Ace Your WithumSmith + Brown Interview: The Top 20 Questions You Need to Prepare For

Interviewing at a top accounting and advisory firm like WithumSmith + Brown can be an exciting yet daunting experience. With its forward-thinking culture and focus on tech-driven solutions, Withum attracts top talent across industries. Competition is stiff.

To stand out from the crowd and make a winning impression, you need to meticulously prepare for the Withum interview process. This article will provide invaluable insights into the types of questions asked and how to craft winning responses. Read on to learn what it takes to land your dream job.

Overview of WithumSmith + Brown

WithumSmith+Brown (WS+B) is a leading advisory and accounting firm serving clients ranging from startups to Fortune 500 companies. Founded in 1974, they now have over 38 offices and employ 1200+ staff across the United States.

WS+B sets itself apart through its innovative culture and emphasis on leveraging technology to drive business success. They adopt a consultative approach working closely with clients to provide strategic advice customized to their needs.

The WithumSmith + Brown Hiring Process

The WS+B hiring process typically involves

  • Initial screening call with a recruiter
  • One or two video interviews with managers and partners
  • Excel skills test
  • Discussion of compensation and benefits

The interviews tend to be relaxed and conversational. Interviewers look for cultural fit, problem-solving skills, technical expertise, and leadership potential.

How to Prepare for a WithumSmith + Brown Interview

Thorough preparation is key to shining in your WS+B interview:

Research the firm and role – Visit their website and social media pages. Talk to employees to understand the work culture and expectations. Review the job description closely.

Brush up on technical skills – Accounting standards, Excel, business analytics, etc. Revise basic concepts and accounting principles.

Practice for behaviorals – These make up a big part of the interview. Have stories ready highlighting your abilities.

Prepare questions to ask – Ask smart, thoughtful questions that show your interest in the firm and role.

Conduct mock interviews – Do practice sessions with a friend or mentor. Get feedback to improve.

With diligent preparation, you’ll be ready to nail any question thrown your way!

20 Common WithumSmith + Brown Interview Questions

Here are the top 20 questions to expect and expert tips to craft winning answers:

1. “Walk me through your resume”

This is often used as an icebreaker question. Be ready to summarize your background and career journey highlights. Share key achievements, skills gained, and how it has prepared you for this role.

Example response: “After majoring in accounting and finance at XYZ University, I joined ABC Corp as a staff accountant. We served Fortune 500 clients, which allowed me to hone technical skills and gain exposure to complex accounting issues. On multiple clients, I spearheaded process improvement initiatives that reduced errors by 10% and improved turnaround time on reports by 20%. This experience ignited my interest in leveraging technology within accounting. When I saw this analytics consultant role at WS+B, I knew it would be a great fit to blend my accounting expertise and passion for innovation.”

2. “Why do you want to work at WithumSmith + Brown?”

Show that you’ve researched the firm and are excited by their culture and work. Highlight aspects that align with your values, interests, and career goals.

Example response: “I’m drawn to WS+B for multiple reasons. First, your emphasis on technology and innovation perfectly matches my interest in leveraging analytics to shape smarter strategies. Second, your collaborative culture and mentorship opportunities will enable me to continuously learn and develop. Most importantly, your purpose of ‘helping businesses thrive’ resonates with me. I’m passionate about making a positive impact on client success, which I can fulfill here in a nurturing environment.”

3. “What experience do you have with financial statements and reporting?”

Use real examples to demonstrate your competence in preparing, analyzing and auditing financial statements. Spotlight attention to detail, technical skills, and impact created.

Example response: “I have extensive experience with financial statements from interning at a Big 4 firm and working at a Fortune 500 company. For instance, at my last role, I spearheaded the quarterly financial statement review process for 5 business units. This involved thoroughly auditing the statements, investigating any discrepancies, and presenting recommendations to senior leadership. Through this project, I identified a process gap that had caused inaccurate reporting of over $200k in expenses. By fixing this, I not only improved accuracy but also enabled better data-driven decision making.”

4. “How would you approach a client who is behind on payments?”

Show your emotional intelligence, communication skills, and dedication to mutually-beneficial solutions.

Example response: “My first step would be having an empathetic conversation focused on understanding why they are behind on payments. There may be circumstances outside their control at play. I’d then explore solutions tailored to their situation, such as renegotiating terms, payment plan options, or adjusting project scope or timelines if feasible. The goal is balancing compassion with business needs. I’d leverage my relationship and trust with the client to find an optimal path forward for both parties.”

5. “Tell me about a time you faced a challenging situation with a colleague. How did you handle it?”

Share how you resolved tensions or disagreements constructively by communicating with empathy yet assertiveness. Demonstrate conflict management skills.

Example response: “When I was working on a key project, a colleague was being inflexible about the direction we should take. I recognized that we had differing opinions, so I asked to discuss our approaches in detail. This enabled me to understand their viewpoint better. I emphasized that I valued their perspective though I had reached a different conclusion. By finding common ground, we aligned on a direction that incorporated both our insights. This experience showed that listening actively and finding compromises resolves differences far more effectively than rigidity. It also built mutual respect between us.”

