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For the 7th straight year, Gartner placed Amazon Web Services in the “Leaders” quadrant. Also Forbes reported, AWS Certified Solutions Architect Leads the 15 Top Paying IT Certifications. Undoubtedly, the AWS Solution Architect position is one of the most sought after amongst IT jobs. You, too, can maximize the Cloud computing career opportunities that are sure to come your way by taking AWS Certification training with Edureka.

AWS Solutions Architect Interview Questions and Answers 2021 | AWS Certification Training | Edureka

47. What is the difference between Scalability and Elasticity?

Scalability is the ability of a system to increase its hardware resources to handle the increase in demand. It can be done by increasing the hardware specifications or increasing the processing nodes.

Elasticity is the ability of a system to handle increase in the workload by adding additional hardware resources when the demand increases(same as scaling) but also rolling back the scaled resources, when the resources are no longer needed. This is particularly helpful in Cloud environments, where a pay per use model is followed.

Top 10 Frequently Asked AWS Architect Interview Questions

Instance performs a regular shut down when it is stopped. It then performs transactions. As the entire EBS volumes remain present, it is possible to start the instance anytime again when you want. The best thing is when the instance remains in the stopped state, users don’t need to pay for that particular time.

Upon termination, the instance performs a regular shutdown. After this, the Amazon EBS volumes start deleting. You can stop them from deleting simply by setting the “Delete on Termination” to false. Because the instance gets deleted, it is not possible to run it again in the future.

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35. Your company’s branch offices are all over the world, they use a software with a multi-regional deployment on AWS, they use MySQL 5.6 for data persistence.

The task is to run an hourly batch process and read data from every region to compute cross-regional reports which will be distributed to all the branches. This should be done in the shortest time possible. How will you build the DB architecture in order to meet the requirements?

  • For each regional deployment, use RDS MySQL with a master in the region and a read replica in the HQ region
  • For each regional deployment, use MySQL on EC2 with a master in the region and send hourly EBS snapshots to the HQ region
  • For each regional deployment, use RDS MySQL with a master in the region and send hourly RDS snapshots to the HQ region
  • For each regional deployment, use MySQL on EC2 with a master in the region and use S3 to copy data files hourly to the HQ region
  • Answer A.

    Explanation: For this we will take an RDS instance as a master, because it will manage our database for us and since we have to read from every region, we’ll put a read replica of this instance in every region where the data has to be read from. Option C is not correct since putting a read replica would be more efficient than putting a snapshot, a read replica can be promoted if needed to an independent DB instance, but with a Db snapshot it becomes mandatory to launch a separate DB Instance.


    How do I prepare for Amazon Solutions Architect interview?

    AWS Solutions Architect Interview Questions and Answers
    • What is Amazon EC2? …
    • What Are Some of the Security Best Practices for Amazon EC2? …
    • What is Amazon S3? …
    • Can S3 Be Used with EC2 Instances, and If Yes, How? …
    • What Is Identity and Access Management (IAM) and How Is It Used?

    How do I pass AWS Solution Architect interview?

    If you’re preparing for a Solutions Architect interview for Amazon, make sure that you’re technically strong. It’s important to have a strong understanding of System Design, Software Engineering Principles, and Networking Concepts. If you have a basic knowledge of AWS it will be beneficial.

    How do I prepare for a Solutions Architect interview?

    Here are common solution architect interview questions with example answers to help you prepare for your interview:
    1. What is the most innovative solution you’ve proposed, working as a solutions architect?
    2. What is AWS?
    3. How can you protect against an injection attack?
    4. Describe your protocol for ensuring security.

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