To Apply or Not to Apply? Navigating Multiple Job Openings at the Same Company

Finding a company that aligns with your values, interests, and career aspirations can be a rare and exciting opportunity. However, when that dream employer has multiple job openings that match your qualifications, it can be tempting to apply for all of them. But is that the best approach? Let’s explore the nuances of applying for multiple jobs at the same company and the strategies you should consider instead.

The Pros and Cons of Applying for Multiple Roles

On the surface, applying for multiple jobs at the same company may seem like a smart move. After all, you’re increasing your chances of getting hired, right? Well, not necessarily. While there are some potential advantages, there are also significant drawbacks to

Can I Apply to Multiple Jobs at the Same Company?


Is it a good thing to apply for multiple jobs at the same company?

Creating new resumes for multiple positions at a company, can result in appearing incongruent or unspecialized. You also may waste a lot of time creating new resumes for every position if you aren’t focussed on a goal. Decide what type of work you are qualified for and want to do most.

Is it okay to apply for the same position in the same company but in multiple cities?

Although it’s not immediately ideal and it may raise an eyebrow for the recruiters handling your varies applications, it’s perfectly fine to show your interest for the same roles in different cities.

Is it OK to keep applying to the same company?

You can apply for multiple positions at the same company if you have skills relevant to more than one position. Applying for more than one position can increase the chances of hiring at that company if that company is your goal.

How do I apply for a different position at the same company?

It’s best to be up front with your supervisor about your intentions to apply for a different position. Instead of making the conversation about why you don’t like your current team, talk about how the other position more closely aligns with your skills, work style or career development.

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