18 Example Emails To Help You Thank Others For Their Feedback

“Thank You for Your Feedback” Quick Response Examples
  • Thank you for reaching out and providing us with valuable feedback.
  • We appreciate you sending us your feedback.
  • We’re so happy to hear from you! …
  • It is our pleasure to hear your valuable feedback.
  • We love hearing from you! …
  • Thank you for your valuable feedback.

It’s always a good idea to send an email or note thanking your team, staff, or colleagues for their assistance or advice because everyone loves to feel appreciated. Saying “thank you” only takes a short while, but it’s worth the effort.

How to Write a Thank You Email | Email Tips in English | 2020

When should you send a thank-you email for feedback?

If someone gives you feedback in person, you can typically express your gratitude for it right away. Comparatively, when someone provides you with feedback via email, a report, a team meeting, or another method, you might think about saying “thank you” in a personalized email. Additionally, if you forgot to apologize in the heat of the moment, you can still use this tactic. Because of this, whenever you want to thank someone for their feedback but can’t do so in person, you can do so by sending them an email.

What is a ‘thank you for the feedback’ email?

Professionals often send a thank you for the feedback email to show their appreciation to the people who provide them with feedback. For many people, navigating feedback situations can be challenging, especially if the feedback is critical or constructive. No matter the circumstance, it’s crucial to maintain professionalism and grace as you accept criticism because giving it calls for others to be open, vulnerable, and invested in your growth. Writing thank you emails is a common way to behave politely in these circumstances and serves as an important part of the feedback experience.

18 thank-you email examples

There are numerous ways to express gratitude to people for their feedback via email. The type of response you give may vary depending on the specific feedback situation, role, and organization you are a part of. Additionally, how precisely you express gratitude to others for their opinions depends on whether you concur with the feedback you’ve received.

No matter how you feel, however, you should always strive to compose a polite, professional email that shows appreciation to a person who provides you with feedback. Consider these 18 thank you email examples, which use a variety of techniques, to assist you in creating your own:

Example 1

Dear Katy,

Thank you so much for your comments regarding how I performed on our previous project. I really value the information you provided about my areas for improvement. This knowledge will be very beneficial to me as I approach our upcoming project together. I value your advice, and I hope we can soon find more chances for feedback.

Best wishes,

Example 2

Dear Tim,

I value the time you invested in providing me with thorough and helpful criticism. Your comments were insightful and brought up some issues I hadn’t thought about. I’m wondering if we can get together next week to talk more about your notes. Is there a specific day and time that suit you the best?


Example 3

Hello Glenn,

I appreciate you coming to see me and taking a moment to comment. My professional development has been greatly aided by having access to such a fantastic mentor who offers guidance in real-time. I know I can count on you to be honest about my performance whenever I’m unsure of how to proceed in a situation. I’m eager to continue studying with you in the future.


Example 4

Hi Sonita,

I sincerely appreciate your input and the time you took to assess my performance. I believe I understand what needs to be done to restructure my workflow and increase my role’s efficiency based on what you said. Your recommendations were valuable, and I hope I can use them in my upcoming project.

Best wishes,

Example 5

Dear Stefanie,

Thank you so much for your kind words. The fact that all of our projects are on schedule for completion makes me incredibly proud, and I enjoy being a part of your team. You are such a motivating leader who consistently makes me feel appreciated. I truly appreciate you taking the time to motivate me to continue working hard; your appreciation means a lot to me.


Example 6

Dear Danny,

We had a meeting earlier this week, and you gave me some very specific advice. I really value your consideration of all facets of my performance and your constructive criticism. After carefully weighing your suggestions, I believe I would like to enroll in a professional development program. Thank you for your assistance; do you have a website that you would suggest I check out for my growth?

Best wishes,

Example 7

Hi Linda,

Many thanks for your comments during our meeting last month. I’m sorry for the delay, but I wanted to give myself enough time to think about what you said. Although I agree with you and understand your viewpoint, I don’t believe I’m ready to work with you in coaching at this time. I’m hoping we can come back to this opportunity in the future.

Best wishes,

Example 8

Hello Karen,

I wanted to inform you that I have received your comments regarding the project I oversaw last month. I’m overjoyed to learn that you found my decision-making to be sound. Would you be willing to set up a quick phone call this week to discuss my ideas for our upcoming project? I look forward to working with you in the future.


