Acing the Amazon SDE Intern Interview: A Comprehensive Guide

Are you an aspiring software engineer dreaming of securing an internship at Amazon? If so, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ll dive deep into the Amazon SDE (Software Development Engineer) intern interview process and equip you with the knowledge and strategies you need to ace it.

Understanding the Amazon SDE Intern Interview Process

Before we delve into the specifics of the interview questions, let’s first understand the structure of the Amazon SDE intern interview process. Typically, it consists of the following stages:

  1. Online Assessment: This initial screening round involves coding challenges and technical questions to evaluate your problem-solving skills and programming aptitude.

  2. Technical Phone/Video Interview: If you successfully pass the online assessment, you’ll be invited for a technical phone or video interview. This round typically focuses on data structures, algorithms, and coding problems.

  3. Onsite Interview: The final and most crucial stage is the onsite interview, where you’ll face a series of interviews with Amazon engineers and managers. These interviews cover a wide range of topics, including coding, system design, behavioral questions, and more.

Now, let’s dive into the types of questions you can expect during the Amazon SDE intern interview process.

Coding and Technical Questions

Coding and technical questions are at the heart of the Amazon SDE intern interview process. These questions are designed to assess your problem-solving skills, coding proficiency, and understanding of fundamental computer science concepts. Here are some common topics and example questions:

Data Structures and Algorithms

  • Arrays and Strings: Implement string reversal, find the longest common prefix, or find the longest substring without repeating characters.
  • Linked Lists: Reverse a linked list, detect and remove a loop, or find the middle node.
  • Stacks and Queues: Implement a queue using stacks or vice versa, evaluate a postfix expression, or solve the famous “Towers of Hanoi” problem.
  • Trees and Graphs: Traverse a binary tree (preorder, inorder, postorder), find the maximum depth of a binary tree, or detect if a graph has a cycle.
  • Sorting and Searching: Implement various sorting algorithms (bubble sort, merge sort, quick sort), or perform binary search on a sorted array.

Object-Oriented Programming (OOP)

  • Design a parking lot system, a vending machine, or a chess game.
  • Implement the Singleton pattern, the Observer pattern, or the Decorator pattern.

System Design

  • Design a URL shortening service, a web crawler, or a distributed key-value store.
  • Discuss scalability, availability, and performance considerations for a given system.

Behavioral Questions

Amazon also values leadership principles and cultural fit. Be prepared to answer behavioral questions that assess your problem-solving abilities, ownership mindset, customer obsession, and other leadership principles. Some examples include:

  • Describe a time when you had to take ownership of a complex problem and how you approached it.
  • Share an instance where you went above and beyond to deliver an outstanding customer experience.
  • Discuss a project or task that didn’t go as planned, and how you handled the situation.

Tips and Strategies for Acing the Amazon SDE Intern Interview

Now that you’re familiar with the types of questions you can expect, let’s discuss some tips and strategies to help you excel in the Amazon SDE intern interview process:

  1. Practice, Practice, Practice: Coding interviews require extensive practice. Solve problems from platforms like LeetCode, HackerRank, or Cracking the Coding Interview. Practice not only helps you improve your problem-solving skills but also boosts your confidence.

  2. Master Data Structures and Algorithms: Have a solid understanding of fundamental data structures and algorithms. Study and practice problems related to arrays, linked lists, trees, graphs, sorting, and searching.

  3. Understand Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) Principles: Amazon values candidates with a strong grasp of OOP concepts. Be prepared to discuss design patterns, inheritance, encapsulation, and polymorphism.

  4. Brush up on System Design: While system design questions may not be as prevalent in intern interviews, it’s still a good idea to familiarize yourself with fundamental concepts like scalability, availability, and performance.

  5. Prepare for Behavioral Questions: Research Amazon’s leadership principles and be ready to provide specific examples that demonstrate your alignment with these principles. Practice answering behavioral questions with a structured approach (situation, task, action, result).

  6. Communicate Effectively: During the interview, communicate your thought process clearly. Explain your approach, ask clarifying questions, and discuss trade-offs or alternative solutions.

  7. Mock Interviews: Participate in mock interviews with friends, mentors, or online platforms like Pramp or This will help you get comfortable with the interview setting and receive valuable feedback.

  8. Stay Calm and Confident: Interviews can be stressful, but it’s important to stay calm and confident. Remember to breathe, take your time, and trust your preparation.


Securing an Amazon SDE intern position is no easy feat, but with the right preparation and mindset, you can increase your chances of success. By mastering data structures and algorithms, understanding object-oriented programming principles, brushing up on system design concepts, and practicing behavioral questions, you’ll be well-equipped to tackle the challenges of the Amazon SDE intern interview process.

Remember, the interview is not just about your technical skills; it’s also an opportunity to showcase your problem-solving abilities, leadership potential, and cultural fit. Stay focused, believe in yourself, and let your hard work and dedication shine through.

Good luck on your journey to becoming an Amazon SDE intern!

The Amazon Software Engineering Internship Interview Process + Tips to Succeed


How many rounds for Amazon SDE Intern?

it consists of 1 OA round and 1 technical interview consisting of 2 coding problems with medium difficulty based on tree and dynamic programming.

How much does Amazon pay SDE interns?

Average Amazon SDE Intern salary in India is ₹9.2 Lakhs for less than 1 year of experience. SDE Intern salary at Amazon India ranges between ₹8.9 Lakhs to ₹15.2 Lakhs. According to our estimates it is 14% more than the average SDE Intern Salary in India.

How many interview rounds does Amazon SDE have?

Amazon conducts 5-6 rounds to select freshers as SDE (SDE-1) in their organization. The following rounds are conducted: Written Round. Online Coding Round.

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