How To Write a “Touch Base” Email: Definition and Uses

American English idioms: “Let’s touch base”

How to use different touch-base emails

A touch-base email can be used to schedule meetings, pose questions, or re-establish contact. When sending any of these kinds of emails to your contacts, your email subject line can simply say “touching base”:

1. Propose a meeting

Consider including details about the meeting, such as the date, time, and location, if the goal of your email is to arrange a meeting with a colleague. Sending this kind of email can persuade recipients to confirm their participation in your schedule or offer you another option.

Brief emails serving as a reminder for a meeting may only contain one sentence outlining the topics you hope to cover. You can then follow up with a calendar invite. For example, a proposal email may look like:

Hi Sarah,

Let’s schedule a time to discuss the school’s read-a-thon initiative. Are you available on Thursday, March 10 at 10:15 a. m. I sent you a separate calendar invite for a video call. Please accept it.

Have a great day,


2. Share a resource

Consider sending a resource rather than setting up a meeting with a coworker if you want to check in on their performance or status while working on a project together. You could recommend an excellent piece of media in their field of study or interest, like a blog post, podcast, or business report. An example of a resource email may look like:

Hi Frank,

Using the Mango Tech Teaching Institute’s “How To Get the Most Out of Your SEO Training” guide, I was able to learn more. I thought you might find it interesting because I’m a new SEO intern with our company. Ive attached the PDF. Read it, then tell me what you think!



3. Reference someone’s content

Consider including a reference to their content to demonstrate your engagement if you want to get in touch with a worker to discuss something they wrote, created, or shared with you. Their content might consist of a blog post, a social media or networking update, or something else wholly original. Consider including an opportunity for further discussion. An example of a reference email may read:

Hi Marua,

I just read your most recent blog post about working women, and I thought it was really fascinating. I had never thought about the employment figures for the industry in that way before. Would you mind sending me some dates and times that work for you to discuss your research in more detail?



4. Congratulate someone

Consider sending a touch-base email to your coworker to congratulate them on a success, such as a career milestone, product launch, business deal, or other reason to celebrate. A congratulatory email to a colleague may look like:

Hi Andy,

Congratulations on your new position with Teal Tech. With your knowledge and abilities, you’ll be a valuable member of our team. Some of your coworkers have been copied on this email so they can introduce themselves. Please contact me with any questions.

Enjoy your first day,


This kind of email can also be used to express a sincere sentiment to potential customers before moving on to a discussion of a good or service. An illustration of a congrats email to a potential client would be:

Hi Sana,

Congratulations on your latest lip care product launch. I cant wait to sample some of your items. If you’re interested in discussing launching a new influencer campaign with our company, please let me know. Numerous customers of ours have expressed their love for your products.

Enjoy your success!


5. Offer advice

Consider giving them advice in a touch-base email if you are a mentor and are looking for a chance to do so. Try to personalize and practicalize the advice so that it will assist your recipient in achieving their objectives or overcoming obstacles. An example of an advice email may be:

Hi Neil,

On social media, I read the glowing reviews of your most recent vlog. While they are watching your content, you seem to keep your audience interested and upbeat. If you are interested in discussing this opportunity further over a video call, please let me know. Have you ever thought about starting a podcast to reach a larger audience?

Have a wonderful day,


6. Remind a client of your value

Consider including details about what makes your company unique and how it relates to them if the goal of your email is to remind a client that your company can offer them additional quality services. An example of a reminder email may look like:

Hello Tom,

I hope youve enjoyed your subscription with BeatBox music. Don’t forget that we also provide free audio engineering courses and webinars for music production. Let me know if you’re interested in either program so we can set up a quick phone call.

Have a wonderful holiday,


7. Ask for information

Ask your specific question in a touch-base email to a coworker or client if you want information from them. An information request email may take this form:

Hi Dante,

I was hoping you would be able to provide some insight and feedback about the financial reports from the previous quarter at next Tuesday’s staff meeting. Are you free for a call at 2:30 p. m. to discuss them?.

Talk soon.


8. Invite a client to an event

If the goal of your touch-base email is to invite someone to an event, be sure to include the details, such as the date and time, as well as any necessary attachments, like a flyer or directions. Various events, like webinars or in-person gatherings, are appropriate for invitations. Mention how the recipient’s attendance at the event might provide a networking opportunity for them. An example of an invitation email might read:

Hi Nora,

On Friday, June 6, at 5:30 p.m., at Marina Events Center, Rory House Publishing will host another author talk about creating picture books in the digital age. m. Wed love to see you there. A calendar invitation and a flyer for the event are attached.



9. Connect with former clients

If the goal of your follow-up email is to get in touch with former clients, what if it’s to see if they’re interested in renewing their contracts with you? Ask about their current business relationships with new suppliers or the reasons why they let their contracts with your company lapse. Think about your tone and word choice to convey that you are genuinely interested in their accomplishments and feedback. An example of a reconnection email may look like this:

Hello Taylor,

You terminated your employment with High Speed Automotive since our last conversation. I’d love to talk with you about the circumstances surrounding the termination of your contract and hear how your company has fared since then.

Hope to hear from you soon,


10. Remind someone to respond

Consider sending a reminder email to someone if you want to get them to respond to an earlier request or confirm that they finished a task. An example of one may appear like this:

Hi Maggie,

Due to high demand, the Women in Aviation conference has a limited number of spots. Please let me know by Friday if I can still put you down for two tickets; otherwise, I’ll give those seats to someone else.

Thanks in advance,


What does “touch base” mean?

To “touch base” is to make contact or contact someone The expression denotes meeting or connecting with a client, colleague, or other person to discuss new content or go over previously interesting items in business contexts. It’s possible that the expression has its roots in baseball terminology, where a player must touch a base to be deemed safe.

Other alternatives to “touch base”

Touch-base emails are quick and simple, but the usage of the word “touch base” is sometimes regarded as idiomatic and unprofessional. Here are a few synonymous statements:


Is it correct to say touch base?

To touch base is to communicate briefly with someone, usually after the word “with.” Other ways it can be expressed include touching base, touched base, and touches base. It does not require the use of quotation marks. The forms touch bases or touch basis are incorrect.

What does it mean to touch bases with someone?

Let’s touch base next week is an example of using the idiom “touch base,” which means to briefly reconnect with someone in business contexts. The expression is believed to have some connection to baseball, where both fielders and runners must “touch base” to be safe or record an out.

What’s another way of saying touching base?

On this page, you can find 8 variations on the theme of “touch-base,” including “connect,” “have a little talk,” “get in touch,” “chat,” “renew communication,” “talk tete-a-tete,” and “visit.”

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