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Accounts receivable is the responsibility of the staff member to ensure that the company receives payment for the goods and services rendered and that the transactions are recorded correctly. It is necessary for someone in this position to secure the revenue by reviewing receipts, posting them, and resolving inconsistencies. Because of the nature of the work being done, it requires complete dedication. Accounts Receivable job interview questions have specific, important answers that will help you land the position. Let us explore these questions along with their solutions.

Accounts Payable Interview Questions and Answers | Most Asked AP Questions with Examples |

Can you explain what accrual means in accounting?

Hiring managers want to be certain that you have a solid understanding of the fundamental accounting concepts. If the company uses accrual accounting, the interviewer might want to make sure you are familiar with this method. If you are a recent graduate or have mentioned experience with cash accounting, an interviewer may ask you this question.

As an illustration, “accrual accounting” entails recording costs and income as soon as transactions take place rather than waiting until the business receives payments. Despite the fact that I have experience with both accrual and cash accounting, I believe accrual accounting to be more accurate because all transactions and revenue occur during the same period. “.

General interview questions

To learn more about you, your personality, and your interest in the job, interviewers may ask you general questions. Here are some general questions an interviewer may ask you:

Questions about experience and background

Interviewers may inquire about your background and experience to learn more about your training, prior employment, and understanding of accounting concepts. These are some inquiries an interviewer might ask you regarding your background and accounting experience:

If you have a degree in accounting and are looking for the ideal position that will provide you with job satisfaction and a high salary, then this is your chance. To find a list of employment opportunities with different MNCs and corporate organizations, visit the wisdomjobs page. A business organization’s general ledger accountant position is essential. You must keep up with regular journal entries as a general ledger accountant, compile them into financial statements, gather required paperwork, and support audit functions. The job candidates will be better prepared for the position of a general ledger accountant by studying the following general ledger interview questions and answers. Knowing the qualifications that employers seek in employees will also be helpful.

Frequently Asked Oracle Apps Functional Interview Questions

The debit and credit lines in journals, which are used to record business transactions, must always be equal. Suspense journals, unbalanced journals, recurring journals, and reversal journals are among the different types of journals.

  • P2P Process & O2C Process
  • P2P process starts with
  • B. O2C processing four high-level processes i.e. Order, Invoices, Recognize the COGS, and Cash Receipt.
  • Sales order; Book Order; Release Order; Confirm Order; Close Order; Import Invoice; Print Invoice; Recognize Revenue; Defer Cost of Goods; Enter Receipt; Apply Receipt

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    Why Are You Interested In This Role?

    Tip 1: Explain why you are interested in this particular role to the interviewer.

    Tip 2: To support your response, you can share a personal anecdote.

    I have a passion for accounting and anything involving money. I am a first-time learner as well, but I can use this job to continue honing my skills and deliver excellent results. I am incredibly talented in accounting and have had numerous opportunities to hone my abilities. I therefore think I will contribute to your business.


    What questions are asked in Accounts Payable interview?

    List the accounts payable interview questions
    • “Which accounting software do you have experience with?”
    • Can you share your experiences with past invoice disputes and how you handled them?
    • “Can you explain end-to-end process of accounts payable?”
    • “How would you balance accuracy and efficiency in this job?

    What questions are asked in accounts receivable interview?

    Accounts Receivable Specialist Interview Questions
    • What should be included on an invoice for services rendered? .
    • Which accounting programs have you used, and how would you rate your familiarity with them?
    • Are you interested in or have experience with analyzing a lot of accounting data?

    What is GL interview?

    General ledger interviews largely focus on accounting. As a result, when responding to this question, list some characteristics that a good accountant should have. Make sure they are job-specific to avoid losing your opportunity.

    How do I prepare for a general ledger interview?

    A general ledger account is an account or record used to sort and store balance sheet and income statement transactions.

    Answer :
    1. Explain brief about your education history.
    2. Explain brief about your work experience.
    3. Explain brief about your skills and strength.
    4. Explain brief about your weakness.

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