Example 9

Dear Elizabeth,

Thank you for your kind words. Like you, I was taken aback by our manager’s feedback, and I had hoped he would compliment our contributions. I want to approach this project more strategically as we move forward, would you have time to meet with me this week to discuss how we can best move forward in achieving the goals he set out for us? Let me know a time that works for you!.

Best wishes,

Example 10

Hi Geneva,

I wanted to get in touch with you to express my gratitude for letting me know last week that my workflow could have been more effective. After giving what you said some thought, I saw a few crucial areas where I could make improvements. I really do appreciate your feedback and I look forward to hearing more of it from you in the future, even though it can be difficult to hear negative feedback about our team.

Thanks again,

Example 11

Dear Amelia,

Thank you so much for your prompt and detailed feedback. I appreciate you bringing this issue to my attention because I wasn’t aware of it. I can now make the necessary changes to my workflow and monitor my development to improve my overall efficiency. I hope we can check in frequently over the coming weeks as I implement these changes to assess whether I can successfully resolve this problem.

Best wishes,

Example 12

Dear Stanley,

I truly appreciate your thoughts. It can be difficult to meet the demands of senior leadership, so I’m glad we were able to get together last month to talk about our ideas for the new project. I appreciate how you pointed out the need for improvement in such a positive way. I’m confident that as a team, we will achieve all of the objectives set forth by management as we work together.


Example 13

Hi Kimberly,

Your ability to provide constructive criticism has really impressed me. Thank you so much for participating with me in regular feedback processes. I gave what you said about my performance during our previous meeting some thought, so if you don’t mind, I’d like to get some clarification. I look forward to hearing from you. Would you have time to meet at the end of the week so we can go over what you said previously?


Example 14

Dear Toni,

I wanted to personally thank you for the input you provided to our team earlier this week. Early in the life of our project, I became aware of some inefficiencies, but I was unable to identify the processes that were to blame. Your comments have clarified so much about the mistakes we made throughout our project, and I am now motivated to move forward and approach my next project with your feedback in mind.


Example 15

Dear Jordan,

I appreciate you taking the time out of your day to provide me with such in-depth feedback. You created a 30-day plan to help me with my workflow, and it will be so beneficial for facilitating my professional development. I wanted to meet with you so we could go over your evaluation of my performance in more detail because I had a few clarification questions. Do you have time to meet next Monday?.

Thanks again,

Example 16

Hi Gary,

We appreciate you sharing your thoughts during our team meeting last week. I can imagine how difficult it must have been to find the appropriate words to encourage our team to improve without demeaning their work. You are such a great team member, and I appreciate that I get to work with you frequently. Your openness inspires me to become better in so many areas of my work, and I know that I can rely on you to be truthful in any circumstance. Keep up the great work!.

Best wishes,

Example 17

Hello Laura,

I appreciate you taking the time to provide me with such in-depth feedback. I thought about what you said for a while, and I wanted to spend some more time talking about your viewpoint. I want to make sure I understand you correctly and come up with a course of action that benefits us both moving forward. If you are available to meet next week, please let me know which days would work best for your schedule.

Thank you,

Example 18

Dear Charles,

I am so appreciative that you contacted me to talk about your comments on my recent performance. I am aware that lately I haven’t been as active in my role. Since it has been difficult for me to engage with the work I’ve been given, I’d like to look into changing my responsibilities. I really appreciate your honesty and open-mindedness, do you think we could sit down and talk about my transition to another department sometime this week?

Best wishes,


How do you say thank you to positive feedback?

Some ways you can word your thank you are:
  1. I really appreciate you noticing; it makes me so happy to hear!
  2. I appreciate you noticing that I put a lot of thought and time into that project.
  3. I appreciate you taking the time to let me know how you feel.
  4. It means a lot to me to know you’ve noticed me, so thank you for the positive feedback.

How do you say we appreciate your feedback?

Professional and Career-Related Thank-Yous
  1. I am so very thankful for your time.
  2. I appreciate the information and advice you have shared.
  3. I sincerely appreciate the assistance.
  4. Many thanks for your assistance.
  5. Many thanks for your time.
  6. Thank you for accepting my connection request.
  7. Thank you for connecting with me.

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