary Hourly Salary Salary Score
BH Management Services $41,892 $20.14
Equity Residential $38,362 $18.44
Home Properties $41,804 $20.10
Camden $35,987 $17.30
LEDIC Realty Company $40,738 $19.59
RAM Partners $39,819 $19.14

How to Answer Behavioral Interview Questions Sample Answers

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