The Top 25 Best Version Media Interview Questions You Need to Know

Getting hired at Best Version Media can be competitive but going in prepared with knowledge of the most common interview questions will give you a major advantage. In this article, we dive into the top 25 questions candidates can expect during the Best Version Media interview process so you can impress your future employer and land the job.

As a leading publisher of hyperlocal magazines and digital marketing services, Best Version Media has a unique culture and looks for employees that fit specific requirements. By understanding the types of Best Version Media interview questions you’ll face, you can show how your skills and experience make you the ideal candidate.

Overview of Best Version Media

Before we get into the nitty gritty of the interview questions, let’s do a quick rundown of Best Version Media as a company:

  • Founded in 2007 and headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio
  • Publishes over 800 hyperlocal magazines across the US and Canada
  • Focus on spotlighting residents, businesses, nonprofits, events etc. in local communities
  • Also provide digital marketing services like website design, SEO, social media marketing
  • Voted a top place to work in Northeast Ohio by Crain’s Cleveland Business
  • Has a unique franchise-based business model, with local franchisees running each market

The company looks for candidates who embody their core values, which include: community focus, quality, collaboration, integrity, relationships, and continuous improvement.

Now let’s explore the most common Best Version Media interview questions and how to ace your answers!

25 Best Version Media Interview Questions and Answers

1. Why do you want to work at Best Version Media?

This is likely to be one of the first questions asked during a Best Version Media interview It assess your understanding of and enthusiasm for the company

How to answer Demonstrate your knowledge of Best Version Media’s unique hyperlocal business model and highlight values like community focus that resonate with you. Explain why you’re drawn specifically to roles like Account Executive that allow you to build relationships and make an impact locally Convey genuine excitement about the opportunity

Example: “I’m interested in Best Version Media because of your focus on empowering communities through hyperlocal stories and partnerships. As someone passionate about connecting businesses with their neighborhoods, I’m drawn to opportunities like Account Executive that let me build relationships while also strengthening local community ties. Best Version Media’s values around quality content and collaborations also deeply resonate with me. I’m excited by the prospect of bringing my skills in client relations and local publishing to such a purpose-driven organization.”

2. What do you know about our company culture?

Company culture is very important at Best Version Media, so interviewers want to see that you’ve researched it. Demonstrate that you’re a good culture fit.

How to answer: Highlight standout aspects of their culture like collaborative, results-driven, and quality-focused. Use examples of how these align with your own work style and ethics. Emphasize passion for community building since that’s core to their mission.

Example: “From my research, Best Version Media seems to have a very collaborative and results-driven culture, with strong emphasis on building quality content and community relationships. These values around working as a team to deliver for clients and local neighborhoods very much align with my own approach of being communicative, detail-oriented, and passionate about bringing communities together through media.”

3. What does our motto ‘Stories That Shape Communities’ mean to you?

This tests your understanding of their core mission of empowering communities through stories. Show that you grasp and care about their larger purpose.

How to answer: Explain how impactful and meaningful storytelling brings communities together. Use examples demonstrating this from your own work/life. Highlight the responsibility media has in representing communities authentically. Convey why their motto personally inspires you.

Example: “To me, ‘Stories That Shape Communities’ represents the idea that powerful storytelling not only informs but also strengthens community ties. I’ve seen this firsthand, through my experience volunteering with local organizations where compelling stories inspired community members to come together.. Best Version Media has such an important responsibility in platforming stories that represent the community authentically and bring shared understanding. I’m inspired by the potential to amplify uplifting local stories.”

4. Why do you want to be an Account Executive at Best Version Media?

This is similar to the first question but focuses specifically on your interest in the Account Executive role. Interviewers are gauging your understanding of the position’s responsibilities.

How to answer: Share why sales and client relationship aspects of the role appeal to you. Highlight relevant skills/experience in building partnerships, persistence, and networking ability. Convey passion for contributing to sales growth within local communities.

