Mastering the PACU Nurse Interview: 40

Nursing Interview Questions and Answers by Nurse Sarah


Why did you choose PACU nursing?

I was drawn to a career in PACU nursing because of the dynamic and fast-paced nature of the work. What interests me the most is the opportunity to be a crucial part of a patient’s recovery journey, ensuring their safety and comfort during a vulnerable time.

What makes a good PACU nurse?

But to be truly successful in this role, PACU registered nurses should also have: Sharp observational and critical thinking skills. The ability to stay calm under pressure.

What is the hardest part of nursing interview question?

The hardest part about answering why you want to be a nurse is that you need to be honest, without sounding trite. “I just want to help people” is a phrase that has been heard far too often in nurse job interviews.

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