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Uber is always looking for new engineers to help people get where they want and get what they need as one of the world’s fastest-growing businesses. To do this, we are creating technologies on a never-before-seen scale, ranging from data visualization platforms to mobile frameworks to machine learning algorithms.

If you’re up for the challenge, continue reading to learn more about how to ace our technical interview process, as well as pointers, takeaways, and other suggestions for how to distinguish yourself and land a job at Uber Engineering.

The Uber Technical Interview Question By Uber Software Engineer

Interviews for Top Jobs at Uber

Software Engineer Interview

ApplicationI interviewed at UberInterviewRound one was online assessment. Four questions on the tougher side of cp were included in OA. Then the selected students had to give two interviews. The first interview focused on ways to answer the CP questions. In second interview it was about OOPS and projects.

Software Engineer Interview


I interviewed at Uber


It’s a phone screen interview. The interviewer asked me about my career and my tech abilities. And the interviewer explained the next steps and how they work. The last time, the interviewer asked me if there are some that I want to talk about or questions that I want to ask.

Interview Questions

  • Tell me about your impressive projects that you worked in

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uber interview questions software

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How you can accelerate your learnings

Uber is one of the most sought-after tech companies among software engineers, with over 92% positive employee reviews on Comparably. The business received the Best CEOs for Diversity award in 2021, which was determined solely by Comparably users’ anonymous sentiment ratings of non-Caucasian employees. Additionally, Uber received the Best Company Outlook 2021 and Best Global Structure 2021 ratings. Â.

This article includes several Uber interview questions, categorized by job roles and interview rounds; these will be helpful for your preparation if you are getting ready for an Uber tech interview. We’ll also go over some essential pointers to help you land your ideal position at Uber.

  • Uber Interview Process
  • Uber Interview Questions
  • Practice Questions to Ace Your Uber Tech Interview
  • Tips to Answer Uber Interview Questions
  • Tips for Uber Interview Prep
  • FAQs on Uber Tech Interviews
  • Starting the application process

    A member of our Talent Acquisition team will review your resume after you submit an application on our careers site and get in touch with you to arrange a brief phone call. During this call, they will ask you:

    Your recruiter or sourcer will arrange a technical phone screen between you and a software engineer or engineering manager on the team you are applying to if the opportunity seems to be a good fit for both your career goals and our needs. We will recommend other positions for you to consider applying to if the position you applied for has already been filled or if we discover that there is an even better fit for your interests and skill set elsewhere in the organization. If everything goes well, you’ll be invited to a team interview.

    Determine whether a given Binary Tree is a Binary Search Tree. Each node’s key value in a binary search tree is smaller than all the nodes in the right subtree and greater than all the nodes in the left subtree. e. L < N < R.


    What are the questions asked in Uber interview?

    What makes you a good fit for this position? What were three things about your last job that you did not like? are some additional typical behavioral interview questions for Uber candidates. Tell us about a time when you had to decide something despite having little information. Describe a time when you felt overburdened by work.

    Is Uber technical interview hard?

    Similar to other technical interviews, Uber’s have questions that range in difficulty from moderate to difficult. You have the last five to ten minutes to ask the interviewer questions about the job role.

    How many interview rounds Uber?

    4-6 onsite interviews are held by Uber, lasting 45–60 minutes each with brief intermissions. Each interview will have a panel of 2-4 Uber employees. There are typically 4 stages to an on-site interview for a technical position: stages 1 and 2.

    Is it hard to get into Uber?

    Consequently, getting a job at Uber can be extremely challenging, though not impossible. You must ensure that you stand out if you want to be successful in the application process. You need to have all the required qualifications and more. Enroll in particular online certification courses to develop a strong portfolio.

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