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The goal of the C_ARSOR_2108 – SAP Ariba Sourcing exam is to gauge your comprehension of the foundational competencies necessary for the position of Associate Application Consultant for SAP Ariba Sourcing. The C_ARSOR_2108 – SAP Ariba Sourcing exam confirms that you possess the in-depth knowledge and technical abilities necessary to act as a mentor on a project team. We have compiled expert-level questions for the C_ARSOR_2108 – SAP Ariba Sourcing interview to assist you in your preparation.

SAP Ariba Interview Questions and Answers
  • What is the Ariba system? …
  • What is the Ariba business network? …
  • What’s Ariba’s pitch? …
  • What is SAP Ariba network means to the customers? …
  • Why does a Spot Quote look different than a normal Ariba Discovery response? …
  • Where does Ariba fit in SAP’s evolving cloud strategy?

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You must effectively manage your supply chain if you want to succeed in the 21st century. Therefore, collaborating with suppliers worldwide is also becoming increasingly important. You must establish good relationships with your suppliers in order to build a reliable and effective supply chain. By doing this, the suppliers can maintain the supply chain by managing every aspect of the procurement process, ultimately enabling both parties to grow together.

This blog was established to assist candidates who are about to learn SAP Ariba interview questions and answers, both new and experienced If you can answer these questions correctly, you will be prepared for your upcoming interview with the necessary information and confidence. So what are you waiting for? Let’s begin.

SAP Ariba interview Questions and Answers :

Ans. With the help of the cloud-based SAP Ariba solution, buyers and sellers can work together on the same platform. A business can effectively manage its vendors with SAP Ariba. Additionally, SAP Ariba enhances commerce globally with its supply chain and acquisition solutions. (Important SAP Ariba interview Questions and Answers ).

Ans.SAP Ariba’s essential features are:

  • SAP Ariba allows us to connect directly to suppliers around the
  • From a variety of ERP solutions, we can easily integrate transactional and master data.
  • We are enhancing our collaboration with our best business partners with SAP Ariba, an internet-based business-to-business solution that connects to the world’s largest network of buyers and sellers.
  • Ariba’s network eliminates the complexity of the procurement process.
  • The SAP Ariba invoicing system (Financial supply chain).
  • Supplier management in SAP Ariba.
  • Purchasing with SAP Ariba.
  • Indirect spend in SAP Ariba (Strategic Sourcing).
  • SAP Ariba supply chain (solutions for direct expenditures).
  • Learn SAP Ariba from industry professionals, and become familiar with all of its features.

    Ans. SAP Ariba improves the experiences of buyers, sellers, and suppliers by implementing digital transformation.

  • By using SAP Ariba, SAP SRP and ERP software can be easily synchronized.
  • SAP Ariba can be accessed from anywhere because it is a cloud-based service. It also requires significantly less capital to implement.
  • Integration toolkits can be applied whenever we want to connect the ERP system to Ariba.
  • Ans. SAP Ariba consists of two different components:

  • Passive components: passive components are those that save energy in the voltage format. Examples are inductors, resistors, and capacitors.
  • Components that produce voltage will be active components. Examples include transistors.
  • Ans. With the help of a web-based, user-friendly, and cost-free tool created by SAP Ariba, we can now manage and automate RFX and create, manage, and maintain sourcing events right from our desktops. Software as a Service (SaaS) delivered via the cloud provides on-demand services without the need for a monthly subscription. (Important SAP Ariba interview Questions and Answers ).

    Ans.Here are the key features of SAP Ariba Start Sourcing:

  • It’s easy to communicate and message using SAP Ariba Start Sourcing.
  • There is no need to pay a monthly subscription fee.
  • Multi-currency options are reported in SAP Ariba Start Sourcing.
  • The RFX can be easily created and managed.
  • Global and multilingual capabilities are provided by SAP Ariba Start Sourcing.
  • Using SAP Ariba Start Sourcing, we can easily manage the responses from suppliers.
  • Ans. Only for happy flow tests can the builder screens assist us in creating test cases. Before writing the behavioral test cases, you must fully comprehend the software’s functionality, either through a document or training.

    Ans. The Ariba Network was created and is provided by Ariba. Buyers and sellers can connect on the cloud-based business-to-business marketplace known as ARIBA Network to conduct business in a secure network environment.

    Ans. The various business products offered by SAP Ariba benefit both buyers and sellers. Some examples are provided below:

    Contract administration for order solutions, sales, discovery services, and catalogs for investors

    Vendor management, contract management, sourcing, and visibility into spending.

    Ans. Organizations can manage their warehouses, inventories, and materials with the help of SAP Materials Management (MM), also known as SAP MM, which is a component of SAP ECC (ERP Central Component). SAP MM is crucial to the supply chain.

