19 Useful Tasks for Interns To Do

Here are 19 different tasks for interns:
  • Do research for a new project. …
  • Learn more about competitors. …
  • Figure out better systems. …
  • Create a presentation. …
  • Keep an organized workspace. …
  • Complete additional training. …
  • Sit in on client meetings. …
  • Help with brainstorming sessions.

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Why is it important to have tasks for interns prepared?

You can make sure you are giving your interns an enriching learning experience by having tasks for them ready. Your interns might occasionally finish their primary responsibilities but still require additional work. You can make sure your interns are kept busy by providing them with a long list of potential tasks.

Additionally, having these tasks prepared is beneficial when you are preoccupied with other tasks. You can instruct your interns to consult their task list rather than coming up with a task on the spot. It makes your job simpler overall and helps them continue to develop in their position to have backup projects and work for them to do.

Enriching tasks for interns

Here are 19 different tasks for interns:

Do research for a new project

You can ask an intern to conduct some initial research for a new project your team is starting. Giving an intern this task is beneficial because it will enable them to develop their research skills, which are crucial for any profession. Ask them to determine the necessary resources, spending plan, and timetable for a project.

Learn more about competitors

Request that your interns do some competitor research in their free time. This is a fantastic way for your business to stay current with what’s happening in your sector. They can also research current market trends to keep your company up to date.

Figure out better systems

Having someone new to the field can be very advantageous because they might view things in novel ways. Have your intern analyze the current operations of your business and offer their own recommendations. Ask them to support their ideas with data and research.

Create a presentation

Many professionals find it useful to be proficient in public speaking. Asking your interns to be in charge of presenting at your next meeting will help them develop these skills. Making a presentation can also assist them in familiarizing themselves with PowerPoint software.

Keep an organized workspace

Staying organized is an important part of any job. Ask an intern to tidy up their workspace if they need to do more work. You can even request their assistance in organizing and cleaning up any common areas in the workplace.

Complete additional training

Have some supplemental materials or videos available for your interns to watch once their training is complete. This is a fantastic way to keep them occupied and advance their knowledge in your field at the same time.

Sit in on client meetings

Ask your intern to attend your next important client meeting. They may not necessarily add anything to the discussion, but they will get to see how the process works. As they gain more expertise, you can invite them to take part.

Help with brainstorming sessions

When your team next meets to brainstorm, invite your interns to attend. They may have some innovative ideas to share. Additionally, they gain confidence in speaking up in front of others and collaborating through this experience.

Train newer interns

Ask your more seasoned interns to assist with any new intern training. Given that they underwent comparable training when they first began, they may have a helpful perspective.

Lead a team meeting

You can assign each of your interns the responsibility of running a team meeting as they grow more at ease working for your company. They can use this as an opportunity to hone their leadership abilities and show the team how valuable they are.

Order office supplies

Ask your interns to place an order for more supplies during their free time if you notice your office is running low on them. Although it might seem like a straightforward task, ordering supplies calls for them to be familiar with budgeting and inventory.

Do errands for the office

You can ask your intern to run some errands for the office when everyone is busy at work. They might value a brief break from their regular work to go get lunch or send some packages. Just be sure to fill the rest of their day with more enriching activities.

Manage the companys social media

You might be able to let an intern handle your social media accounts depending on your company. Request that they post things online or reply to customers on your behalf. Social media skills are valuable for many professionals to have.

Review company materials

Ask your interns to review various company materials to determine any changes they would make. They might suggest ways to enhance your company’s website, social media accounts, marketing materials, or even employee handbook.

Attend company networking events

Invite your interns to come along to company networking events. They can use this to network with other business people in your sector. Additionally, it provides them with a preview of potential events they might go to while working their first full-time job.

Draft internal communications

If you think one of your interns has writing skills, you might ask them to assist with internal communications for your business. They can write company-wide announcements or draft up important emails.

Create their own capstone project

A capstone project is a lengthy undertaking that your intern can work on while they are working for you. When they have completed their daily tasks, they can turn to this type of project. Request that they develop a project of their own using the abilities they are learning at your business. At the conclusion of their internship, think about having them present it to your team.

Enter data into spreadsheets

Spreadsheet proficiency can be helpful in a variety of professions. Data entry is a productive way for your intern to spend their time and can benefit your business.

Ask customers for feedback

Being in charge of contacting customers to get their feedback can be beneficial for interns in customer-facing roles. Think about having your intern either call clients or send surveys For sales and marketing internships, it is especially beneficial to learn client nurturing techniques.


What should I be doing as an intern?

Here are six things career experts say every intern should do within the first month to be successful:
  • Make a great impression. …
  • Ask questions, and carry a notebook. …
  • Set up coffee meetings with your co-workers. …
  • Offer to help on additional projects. …
  • Don’t leave at night without stopping by your boss’ desk.

What is the role of a student intern?

An internship provides a student with the chance to explore their career options, develop new skills, and more. It gives the employer the chance to introduce fresh perspectives and energy into the office, to develop talent, and possibly to create a pipeline for future full-time workers.

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