Example: “The Account Executive role piqued my interest because it allows me to blend my passion for building local community with strengths in developing partnerships and sales. Having previously led successful client campaigns and partnerships in the media space, I am confident I can leverage those skills to connect businesses with impactful advertising opportunities. What excites me most is channeling my persistence and relationship-building ability to drive sales growth and community ties in a specific local market for Best Version Media. This aligns perfectly with my personal and professional goals.”

5. How would you describe excellent customer service?

Success as an Account Executive depends on providing top-notch service to both advertising clients and community members. Use real examples to demonstrate your commitment to customer satisfaction.

How to answer: Share anecdotes that highlight your approach to customer service—active listening, understanding needs, clear communication, problem-solving, exceeding expectations, follow-through, patience, and positivity. Emphasize how these skills will allow you to build loyalty and trust locally.

Example: “For me, excellent customer service comes down to factors like actively listening to understand the client’s needs, clearly communicating solutions, and persevering to resolve any issues. In the past, I’ve built trusting relationships by always following through on deliverables in a timely manner and exceeding expectations whenever possible. One example that comes to mind is when I continued to brainstorm new promotional approaches even after a client purchased an ad package, simply because I wanted their business to fully succeed. My dedication to positive customer experiences will help establish loyalty in the communities Best Version Media serves.”

6. How would you respond if a client is unhappy with their ad?

Advertising clients may sometimes respond negatively to their finished ad design or be disappointed with campaign results. Interviewers want to see you can handle this diplomatically.

How to answer: Emphasize listening to their concerns, then walking through options to refine the ad or double down on high-performing promotions. Outline how you’d use metrics to identify issues and your collaborative approach to overcoming challenges. Share examples of successfully turning client dissatisfaction into a long-term partnership.

Example: “If a client seemed unhappy with their ad, my first step would be active listening to fully understand their concerns. Once I identified the issues, I would review campaign analytics together with the client to pinpoint areas for improvement. Then I’d propose solutions like adjusting the ad visuals or message based on performance data, modifying the strategic approach, or even developing a brand new campaign direction. My goal would be maintaining a collaborative, solution-focused relationship focused on reaching their business goals. In the past, taking this earnest problem-solving approach has led to greatly improved subsequent campaigns and lasting client partnerships.”

7. How do you stay motivated when prospects turn down sales opportunities?

Rejections and “nos” are part of the sales process. Interviewers want to see you can maintain a positive mindset and persistence through disappointment. Share your strategies for motivation and resilience.

How to answer: Emphasize having the fortitude to not take rejections personally. Discuss how you focus on learning from each interaction to strengthen your approach. Highlight the drive to always provide value, whether prospects say yes or no. Share examples of turning around initial turndowns into wins with persistence.

Example: “When prospects decline sales opportunities, I remind myself that this is very common in the sales process and not to take it as personal rejection. While certainly disappointing, I focus my energy on learning how I could refine my pitch or offerings for the next prospect. My motivation comes from a core desire to add value in each interaction. Sometimes that value is insight the prospect gains in declining my pitch that helps their business. Other times it comes from me improving based on their feedback. With persistence and tweaks to my approach, I’ve even been able to convert some initial turndowns into long-term clients. Maintaining this growth mindset is key.”

8. How would you go above and beyond for a client?

This tests how dedicated you’ll be in providing exceptional service and strengthening client relationships. Share how you take extra measures to help clients.

How to answer: Provide examples of how you’ve exceeded client expectations in the past through strong follow-through, additional touches/communications, and deep relationship building focus. Highlight how you seek to make their job easier. Mention going above and beyond doesn’t always mean doing more work—sometimes it’s the small touches that make a difference.

Example: *”I believe in consistently going above-and-b

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We serve local businesses and residents by providing professional, family-friendly publications that bring people together.

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Is Best Version Media a good company to work for?

Best Version Media has an overall rating of 4.4 out of 5, based on over 678 reviews left anonymously by employees. 89% of employees would recommend working at Best Version Media to a friend and 83% have a positive outlook for the business. This rating has decreased by 4% over the last 12 months.

Does Best Version Media drug test?

No drug test. Can’t find your question about Best Version Media?

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