6. “Describe a time you made a mistake at work. How did you handle it?”

Show honesty, accountability, and the ability to learn from failures. Share the actions you took to rectify the situation and key lessons that improved your skills.

Example response: “As a new auditor, I once made an incorrect assumption about a client’s inventory valuation method. This resulted in an audit report that had to be revised later, creating rework. I immediately informed my manager when I realized the mistake. We reperformed the audit procedures correctly. To prevent such errors in future, I began meticulously reviewing methodology before starting audits. I also improved my communication with clients to align on assumptions early on. Though mistakes happen, I focused on ensuring it became a learning opportunity.”

7. “Tell me about a time you successfully persuaded team members to adopt your idea or point of view.”

Showcase leadership skills by providing an example where you influenced others through effective communication, empathy, and data-driven arguments. Share the positive impact of aligning the team behind your approach.

Example response: “Our team was discussing technological solutions for a client engagement and several members were skeptical about options I was advocating for. Rather than be rigid, I invited an open debate. I used facts and examples to illustrate why I believed my approach would achieve the client’s goals more effectively. By remaining thoughtful and professional throughout the discussion, I was able to alleviate concerns and build consensus. My team’s willingness to trust my perspective was incredibly motivating. Implementing this solution led to highly successful outcomes for the client and strengthened my team’s confidence in my leadership.”

8. “How do you prioritize tasks when working on multiple projects with tight deadlines?”

Share proven time management and prioritization strategies that enable you to deliver quality work efficiently even under pressure.

Example response: “Working efficiently with multiple priorities starts with meticulously planning out tasks and setting aside time buffers for unexpected items. I make task lists and update them throughout a project to re-prioritize if deadlines shift. Regular check-ins with managers also helps ensure I’m focusing on the most critical items. I’m very mindful in managing my time – avoiding distractions, optimizing focus hours for complex tasks, and using tools to stay on track. This disciplined approach has enabled me to consistently deliver excellent work even when juggling diverse projects.”

9. “Why are you looking to leave your current job?”

Keep this response positive. Share how you are seeking greater learning opportunities, advancement potential, or a role better aligned to your skills and interests.

Example response: “I have tremendous respect for my current employer and have appreciated the opportunities I’ve had there. At this point in my career, I’m seeking a role where I can have more client-facing interactions, leadership scope, and involvement in strategic decision making. Based on WS+B’s innovative, collaborative culture, this position seems like an ideal next step to stretch myself, expand my skills, and become an even more well-rounded professional who can drive greater impact.”

10. “Tell me about a time you successfully led change at work.”

Choose an example that highlights leadership, communication, and empathy when ushering change.

What’s To Love About Withum?

Our team members and we couldn’t decide what to share, so we asked our young professionals to tell us everything. Hear why a career at Withum speaks their professional love language.

Start Your Career Here

When you work at Withum, we know that talented people like you have a lot of options in the accounting field. While you work toward your goal of becoming a CPA, we think you’ll find that our great Firm is truly unique.

withumsmith brown interview questions

Experience the Withum Way


Why should we hire you?

A: When answering, focus on your relevant skills, experience, and achievements that make you the best fit for the role.You should hire me because I am a hard worker who wants to help your company succeed. I have the skills and experience needed for the job, and I am eager to learn and grow with your team .

How to pass a team leader interview?

When hiring a team leader, employers look for excellent leadership skills, good communication skills, approachability, conflict management, and resolution skills. A strong sense of integrity and the ability to innovate and inspire are also preferred in candidates aspiring to become team leaders.

How to answer tell me about yourself in an interview?

The best way to answer “Tell me about yourself” is with a brief highlight-summary of your experience, your education, the value you bring to an employer, and the reason you’re looking forward to learning more about this next job and the opportunity to work with them.

How many interview questions does withumsmith & Brown have?

Glassdoor has millions of jobs plus salary information, company reviews, and interview questions from people on the inside making it easy to find a job that’s right for you. WithumSmith + Brown interview details: 150 interview questions and 127 interview reviews posted anonymously by WithumSmith + Brown interview candidates.

What was the interview process like at withumsmith & Brown?

On Glassdoor, you can share insights and advice anonymously with WithumSmith + Brown employees and get real answers from people on the inside. It was easy and the two interviewers were extremely personable and professional. The interview really just felt like a conversation which put me at ease. It was overall a great experience!

What is the interview process like at Withum?

A very laid-back conversation type interview. Interview was with two partners, and both were very nice. Overall, it was an easy interview. Make sure you have questions ready for them as well. Why do you want to work for Withum? I applied online. The process took 3 weeks. I interviewed at WithumSmith + Brown (New York, NY) in Aug 2023

How hard is the interview at withumsmith & Brown (Bengaluru)?

I interviewed at WithumSmith + Brown (Bengaluru) in Sep 2023 It was quite easy to crack, but be prepared with the technical round, it’s hard. Aptitude test contains – logical reasoning, accounts, basic English. For GD on spot topic with be given. Technical is a hard segment A very laid-back conversation type interview.

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