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Communities were initially referred to as portals, but Salesforce later improved the portals and renamed them communities.

181. Is there a cap on the number of communities we can create in Salesforce, or is there none? of communities we can create?.

In an organization, we are able to create up to 100 communities, including active, inactive, and preview communities.

A custom community that looks great on any mobile device is created, branded, and published using a community builder. To quickly launch a community, we can select a template, and we can then style the pages to match the company’s branding.

No. Any community members with the “Create and Set Up Communities” permission have immediate access to the Community Builder as full site administrators.

It can be either a person account or a business account, but partner community users shouldn’t be linked to person accounts; only business accounts should be linked to them. Additionally, users of the customer community can be linked to both personal and business accounts.

Click the “Enable Customer User” button after opening the account and any associated contacts.

The user creation screen will open when we click the “Enable Customer User” button, and the community user license will automatically populate. We can then fill out the required fields on the user and save it. It will create a portal user and send that user the login details.

Click “Log in to Experience as User” after opening the contact record that has “Log in to Experience as User” enabled.

The majority of salesforce help documentation and references still refer to it as salesforce communities, and these names are frequently interchanged.

Salesforce Community Interview Questions and Answers
  • What are Salesforce communities? …
  • What is the main difference between a community and a portal? …
  • Can you explain what Salesforce Lightning is? …
  • What are some key features of Salesforce Communities?

Salesforce Communities or Experience Cloud || salesforce admin interview questions and answers 2022

Q What is Salesforce Experience Cloud?

Salesforce’s digital experience platform (DXP), formerly known as Community Cloud, is based on the Customer 360 platform. Experience Cloud helps you deliver connected digital experiences.

Q What can you do with a digital experience built with Experience Cloud?

The following are some typical use cases for digital experiences created with Experience Cloud:

  • Customer Service and Account Portals – You can empower your customers to find solutions to their customer-service issues on their own with access to your knowledge base, your service agents, and peer-to-peer support. In addition, give customers access to their data in a member portal.
  • Partner Relationship Management and Channel Sales – Increase your and your partners revenue stream by collaborating on opportunities and deals. Onboard partners quickly by sharing content and training materials.
  • Salesforce Tabs + Visualforce community changed to Salesforce Tabs + Visualforce site Community cloud changed to Experience Cloud Community changed to Site or Experience Cloud site Lightning community changed to Experience Builder Site Lightning community template changed to Experience Builder template Lightning community theme changed to Experience Builder theme

    A component-based framework and tool called Salesforce Lightning is used to create the Salesforce app. Lightning’s primary goal is to make it easier for end users without any programming experience to create Salesforce apps.

    In member-based licenses, the business purchases licenses based on the number of users who will access the community. In contrast, with login-based licenses, the business makes monthly purchases of a certain number of logins. Even if a user logs in and out several times per day, it will only count as one login. And each day, those numerous login licenses are used when multiple users log in. Users-based licenses are more expensive, so partners who do not frequently log in to the community are advised to use login-based licenses instead.

    In the rules tab, the administrator can define the community’s content requirements and moderation guidelines.

    14. When there is a lot of traffic on your Experience Cloud website, how would you explain it to your clients?

    Additionally, the share group is related to sharing sets and is applicable across all Experience Cloud sites.


    What is community cloud in Salesforce interview questions?

    Community Cloud is an online social platform that enables businesses to link clients, partners, and staff members with one another and the information and documents they require to complete their tasks.

    What is Salesforce communities used for?

    For Salesforce customers to interact with the community outside of their organization, brand spaces called Salesforce Communities or Salesforce Experience were created (i e. , partners, and clients) and work together with them using pertinent information and content

    What is Salesforce communities called now?

    The Salesforce Community platform was recently renamed Experience Cloud because it enables you to build more complex projects than just communities.

    What are the different types of communities in Salesforce?

    There are three primary community types in Salesforce, but an organization can create a community to suit any number of needs: Customer communities Employee communities. Partner communities.

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