    Ans. Through SAP SRM (SAP Supplier Relationship Management), we are able to coordinate the business process with important suppliers. SAP SRM, which we can use to collaborate with real-time partners, allows us to forecast and monitor the behavior of buyers.

    Ans.In SAP cloud application, there are four different zones:

    Ans. View Pitch increases process effectiveness, streamlines connectivity, and increases visibility and status of deliveries, invoice payments, and keywords, among other crucial commerce activities. (Important SAP Ariba interview Questions and Answers ).

    Ans. The SAP Ariba solution for managing suppliers from onboarding to qualification, then approved supplier management, and finally elimination is known as Ariba SLP (Supplier Lifecycle and Performance).

    Ans.SAP Ariba Procurement solution offers the following three main benefits:

  • We get concurrence as a result.
  • Support for clients is easily created.
  • This will increase the spend inclusion.
  • Ans. A vendor will use Ariba sourcing to create an Ariba Spot Quote as soon as they want to purchase an order from the ERP system’s back end.

    Ans. Ariba was acquired by SAP for 4. 3 billion dollars in May 2012.

    Ans. It is free for customers to use SAP Ariba Discovery. Ariba Discovery is used by businesses to respond to customers quickly and thus increase customer satisfaction. (Important SAP Ariba interview Questions and Answers ).

    Ans. The following actions happen while SAP Ariba is being installed:

  • Installation notes for SAP Ariba.
  • Installation of the SAP Ariba adapter.
  • SAP Ariba can be customized on the basis of BASIS.
  • Setting up functional configurations.
  • Setting up technical web services.
  • The SAP Ariba adapter can be customized.
  • Ans. The SAP Ariba Adapter installation process consists of just four simple steps:

  • For access to, use a valid ID and password.
  • In case you don’t have a “Designated Support Contact” ID, you can register here:
  • Find SAP Network adapter and SAP NetWeaver.
  • Lastly, import files of AN adapters in the format→ *.tpz into the Enterprise service repository of SAP
  • Ans.Various AN adapter files are:

    Ans.There are various types of cXml messages:

    Ans. Through the Network Settings, where the “Electronic Order Routing” option is located, it is possible to control electronic order routing. ” (Important SAP Ariba interview Questions and Answers ).

    Ans.Customers can transact business with us in five ways:

    Ans. The process of acquiring the supplies, equipment, and materials a business needs to function is known as procurement.

    The process of creating and maintaining a supply chain, vetting suppliers, and upholding vendor relationships is referred to as sourcing, in contrast.

    Ans.Six key strategies for suppliers are as follows:

  • Expertise sharing with your customers.
  • Keep your people in mind.
  • OEM marketing.
  • Make a plan to understand your vision.
  • Reduce the lead-time as much as possible.
  • Pay attention to your customer’s needs.
  • Ans. When compared with a specific budget code, this SAP budget check feature identifies each accounting split within a requisition line item. When enabled on our site, this feature defaults to checks created in SAP Ariba Buying and SAP Ariba Buying and Invoicing. (Important SAP Ariba interview Questions and Answers ).

    Ans.There are four main areas covered by SAP cloud applications:

    Ans. There are two methods for SaP Ariba authentication:

  • Using a single sign-on, users can log into their corporate networks and automatically access Ariba.
  • In order to use Regular User Authentication, users need to enter their credentials manually on the Ariba network page, just like they do for any other login. (Important SAP Ariba interview Questions and Answers )
  • Q What is meant by the Ariba system?

    Ans: SAP Ariba is an American software and IT services company that was offered $4 million in 2012 by German software developer SAP SE. 3 billion, and it is located at Palo Alto, California.

    What are active and Passive Components?


    Active components are those that generate energy in the form of current or voltage. Example: transistors etc.

    Passive components are those that act as energy storage devices for voltage or current. Example: inductors, resistors, capacitors, etc.


    What is Ariba downstream?

    What do the terms “Upstream” and “Downstream” in Ariba mean? It had a strong history and install base for SAP ERP environments and supplier relationship management (SRM) procurement suites, as well as Ariba Upstream (Strategic Sourcing) and Ariba Downstream (Operational Procurement).

    What is Ariba p2p?

    Integrating purchasing and accounts payable systems to increase efficiency is called procure-to-pay. It consists of four essential stages that are part of the larger procurement management process: choosing the goods and services, enforcing compliance and order, receiving and reconciling, invoicing and payment.

    Is Ariba difficult to learn?

    A useful tool that is generally simple to use and comprehend, It makes managing the approval of invoices really easy. finding past invoices is not easy.

    What are the modules in Ariba?

    SAP Ariba Solutions
    • SAP Ariba Supplier Management.
    • SAP Ariba Strategic Sourcing (a.k.a. indirect spend)
    • SAP Ariba Solutions for Direct Spend (a.k.a. supply chain)
    • SAP Ariba Procurement (buying)
    • SAP Ariba Financial Supply Chain (invoicing)

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