The Top Banner Bank Interview Questions and How to Ace Your Interview

To become a bank teller, you need to have a certain set of skills, such as great customer service, attention to detail, and the ability to handle money transactions correctly.

To help you do well in your interview, we’ve put together a list of frequently asked Bank Teller Interview Questions along with helpful insights and tips on how to answer them.

This guide will give you the knowledge and confidence you need to ace your bank teller interview, no matter how long you’ve been working in banking or if you’re just starting out.

Getting hired at Banner Bank is a great accomplishment. As one of the largest and most successful regional banks in the Pacific Northwest, Banner Bank only hires the best of the best. The interview process is rigorous, with multiple rounds of tough questions designed to assess your skills, experience, mindset and cultural fit.

In this comprehensive guide we will reveal the top Banner Bank interview questions commonly asked and provide tips and sample responses to help you craft winning answers. With the right preparation, you can walk into your Banner Bank interview with confidence, outperform other candidates, and maximize your chances of getting the job.

About Banner Bank

Before diving into the interview questions, let’s briefly overview Banner Bank itself. Founded in 1890, Banner Bank is headquartered in Walla Walla, Washington and has expanded to over 200 branches across Washington, Oregon, California and Idaho.

With assets over $15 billion, Banner Bank offers a full range of financial services including personal and business banking, mortgage lending, investment services, insurance services, and wealth management. The bank is well-regarded for its strong capital position, prudent risk management, and steadfast commitment to personalized community banking.

As a relationship-focused organization, Banner Bank seeks candidates who are passionate about providing an exceptional client experience through individualized solutions and services

Common Banner Bank Interview Questions and Answers

Here are some of the most frequently asked interview questions at Banner Bank across various roles along with tips for crafting winning responses

Tell me about yourself

Banner Bank interviewers often use this open-ended question to start a conversation and learn more about your background.


  • Your answer should be a short (60–90 seconds) summary of your professional history that highlights your relevant banking experience, skills, and desire to serve clients.

  • Emphasize achievements, awards, unique projects you’ve worked on. Demonstrate why you are an ideal fit.

  • Conclude with how your background makes you excited to contribute to Banner Bank’s relationship-focused approach.

Example: “With over 7 years of experience in retail banking, I’ve had the opportunity to leverage my passion for developing trusted client relationships and delivering personalized financial solutions. In my current role at XYZ Bank, I’ve been recognized for exceeding revenue targets two years in a row through tailored product recommendations for small business clients. Relationship-building is at the core of my approach, as evidenced by my 95% client retention rate. I stay current on financial services trends and technologies to provide expert guidance to clients. Banner Bank’s community banking model and emphasis on individualized care deeply resonates with me, and I’m excited by the prospect of further enhancing customer satisfaction through your consultative approach.”

Why do you want to work for Banner Bank?

This question evaluates your understanding of Banner Bank’s brand and mission. Show that you’ve done your homework.


  • Demonstrate knowledge of Banner Bank’s history, values, and competitive differentiators.

  • Articulate why these aspects strongly align with your own values and passions.

  • Share how you are drawn to Banner’s community banking philosophy and committed to enriching client relationships.

Example: “I’m extremely interested in working for Banner Bank due to your long-standing reputation as one of the leading community banks in the region. Your story of steady, organic growth over the decades while maintaining a personalized approach is very compelling. I’m inspired by your mission of empowering the financial well-being of clients and communities. My values are deeply aligned with your relationship-focused model and providing financial guidance tailored individual needs. I’m drawn to organizations like Banner that still uphold the human touch of banking while delivering innovative digital solutions. If hired, I look forward to furthering Banner’s tradition of individualized care and trusted partnerships with both consumer and business clients.”

How do you stay up-to-date on financial services trends and regulations?

Banking is an industry undergoing constant evolution. Interviewers want to see that you are dedicated to continuous learning.


  • Give specific examples of resources and activities you engage in to stay current, such as industry publications, online forums, newsletters, training programs etc.

  • Highlight how you’ve applied your learnings to improve service delivery, compliance, or recommend new solutions to clients.

Example: “I make it a priority to stay continually educated on trends and regulations in banking. I read industry publications like ABA Banking Journal and Bank Director to get insights on emerging technologies, consumer behaviors, and growth strategies. I leverage resources like the FDIC website for up-to-date information on regulatory changes. I also participate in online communities of fellow banking professionals where we discuss and debate the implications of new developments. Within my own institution, I’ve shared my learnings with colleagues through lunch-and-learn presentations on topics like digital transformation in banking. And most importantly, I apply these insights directly to enhancing our offerings for clients, whether it’s educating them on new capabilities like mobile deposits or advising them on financial moves in light of regulatory shifts.”

How would you handle an angry or upset customer?

Banner Bank assesses your interpersonal skills and service mentality with this scenario-based question.


  • Demonstrate empathy, active listening and conflict resolution skills. Stay calm under pressure.

  • Outline steps to understand the root of their frustration, offer help, and turn the experience into a positive one.

