15 Fun Self Care Activities For Groups to Relax and Unwind Together

Taking time for self care is so important yet it’s something many of us fail to prioritize in our busy schedules. Practicing self care helps reduce stress boost mood, increase productivity, and simply makes life more enjoyable. But self care doesn’t have to be a solo activity. In fact, engaging in self care as a group can be extremely rewarding. Not only is it a great team bonding experience, but it can also help reinforce self care habits and make them more fun.

Here are 15 great self care activities for groups to relax, unwind, and recharge together:

1. Have Mindful Conversations

Make time for the group to sit together and have meaningful conversations, really listening and connecting with each other. This could be done during a shared meal, meeting, or other gathering. Set the intention to be fully present and refrain from talking about work responsibilities. Instead, discuss inspiring topics, share gratitude, or ask thoughtful questions to foster deeper relationships.

2. Exercise Outdoors

Plan a group fitness activity in nature, like hiking, beach yoga, kayaking, or a sport. Exercising outdoors has excellent self care benefits, including reduced stress, boosted immunity, and increased energy. Doing it as a group makes it more fun and social. The natural scenery will inspire and rejuvenate everyone.

3. Share Old Pictures

Look back and laugh together by having everyone bring old photos to share with the group. They could be childhood pics, wedding photos, or old work memories. This is a great way to get to know each other better in a relaxed, casual setting. Sharing stories from the past and reminiscing about good times is extremely enjoyable.

4. Practice Mindful Eating

Instead of rushed meals at desks, set aside time for the group to eat a meal together slowly and mindfully. Really savor each bite, focusing your full attention on the tastes, textures, smells, and presentation of the food. Eating mindfully reduces stress, improves digestion, and enhances enjoyment of the food. Making it a shared activity adds fun social connections.

5. Start a Book Club

Reading is a classic self care practice that reduces anxiety, boosts empathy and emotional intelligence, and improves sleep. Doing it as a group makes it more fun and builds camaraderie. Take turns picking books, meet regularly to discuss, and connect over your shared literary journey. Consider both fiction and nonfiction options.

6. Allow Teams to Bring Pets to Work

Research shows that even brief interactions with animals reduces stress, depression, and anxiety while boosting mood, focus, and creativity. Allow employees to take turns bringing pets to work for designated periods of time. Colleagues can pet, play with, or simply appreciate the animals together as a relaxing break that lifts spirits.

7. Practice Group Volunteering

Contributing your time and energy to help others in need is a powerful way to boost mental health and find meaning. Organize a volunteer activity for the group at a charity, food bank, animal shelter, habitat restoration project, or other community service opportunity Volunteering as a team is rewarding and builds bonds.

8. Play Board Games

Gathering as a group to play classic board and card games like Monopoly, Scattergories poker Pictionary, or charades is a fun way to de-stress. These interactive games boost mood, improve cognitive function, and bring people together in a relaxed, enjoyable setting that sparks laughter and conversation.

9. Host a Craft Night

Tap into your creativity as a group by hosting a craft night with activities like painting, pottery making, jewelry crafting, or vision boards. Not only is creating art relaxing and rewarding, but doing it as a group activity helps build relationships as you admire each other’s talents and share in the fun.

10. Go Stargazing

If you have a dark sky location nearby, go stargazing together. Gazing at the stars and pondering the vast mysteries of the universe is an incredibly grounding self care activity that fosters perspective and awe. Bring blankets to lie down on the ground and enjoy each other’s company under the cosmos.

11. Take a Group Field Trip

Get out of the office and enjoy an inspiring change of scenery by taking the team on a field trip! This could include a group outing to a museum, local attraction, sporting event, state park, concert, theater performance, or sightseeing tour. Exploring new places together builds comradery and recharges creativity.

12. Laugh Together

Laughter really is great medicine–it decreases stress, improves mood, and connects people. Get the group giggling together by watching comedy shows, reading joke books, or doing improv or comedy skits. You can also tell funny stories from your lives and joke around together in a relaxed, silly way.

