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The only one Ive seen is which was helpful, but I was wondering on whether someone can give more specifics on how the interview would work in practice (for example, how hard are the maths questions? Anything I should be aware of?).

I was told that the interview is to “give you an overview of SIG, discuss the role with you a little further, and also get to know your background. You should also expect some probability based maths questions on the call.”, for reference. All I did till now was the 14 question/20-minute maths entrance exam.

Ive got an upcoming interview with them and was wondering on whether anyone did it in the past.

I know this may seem a little early, but I have been trading stocks for about a year and I did DECA in High School so I know this is the path I want to pursue. Also about 1/2 of the reason I decided to come to Drexel was because of the co-op program, specifically with SIG so I would love an answer to any of these questions. Thanks!

Somehow through straight luck, I was able to secure a second round interview at SIG for their Software Development and Web Development co-op positions. Id appreciate it if anyone could give me some pointers in what type of questions to expect, and if they are leetcode based or trivia based questions.

I would also appreciate a preview of what to expect in terms of how these interviews are conducted, using a whiteboard. etc.

Hi, I have an interview at SIG for a trading position coming up. Im an undergrad in physics, and know nothing about trading. Is this an issue? I know at other firms the interviews cover math questions only, not anything about why I applied for the job or about trading. Also the recruiter told me the name of the person who would be calling me and its another recruiter, not a trader. Even so, I was told to have a pen and paper ready so Im expecting there to be some math, but I wouldnt expect that much if Im being interviewed by a recruiter.

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