Acing the Workhuman Interview: 7 Must-Know Questions and Answers

Interviewing at Workhuman offers exciting opportunities to join a leading company transforming employee engagement through social recognition and continuous performance management However, landing a role requires thorough preparation to showcase your abilities in areas crucial for success at Workhuman.

In this guide we’ll explore the types of questions commonly asked during Workhuman interviews and provide tips to craft winning responses. With insight into the skills and competencies evaluators look for you can hone your answers to align with Workhuman’s values and position yourself as the top choice for the job.

About Workhuman

Headquartered in Dublin, Ireland, Workhuman provides cloud-based social recognition and continuous performance management solutions to global companies. Their products aim to foster cultures of appreciation and fuel employee engagement.

With growth accelerating, Workhuman interviews assess candidates’ competencies in key domains like:

  • Collaboration and relationship-building
  • Client success mindset
  • Technical product knowledge
  • Innovation and problem-solving
  • Communication and presentation

Understanding the company’s culture and priorities is key to preparing for your interview. Highlighting passion for their mission and fit with their values can distinguish you from other applicants.

Leadership and Culture-Fit Questions

As a strong team orientation and collaborative mentality underpin Workhuman’s culture, expect interviewers to probe your soft skills and cultural alignment.

How would you describe your working style and preferences?

This open-ended question allows you to highlight teamwork capabilities and work preferences aligned with Workhuman’s collaborative culture.

How to answer: Emphasize enjoying varied challenges, collaborating cross-functionally, providing and receiving ongoing feedback, and constantly developing new skills. Share examples of fostering positive team environments and building relationships across departments to drive results.

Tell me about a time you successfully influenced others to adopt a new tool, process or strategy.

This behavior-based question reveals your ability to secure buy-in, manage change, and achieve adoption of new ways of working.

How to answer: Choose an example demonstrating analytical skills, empathy, persistence, and creativity in getting colleagues on board with an improvement, whether a new system implementation or updated workflow process. Discuss tactics like one-on-one demos, trainings, and highlighting benefits. Share positive results of increased efficiency, engagement or productivity.

How would you handle a disagreement with a team member during a high-pressure project?

This situational question tests your conflict management skills and professionalism under stressful circumstances.

How to answer: Emphasize keeping an open, collaborative dialogue focused objectively on the project goals. Discuss suggesting a brief break to reset frustration levels before re-engaging cooperatively on solutions. Explain how you would highlight the expertise each brings and find common ground by aligning with company values.

Customer-Centricity Questions

Providing an exceptional customer experience is paramount at Workhuman. Expect questions aimed at gauging your commitment to customer satisfaction.

How do you ensure customers have a positive experience during the implementation of a new product or service?

This reveals your ability to manage implementations in a customer-focused manner and smoothly facilitate adoption.

How to answer: Discuss strategies like establishing regular check-ins, providing robust training resources, and being readily available to address issues. Share examples of how you proactively sought feedback during implementations to continually refine the process and improve the customer experience. Emphasize understanding the customer’s objectives and context when rolling out changes.

Tell me about a time you went above and beyond to resolve a customer complaint.

This behavioral question demonstrates your dedication to client service excellence even in difficult situations.

How to answer: Choose an example that highlights your commitment to the customer experience, creative problem-solving and strong communication skills. Discuss how you handled the issue with urgency, professionalism and empathy. Share any procedural improvements you implemented post-resolution to prevent recurrence.

How do you balance advocating for customers while also representing the company’s needs?

This scenario reveals your ability to align customer needs with business priorities and manage expectations professionally.

How to answer: Emphasize that upholding commitments to customers builds their trust and protects the company’s reputation long-term. Discuss being transparent about limitations while creatively seeking solutions that make customers feel valued. Give an example of when you identified a mutually beneficial resolution, demonstrating your integrity and creative thinking.

Role-Specific Questions

In addition to soft skills and mindset, interviewers will assess your knowledge, experience and problem-solving abilities related to key Workhuman roles:

For client success/services roles:

  • Explain your methodology for onboarding new clients and ensuring successful adoption of our products.

  • Walk me through how you would handle a client requesting a complex custom integration between our product and their internal systems.

  • How do you keep clients engaged and continually realizing value from our platforms post-implementation?

For sales roles:

  • Describe your approach to consultative selling and how you tailor pitches to different customer needs.

  • How would you position our offerings against competitors during a sales presentation?

  • Tell me about a time you overcame a customer objection to close a difficult enterprise deal.

For engineering roles:

  • Discuss your experience designing cloud-based SaaS platforms at scale.

  • Explain how you have optimized applications to provide a seamless user experience.

  • What approach would you take to troubleshoot a slow API integration with a client’s single sign-on system?

For marketing roles:

  • How would you develop targeted campaigns to engage new customer segments in regulated industries like healthcare and financial services?

  • Share examples of data-driven campaigns you executed that generated strong ROI.

  • Imagine you have a limited budget. How would you maximize impact and conversions from your campaigns?

Closing Questions

Finally, smart questions from you signal engagement and allow you to determine fit.

What excites you most about the future of Workhuman?

This demonstrates enthusiasm and invites insights about growth trajectory and innovation.

In your opinion, what differentiates Workhuman from competitors?

Focused on competitive advantages, this highlights your interest in their mission and value proposition.

What qualities make someone successful on your team?

Gauges the soft skills and work style suited to the role while reaffirming your fit.


  • Understand Workhuman’s collaborative values and customer-centricity.

  • Prepare compelling examples demonstrating leadership, change management, problem-solving, customer focus, and relevant hard skills.

  • Ask thoughtful questions to show engagement while also determining cultural alignment.

By mastering responses to commonly asked Workhuman interview questions, you can stand out from the competition and maximize your chances of moving forward. Do your research, reflect on your experiences, and practice articulating your unique qualifications aligned with Workhuman’s needs. With the right preparation, you will be ready to put your best foot forward.

Workhuman interview with Jacqui Wildgoose of Wildgoose Wellness

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