13. Do Breathing Exercises

When stress is high, lead the group through breathing exercises to instill calm and reduce anxiety. This could include guided deep breathing, visualization, alternating nostril breathing, or simple synchronized inhales and exhales. These techniques relax muscles, focus the mind, and reconnect people to the present.

14. Enjoy Nature Sounds

Set up a relaxing sound system in the office to play recordings of nature sounds, such as ocean waves, rainfall, bird songs, or rippling streams. These soothing, immersive noises reduce stress and promote calm focus. Enjoy them together as peaceful auditory breaks throughout the workday.

15. Practice Gratitude Together

Have everyone take turns sharing things they are grateful for out loud with the group–this could be done as a roundtable, written list, or any format that works for your team. Expressing gratitude together on a regular basis helps shift perspective in a positive way while bringing everyone closer together.

The benefits of self care are so much greater when it’s a shared activity. Try using any of these engaging group experiences to relax, have fun, and form deeper connections with each other. When practiced regularly, they can have an incredibly positive impact on morale, relationships, and well-being across the entire team. Make time for group self care!

self care activities for groups

Importance of Self-Care for Groups

Self-care is essential for both individuals and groups, especially considering how much better we can support those around us if we take care of ourselves. Self-care in a group setting can foster a sense of community and shared responsibility for one anothers well-being. It can also reduce stress, increase productivity, and improve group cohesion.

In the following sections, well explore 11 different group self-care activities you can try with your loved ones. Each activity is designed to help you relax, recharge, and find a little bit of peace and joy in the midst of your busy lives. Equipped with these tasks, youll be well on your way to making group therapy effective and successful at guiding clients toward their desired outcomes.

Enjoying a karaoke night together

Karaoke is a fun and playful way to unwind and socialize with others. You can rent a karaoke machine, go to a karaoke bar, or even sing along with YouTube videos to your favorite songs.

Going for a group walk, hike, or bike ride is a great way to get some exercise but it can also improve your mood and reduce stress. You can also try tai chi or other group fitness classes in a park or natural setting.

Doing outdoor yoga with a friend or watching a video tutorial online is a great way to care for yourself and improve your physical health too! Yoga can help you feel better by making you less stressed, more flexible, and more balanced. Additionally, yoga has many benefits for promoting physical, mental, and spiritual health.

Having meaningful conversations with others can help you connect with them and build deeper relationships. Set aside time for a group discussion on a specific topic or share stories about your personal experiences. Create a safe space where everyone feels comfortable sharing their thoughts and feelings.

Meditation is an intense form of self-care that can help relieve stress and foster mindfulness. Each day, try meditating as a group for a few minutes. You can use an application such as Headspace or Insight Timer or choose a quiet place to sit and concentrate on your breath.

Group cooking is a fun and engaging method to engage in self-care and improve your diet. Pick a healthy dish and make it together, enjoying the benefits of healthy eating and creating something together.

Baking is another enjoyable and creative activity you and your friends can engage in! Its a fun way to connect over something sweet. You can make a recipe together or have a bake-off in which everyone brings baked goods to share.

Wellbeing activities – Paper fold

Are self-care activities for groups a good idea?

An important part of self-care is being social, so engaging in self-care activities for groups can really be a positive way to look after yourself. These self-care activities for groups are designed to do with anyone – team members at work, friends, family, your partner, and so many others.

What is a self-care activity?

The activity entails making a wheel of self-care categories such as physical, emotional, and spiritual. Fill the wheel with your self-care activities and share them with the group. This can foster a shared responsibility for everyone’s well-being and inspire people to try new self-care activities.

What are the Best Self-Care Group Therapy Ideas?

Here are 10 innovative self-care group therapy ideas to empower and uplift you and your group. 1. Mindfulness Meditation Meditation is a powerful tool for reducing stress and anxiety, and it can be even more effective when practiced in a group setting.

How do you do a self care group?

Go to the store together and pick out all your fave snacks. (You can start with 2-3 snacks per person, but the more the merrier!) Come back home and put all the snacks in little bowls to pass around and share with the group. This self care group activity keeps things interesting because you may even discover a new snack you didn’t know you liked!

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