8 Surefire Ideas to Fuel Engaging Competition in the Workplace

Do you find your workplace lacking the spark of excitement and energy? Introducing friendly competitions among colleagues can be the perfect solution to reignite passion and camaraderie. Competitions not only foster a sense of unity but also unleash creativity, boost morale, and even enhance productivity. Get ready to turn your office into a hub of friendly rivalry and unforgettable experiences!

1. Virtual Hackathon: Unleash the Innovative Genius

If you’re seeking an intense and thrilling work-from-home competition, a virtual hackathon is the way to go. This marathon event challenges teams to design or sketch a new product within a set timeframe, usually a weekend. Start by selecting an intriguing theme, such as sustainability, pop culture, or straight out of science fiction. Announce the challenge at the start of the competition to prevent early bird advantages.

Advertise the event within your organization and ensure your teams have the necessary tools for seamless collaboration, like online communication platforms, digital whiteboards, and video conferencing software. Once the hackathon begins, announce the challenge and let the teams dive into their innovative endeavors. Periodically check in on their progress and host short online games to encourage interaction. When time expires, teams will reconvene to present their finished products, and judges will crown the winner with a coveted prize.

2. Hotshot Snapshot: Unleash Your Photographic Prowess

Ignite your colleagues’ creativity with a captivating photo contest! Unlike traditional contests where entries remain hidden until judging, “Hotshot Snapshot” allows participants to see each other’s submissions in real-time. Start by selecting a theme that resonates with your team, such as hometown pride, office couture, or a futuristic vision.

Invite employees to share their masterpieces on social media, either in a private group or using a dedicated contest hashtag. As entries pour in, the friendly competition intensifies, inspiring participants to raise the bar with each new submission. Award prizes based on the number of likes garnered by individual photos or the total likes across all submissions. This dynamic contest not only fosters creativity but also encourages team bonding and friendly rivalry.

3. Costume Cavalcade: Let Your Inner Fashionista Shine

Break free from the monotony of business attire and unleash your team’s creative flair with a costume contest! Chances are, your colleagues rarely have the opportunity to showcase their sartorial talents in the workplace. A costume contest provides the perfect platform for self-expression and whimsical fun.

Set a theme that sparks imagination, such as celebrity sightings, fictional characters in the workplace, or office supply disguises. Encourage employees to twin with their work besties or embody classic advertisements. You can even make it industry-specific, like urban planners dressing up as their favorite cities.

Organize a panel of judges to tour the office, admiring the ingenious costumes, and select the winners based on creativity, originality, and attention to detail. Don’t forget to repurpose the contest entries into engaging social media content or blog posts, showcasing the vibrant spirit of your workplace.

4. Around the World in 80 Workdays: Step into a Global Adventure

Combine fitness and adventure by challenging your team to an “Around the World in 80 Workdays” step-counting competition. This innovative twist on traditional step challenges transforms daily steps into virtual miles traveled across the globe.

Start by providing each participant with a map, either physical or digital. Establish a conversion rate, such as one step equaling one mile, or use a more literal approach by mapping local routes. Every week, participants submit their step counts, and you update their progress on the map, tracking their virtual journey around the world.

To add an extra layer of excitement, assign each participant a mode of transportation, like hot air balloons, pirate ships, or flying saucers. Set the duration of the race, whether one to three months, and watch as your team members traverse continents, oceans, and cultures with every step they take.

5. Deck-a-Desk: Transform Workspaces into Masterpieces

Unleash your team’s artistic talents by challenging them to transform their desks into works of art! “Deck-a-Desk” is a desk decorating contest that encourages employees to let their creativity run wild while adding a touch of personal flair to their workspaces.

Announce a captivating theme, such as “Under the Sea,” “Outer Space,” or “Holiday Wonderland,” and set a reasonable budget for supplies. Employees can choose to decorate individually or collaborate as a team, fostering teamwork and bonding.

Once the masterpieces are complete, organize a judging committee to tour the office and select the most impressive and creative desk designs. For remote employees, invite them to decorate their home workspaces and share photos or video tours, or challenge them to create the most captivating Zoom backgrounds.

6. Review Roulette: Celebrating Customer Satisfaction

In the realm of customer service, positive reviews are the ultimate testament to a job well done. Why not gamify the pursuit of stellar customer feedback with a fun and engaging “Review Roulette” contest?

Here’s how it works: Periodically collect and print out customer reviews, both positive and negative. During a team meeting or gathering, randomly select a review and share it with the group. If the review is positive, reward your team with a small prize, such as a coffee shop gift card or an office accessory. However, if the review is negative, the team faces a lighthearted consequence, like collecting the team’s recycling or deep cleaning the break room.

This interactive contest not only celebrates positive customer experiences but also encourages collaboration and teamwork. Instead of focusing solely on individual performance, participants strive for the entire team to receive glowing feedback, fostering a sense of collective responsibility and motivation.

7. Workplace Safety Bingo: Making Safety Fun

Promoting a culture of safety in the workplace is crucial, but who says it can’t be engaging and enjoyable? Enter “Workplace Safety Bingo,” a game that transforms safety protocols into an exciting competition.

Create custom bingo cards featuring safety-friendly actions, such as “restocked first aid cabinet” or “cleaned up a spill.” Distribute the cards to employees, instructing them to carry them at all times and mark off squares as they complete corresponding actions. To verify compliance, require photographic or video evidence of each completed task.

When an employee marks off five consecutive squares, they can exchange their card for a small prize, like a snack stash or company swag. To encourage widespread participation, offer a larger reward, such as a team-building lunch or a coveted gadget, to the department with the most completed cards or a randomly selected winner.

8. Pantry Polls: Combining Charity and Fun

Combine the joy of giving back to the community with the thrill of friendly competition through “Pantry Polls.” This interactive office fundraiser invites volunteers to cast their votes using non-perishable food items.

Set up donation stations, each representing a poll result, such as the location for the next team-building retreat or a fun outcome like “which C-suite member will wear this hideous Hawaiian shirt?” Teammates can then cast their votes by donating canned, boxed, or jarred goods, with each item counting as one point.

At the end of the drive, tally the points, and let the station with the most votes determine the winning outcome. To maximize impact, encourage employees to donate money or grocery store gift cards, assigning them higher point values than food items.

By implementing these engaging competition ideas in your workplace, you’ll not only foster a sense of camaraderie and teamwork but also infuse your office environment with excitement, creativity, and a renewed sense of purpose. Embrace the spirit of friendly rivalry, and watch as your team members thrive in an atmosphere of motivation and enjoyment.

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How do you make a competition interesting?

This can be done by choosing a fun theme or by giving employees exciting prizes to compete for. Finally, you’ll need to make sure that the contest is organized and run smoothly. This includes setting clear rules and making sure that everyone involved knows what they’re responsible for.

Which of the following is an example of a good office contest?

Work competitions are activities where colleagues compete as individuals or teams to win an exercise. Examples of these ideas include Workplace Safety Bingo, Hotshot Snapshot, and Review Roulette. The purpose of these activities is to improve teamwork and motivation in a competitive environment.

What is an example of a safety contest?

Another example of a safety contest is to ask employees to submit ideas for how to improve safety in their work areas or for work tasks that they complete. The employees who complete the work each day are the experts at what they do.

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