What Is an NCCER Certification and Why Is It Important?

About NCCER Certification

Why is having an NCCER certification important?

It’s crucial to obtain an NCCER certification because it demonstrates to potential employers that you possess the knowledge and practical abilities required for the construction industry. To add and maintain their name in the NCCER registry, which employers use to check the credentials of potential employees and keep track of their qualifications, construction professionals can obtain this certification. Additionally, the NCCER certification increases people’s earning potential and employment prospects. It can be beneficial for progressing in a construction career. People can obtain this certification to advance their construction expertise and skills.

What is an NCCER certification?

Experienced craft professionals who pass both the Knowledge Verified and Performance Verification exams can obtain a certification title from NCCER. A transcript, wallet cards, and a certificate are awarded to those who complete the NCCER certification.

Requirements for an NCCER certification

NCCER uses its registry to maintain industry-recognized credentials. The NCCER core training credential certification has no prerequisites. Complete the core certificate before applying for a Level 1 Competition Certificate in a particular craft. NCCER advises those taking the journey-level exams to have at least four years of relevant professional experience or training.

What topics does the NCCER core certification curriculum cover?

Basic safety, rigging, and communication skills are covered in the NCCER certification core curriculum. A primer on construction drawings, construction math, hand tools, and power tools is also provided. This equips people with the fundamental knowledge and abilities necessary to pursue further education in a particular craft field. You can enroll in an advanced training program in a specialty area like heavy highway construction and field safety after completing the core curriculum. NCCER follows eight core values:

What jobs can you get with an NCCER certification?

You can work in a number of different fields after obtaining an NCCER certification. With an NCCER certification, you can typically work in the following positions and their domains:

Construction management and technology

Electrical and electronics

Equipment operation



How to get an NCCER certification

The following actions should be taken to obtain an NCCER certification:

1. Enroll in a curriculum training program

First, enrol in a curriculum training program through an approved training sponsor in order to receive an NCCER certification. On the NCCER website, you can locate a school or trade program that offers the NCCER curriculum. The NCCER Training Center Finder allows you to look for organizations that provide the core curriculum or a particular skill, like liquid pipeline field operations.

2. Complete a training course

Complete the training after enrolling in a course to gain the knowledge and abilities required for your desired career in construction. During training, you will receive both classroom instruction and hands-on training from experienced professionals. The length of courses varies, but is typically eight to twelve weeks. You can complete them either in person or online.

3. Take the NCCER written assessment

Passing the NCCER written exam, also known as the Knowledge Verified assessment, is the next requirement to obtain this certification title. Visit the NCCER website once more to locate a nearby accredited assessment center. The website compiles a list of assessment centers nearby with their address and contact details after you enter your location data.

Through its National Craft Assessment and Certification Program (NCACP), NCCER administers a variety of entry-level and journey-level written exams to assess a professional’s knowledge in a particular craft area. These tests are produced by subject matter specialists with industry experience at the journeyman level using the NCCER curriculum. Additionally, you can use the NCCER online testing platform to take your written assessment remotely.

4. Pass the performance verification assessment

Take the performance verification (PV) assessment after finishing your written assessment. This portion of the NCCER certification involves a controlled environment assessment of your skills by a qualified examiner. The NCCER Foundation mails your certificate of completion, a copy of your transcript, and a certified wallet card to you after you pass both exams.

5. Consider earning a Level 1 certification

Consider pursuing a Level 1 certification in your desired craft after earning your NCCER core certification. This can help you acquire more in-depth knowledge and skills related to the field you plan to work in. Follow the same procedures as the core certification to obtain this certification.

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What does being NCCER Certified mean?

Anywhere in the country, someone with an NCCER certification is highly skilled, knowledgeable, and qualified for the job. The goal of NCCER is to give business professionals access to a workforce that is secure, sustainable, and effective.

What is NCCER certification good for?

These credentials give students and professionals the opportunity to develop their skills, find employment, and advance their careers. Craft professionals can create and maintain their records in the NCCER Registry System by earning an NCCER Certification.

What kind of certifications can you get from NCCER?

  • Translated Resources.
  • Certified.
  • Automated Remote Proctoring. Basic Remote Proctoring.

What is NCCER and why is it important?

The National Center for Construction Education and Research (NCCER) is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) educational foundation that was established in 1996. More than 125 construction CEOs and other association and academic leaders collaborated on its development in order to revolutionize training for the sector.

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