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Bottom Line: You don’t need to be an expert coder, but you’ll have to pass a coding challenge!

From founder Kush Patel:

What to Expect in Your App Academy Interview

You can expect behavioral and technical interview questions during the interview. The booctamp is thorough when it comes to testing an applicant’s coding abilities and behavioral standpoints. The interview sessions feature pair programming, code pair, and verbalized code. It will also feature questions regarding your collaborative skills, communication skills, and general background.

App Academy’s technical interview aims to draw insight into your abilities to solve problems and communicate about code to the admissions specialist. This interview stage involves coding challenges and pair programming.

You will need to be swift in solving practical problems, talking through your solutions, and debugging code. You should also have prowess in pinpointing variables in your code. You will go through three coding challenges. The first coding challenge will be pair-programming and the others will be solo programming.

App Academy’s behavioral interview, also known as a fit interview, helps the admissions specialist learn more about your personality. They seek applicants who will positively impact the cohort. This interview is mostly conducted through Zoom. Therefore, you will need an excellent Internet connection and a webcam. Also, note that the admission team records the interviews for quality assurance.

1. Take Advantage of App Academy’s Resources

App Academy provides a series of videos for applicants to utilize before the interview date. They feature three videos to help you establish whether you are prepared, understand interview expectations, and learn what the interviewer is looking for during an interview. They also offer courses to help you familiarize yourself with basic and foreign concepts in programming.

You can also attend Intro to Programming I and Intro to programming II as most of the interview questions are based on the courses’ concepts. You can also rely on the App Academy bootcamp prep course, which will take you through the basics of JavaScript. The course runs for four weeks. There is also App Academy Open and JumpStart, which are free for applicants hoping to join the bootcamp.

It is not enough that you attend the bootcamp’s coding courses. You must go a step further and explore programming. You should work on practice problems that will help you during the technical interview. Ensure you can solve these problems in under 15 minutes. You should also look into debugging exercises.

Part of the technical interview involves diagnosing and fixing bugs, which will showcase your coding ability. It is important that you develop skills in talking through solutions during the debugging process. The admissions team will expect you to explain your solutions in an easy-to-understand way. You can also practice pair programming to demonstrate that you can work in teams.


How do I prepare for an App Academy interview?

How to Prepare for the App Academy Interview
  1. Take Advantage of App Academy’s Resources. App Academy provides a series of videos for applicants to utilize before the interview date. …
  2. Practice the Different Skills. It is not enough that you attend the bootcamp’s coding courses. …
  3. Read App Academy Alumni Reviews.

Is it difficult to get into App Academy?

And with locations in San Francisco, New York, and online, App Academy is a great option for future bootcampers. But the App Academy acceptance rate is less than 5%, so applicants need to ace the coding challenges to be admitted.

What do they teach at App Academy?

The online course runs for 24 weeks, and focuses on JavaScript and Python. Students of the online course learn fundamentals, such as JavaScript, Git, and object-oriented programming, and later build on these by learning languages, such as Express, React, HTML & CSS, and more.

How long does App Academy take?

App Academy Curriculum

This free coding resource is entirely self-paced and takes approximately 12-16 months to complete. The course includes over 1500 hours of materials including readings, practice projects, video lectures, an interactive coding environment, and access to a community chat.

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