Preparing for Your UPS Driver Helper Interview: 21 Common Questions and How to Ace Them

Driver helpers are responsible for helping company drivers deliver products or equipment ordered by customers and clients. They load and unload all merchandise and maintain an accurate record of all deliveries made.

When hiring driver helpers, the best candidate will show that they are physically fit, have a strong work ethic, and love talking to customers and clients. Be wary of candidates with low energy and poor communication skills. Special Offer.

Applying for a seasonal UPS driver helper role? You’ve made a great choice – it’s an incredibly rewarding job and a fantastic way to make extra money over the busy holiday period.

However, before you can get started on your delivery adventures, you’ll need to ace the UPS driver helper interview.

Interviews can be daunting, but knowledge is power. Understand the types of UPS driver helper interview questions you’re likely to face, and you’ll walk in feeling confident and prepared.

In this article we’ll discuss

  • An overview of the UPS driver helper job
  • 21 commonly asked interview questions for UPS driver helpers
  • Tips for acing your UPS driver helper interview

Let’s get started!

What Does a UPS Driver Helper Do?

UPS driver helpers work alongside drivers to deliver packages during the holiday season. As a driver helper, you’ll:

  • Ride along in the UPS truck, assisting the driver
  • Scan packages at each address
  • Carry packages to doorsteps and get signatures
  • Learn delivery procedures and customer service skills

It’s fast-paced and physical work, requiring organization, attention to detail, and stellar customer service skills. Driver helpers normally work varied weekday hours. It’s a great chance to earn extra money while getting useful on-the-job experience!

21 Common UPS Driver Helper Interview Questions and Answers

Let’s look at some of the most frequently asked UPS driver helper interview questions, along with strong sample responses:

1. Why are you interested in working as a UPS driver helper?

Tips for answering: Show your enthusiasm for the job. Discuss how you enjoy physical/active work, providing customer service, earning extra income during the holidays, and gaining new skills.

For example: “I’m excited by the chance to earn extra money this holiday season. I also think it’s a great opportunity to gain experience in delivery operations and customer service.”

2. What do you enjoy about delivery work?

Tips for answering: Share your interest in being active/on-the-go, operating vehicles, navigating routes, serving customers, and working as part of a team.

For example: “I enjoy that delivery roles keep you moving. Whether you’re organizing the truck, scanning packages, or providing customer service, you’re always engaged. It’s also very rewarding to play a part in brightening people’s holidays by delivering their packages.”

3. How would you deal with working in cold weather for extended periods of time?

Tips for answering: Demonstrate your resilience, work ethic, and commitment to getting the job done regardless of conditions. Discuss any related experience.

For example: “Having worked outdoors in the winter before, I know how to layer up properly and prepare for the weather. I take safety seriously, but a bit of cold won’t keep me from getting the job done.”

4. How would you handle delivering very heavy, large packages?

Tips for answering: Share your capability to lift packages up to 70 lbs. safely using proper techniques. Mention any fitness/strength training that helps you prepare. Highlight your determination to accomplish the required tasks.

For example: “I’m comfortable lifting heavy packages, and I prioritize using proper lifting techniques to avoid injury. My regular weightlifting workouts have prepared me to handle packages weighing up to 70 lbs.”

5. How would you respond if a customer becomes angry about a late delivery?

Tips for answering: Emphasize remaining calm and professional. Discuss being empathetic, apologizing for the inconvenience, and explaining the situation. Share how you would try to resolve the issue.

For example: “I would first apologize calmly and show empathy for their frustration. I’d explain any factors that caused the delay, while making it clear I understand how inconvenient a late delivery can be. If possible, I’d offer potential solutions, like re-scheduling the delivery.”

6. A package is damaged on the way to a stop. What do you do?

Tips for answering: Focus on following procedures like notifying the driver, documenting any damage, and working to resolve the situation for the customer. Demonstrate your problem-solving skills.

For example: “I would immediately notify the driver so we could assess the damage and determine the correct action, whether that’s returning the damaged package to the center or working to find a replacement item for the customer. I’d document the damage according to UPS procedures.”