Example: “When faced with an angry or upset customer, I would first listen attentively to understand the full context of their frustration. I’d express empathy for their situation and apologize sincerely for any inconvenience caused. I would maintain a calm, patient demeanor to help diffuse the situation, while assessing if there are any concrete actions I could take right away to assist them. If I am unable to immediately resolve the issue, I would walk them through the resolution process, set clear expectations on next steps and timeline, and follow up to ensure their satisfaction. My aim is to transform a negative experience into a positive one by validating their perspective, addressing the root cause, and reinforcing my commitment to their complete satisfaction with our bank’s service.”

How do you go above and beyond for customers?

Banner Bank prides itself on WOW service. Share examples that paint a picture of you as someone truly passionate about exceeding customer expectations.


  • Highlight both macro and micro ways you take extra steps to deliver exceptional service.

  • Quantify impacts of your efforts such as increases in loyalty or referrals.

Example: “Delivering ‘WOW’ service is at the heart of my approach with clients. On a bigger scale, I strive to be a trusted advisor who gets to know their personal and business goals in depth, so I can provide financial guidance and solutions tailored specifically for them. For example, when I learned a key client was pursuing expansion into a new market, I researched the area, connected them to our business bankers there, and shared demographic data that informed their strategy. At a micro level, I look for small ways to surprise and delight clients, like following up with an article on a topic we discussed or mailing a personal congratulatory note when I learn about an accomplishment of theirs. My commitment to exceptional service led to a 40% increase in referrals last year alone, demonstrating how going the extra mile pays off exponentially in client satisfaction and loyalty.”

Tell me about a time you made a mistake. How did you handle it?

Banner Bank wants employees who can acknowledge and learn from errors. Demonstrate accountability, problem-solving skills, and growth mindset.


  • Be transparent about the situation rather than downplaying it. Take ownership.

  • Share thought process of how you immediately took action to understand the root cause, contain the mistake, and put solutions in place to prevent it in the future.

Example: “Reflecting on my experience, one mistake that stands out occurred when I was new to bank operations and misfiled a client’s wire transfer request, causing a significant delay in their funds being received. As soon as I realized my error, I immediately notified my manager and the client to explain the situation, offer my sincerest apologies, and get their funds re-sent urgently. I re-traced my steps to identify gaps in my understanding of the wire transfer process and worked closely with my manager to strengthen this knowledge. Together we implemented a verification process for high-value transfers to add a safety net for catching any future misfilings. While difficult, this experience taught me the importance of continuously improving my expertise and instituting checks and balances. Most importantly, it reinforced my commitment to transparency and owning up to my mistakes rather than hiding them, so I could gain learnings for the future.”

How do you resolve conflict with colleagues?

The ability to work collaboratively is highly valued at Banner Bank. Share your conflict management approach.


  • Discuss preference for direct but respectful communication focused on understanding differing perspectives.

  • Emphasize finding common ground and aiming for win-win scenarios.

Example: *”When facing conflict with colleagues, I believe direct yet thoughtful communication is key. I make an effort to have an

Tell Me About a Time You Had to Work with A Difficult Customer

“In my previous role, I encountered a customer who was frustrated due to an issue with their account. The customer was agitated and initially refused to provide the required documentation for the transaction. I remained calm and empathetic, actively listening to the customers concerns. I acknowledged their frustration and assured them that I would do my best to assist them.

I was able to calm down the situation, address the customer’s concerns, and come up with a satisfactory solution by being patient and understanding. The customer left the branch feeling valued and appreciated”.

How to Prepare for A Bank Teller Interview?

If you want to be a bank teller, you should first learn about the bank’s history, services, and values. This will show your genuine interest in the organization. Review the job description thoroughly to grasp the required skills and responsibilities for the bank teller role.

Practice common interview questions, focusing on showcasing your customer service skills. Highlight your ability to provide exceptional service, handle customer inquiries effectively, and demonstrate strong communication skills.

Familiarize yourself with cash handling procedures, including counting, verifying, and maintaining accurate records of cash transactions. This knowledge will demonstrate your understanding of the importance of accuracy and compliance in the role.

During the interview, you should be ready to give specific examples from your past work that show how skilled you are and how well you fit the job. Show enthusiasm, professionalism, and a strong work ethic.

And also, don’t neglect your appearance because you never get a second chance to make a first impression.

BANKING Interview Questions And Answers! How To Pass A Retail Bank Interview!


How do you pass a bank interview?

During the interview, be prepared to provide specific examples from your previous experience that demonstrate your skills and suitability for the role. Show enthusiasm, professionalism, and a strong work ethic. And also, don’t neglect your appearance because you never get a second chance to make a first impression.

Why should we hire you in bank interview?

Example: “I feel that a career in the financial industry would be the most beneficial use of my knowledge and skills in accounting and problem-solving. I have always been fascinated by the financial world, am ambitious and hard-working and can bring great value to your company.”

Does Banner bank drug test?

Yes they drug test. I am not 100% what all is on their drug panel though.

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