7. You notice your driver takes a phone call while driving. How do you respond?

Tips for answering: Show you take safety seriously and would tactfully but firmly ask the driver to avoid distracted driving by waiting until a safe stopping point to take calls.

For example: “In a respectful way, I would remind the driver of the importance of avoiding distractions while driving – it’s extremely unsafe. I’d politely suggest waiting until we were parked to take any calls.”

8. Your last few deliveries are taking longer than expected. What do you do?

Tips for answering: Demonstrate you’re a team player focused on completing the day’s deliveries efficiently. Suggest working quickly yet safely and communicating with the driver about strategies like re-prioritizing stops.

For example: “I would collaborate with the driver to problem-solve and get back on track. For example, we could re-order and prioritize the remaining stops for faster delivery. Or I could help speed up the process at each stop by scanning packages ahead of time to save time.”

9. What skills from past jobs or experiences would help you as a UPS driver helper?

Tips for answering: Choose real skills that directly translate, like customer service, attention to detail, organization, teamwork, communication abilities, problem-solving, and stamina. Use specific examples.

For example: “My prior experience as a server required many skills that would help me in this role. For example, I had to juggle multiple tasks at once, track details of each order, communicate clearly with the kitchen staff, and provide excellent customer service no matter how busy it got.”

10. How do you typically deal with stress on the job?

Tips for answering: Discuss staying calm under pressure, relying on planning/organization, and focusing on positive thinking and constructive solutions. Demonstrate maturity and professionalism.

For example: “I deal with stress by staying solution-focused. Getting organized helps me feel in control, even when things get hectic. Taking a few deep breaths helps too – it reminds me to stay calm and keep things in perspective.”

11. Describe a time you had to work on a team with someone you didn’t get along with. How did you handle it?

Tips for answering: Share a real example focused on professionalism, communication, and cooperation despite personal differences. Emphasize team success.

For example: “While interning, I had to work with a team member I simply didn’t click with. But we needed to work together closely to hit our targets. Whenever issues came up, I made an effort to communicate politely and transparently. Over time, we found ways to cooperate. Ultimately, our team exceeded goals.”

12. Tell me about a challenging customer service situation you’ve handled. How did you approach resolving it?

Tips for answering: Choose a real experience that highlights your customer service skills, creativity in problem-solving, and perseverance. Demonstrate how you create win-win solutions.

For example: “A retail customer was upset that an item she wanted was out of stock. I listened with empathy, explored substitute options with her, and offered a discount on her purchase that day. Ultimately, she left very satisfied.”

13. Imagine you and your driver fall behind schedule. How would you catch up?

Tips for answering: Suggest solutions like skipping breaks, contacting dispatch to re-prioritize delivery order, calling ahead to notify customers of delays, running between stops, and teaming up to get each delivery done more quickly.

For example: “I would contact dispatch to ask for guidance on re-prioritizing our route to make up time. At each stop, I’d quickly scan packages and run them to doors while the driver prepared the next set. We’d also skip our breaks and work quickly yet safely as an efficient team.”

14. What safety precautions would you take when delivering packages as a UPS driver helper?

Tips for answering: Show you prioritize safety by discussing safety gear, proper lifting techniques, avoiding distractedness, caution while moving between the truck and stops, using handrails/handles, wearing reflective clothing, and reporting any hazards immediately.

For example: “I’d wear sturdy, slip-resistant shoes and reflective outerwear so I could be seen easily. I’d use handles when getting in and out of the truck. I’d also lift packages using proper techniques – using my legs, keeping my back straight, holding items close to my body. I would remain fully alert to traffic and other hazards.”

15. Why do you want to work for UPS specifically?

Tips for answering

What do you think is the most challenging aspect of being a driver helper?

Demonstrates the candidate’s experience.

Interview Questions for Driver Helpers:

Demonstrates the candidate’s organizational skills and punctuality.

UPS Interview – Driver Helper

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