Top Ross Stores Sales Associate Interview Questions and Answers Guide

If you have an interview coming up for a sales associate role at Ross Stores, solid preparation is key to standing out amongst candidates. With nearly 2,000 Ross Dress for Less and dd’s Discounts locations across America, the retailer hires thousands of store associates annually. Be ready to demonstrate your customer service skills, sales abilities, work ethic, and fit with the Ross culture.

Reviewing common interview questions can help you put your best foot forward. Here are examples of sales associate interview questions frequently asked at Ross Stores:

Tell Me About Your Previous Retail Experience

Ross wants candidates with proven retail aptitude Discuss any prior sales associate, cashier, or customer service roles at apparel retailers, department stores, grocery stores, etc Talk about responsibilities like assisting customers, product merchandising, inventory management, and cash handling. Mention key skills you’ve developed like customer empathy, product knowledge, multitasking during rushes, and resolving issues. Share any metrics you achieved like sales numbers, customer satisfaction scores, etc.

What Do You Know About Our Company?

Before your interview, visit the Ross Stores website and review details on their history, brand values, store formats, product offerings, recent news, and community involvement programs Share some facts that grab the interviewer’s attention and convey your interest in the company. Mention you admire their extensive store footprint, discounted name-brand fashions, and company culture This answer demonstrates you’ve researched Ross and want to work for them specifically.

Why Do You Want to Work for Ross Dress for Less?

Align your strengths and interests with what Ross Stores offers. Talk about your passion for customer service and desire to help clients find great deals on fashion they’ll love. Share that you’d enjoy bringing the company’s value proposition to life each day. If you have shopped at Ross yourself, mention your own positive experiences. Convey enthusiasm to be part of the Ross brand and culture.

What Qualities Make a Good Sales Associate?

This allows you to highlight the soft skills crucial for retail sales roles. Good qualities include patience, friendliness, product passion, listening skills, communication ability, problem-solving, and a team mentality. Share examples of how you’ve demonstrated these qualities in past roles through specific anecdotes. Align yourself with the customer service-focused values of the Ross brand.

How Would You Handle an Unhappy Customer?

Ross sales associates need grace under pressure when dealing with dissatisfied shoppers. Share that you’d listen calmly and apologize for their frustration. Discuss trying to understand the root issue, then brainstorming solutions, like product replacements, discounts, or refunds. Explain how you would involve a manager if needed to remedy the situation. Convey your composed and empathetic approach to turning unhappy customers into satisfied ones.

Tell Me About a Time You Went Above and Beyond for a Customer

Anecdotes that portray your dedication to customers will impress hiring managers. Set up a scenario where a shopper at a previous job needed extra assistance selecting products, answering questions, fulfilling a special request, etc. Discuss going the extra mile by spending more time with them, sharing product advice, looking items up online, or any other actions you took to exceed their expectations. Share any positive feedback the customer gave you afterwards.

How Do You Stay Motivated in a Retail Job?

Retail can be fast-paced and demanding. Share what keeps you energized and engaged, whether it’s positive customer interactions, helping shoppers, achieving sales goals, learning new product lines, earning rewards programs, bonding with team members, keeping busy, or having a sense of purpose. Discuss any strategies you use to maintain focus and avoid burnout when the store is busy.

Tell Me About a Time You Had a Difficult Interaction with a Coworker

At Ross Stores, teamwork is essential for providing great customer experiences. Discuss a specific story where you and a coworker experienced conflict. Explain how you approached them 1:1 to understand their perspective. Share how you involved your manager to help reach a resolution when needed. Outline the actions you both took to overcome tensions and work together more cooperatively going forward. Demonstrate maturity and empathy.

How Do You Handle Working Under Pressure?

Retail associates need resilience when dealing with stressors like long lines, impatient customers, or simultaneous demands. Share tactics you use to stay cool under pressure when the store gets hectic, like taking focused breaths, leaning on your training, asking teammates for help, or compartmentalizing tasks. Give an example of a high pressure situation you powered through successfully by keeping emotions in check.

Tell Me About a Time You Were Proud of Your Sales Skills

Boosting sales metrics is central to a retail associate role at Ross. Discuss an example that made you proud, like how you motivated a regular customer to open up a Ross credit card, met a weekly sales quota through effective cross-selling, helped a customer with a large basket of fashion items and accessories, resolved issues to retain business, etc. Share any positive feedback given or other success measures. Demonstrate your ability to drive top-line results.

Where Do You See Yourself in 5 Years?

Ross wants to hire associates in it for the long haul. Express your interest in growing with the company long term into expanded roles like department lead, assistant manager, or store manager. Alternatively, share goals to keep excelling as a sales associate and potentially transferring to new store locations in other cities. Convey your commitment to Ross Stores and its culture.

Why Should We Hire You?

Close confidently by summarizing the qualities that make you a great fit for Ross Stores. Highlight your passion for retail, commitment to customers, sales ability, work ethic, team spirit, and eagerness to learn and grow. If you drew them out earlier, mention any relevant metrics or facts about your background. Express enthusiasm to bring value to shoppers and contribute to the store’s success. This shows you are ready to hit the ground running if hired.

Preparing responses to common Ross Stores interview questions allows you to craft winning stories and examples that highlight your customer service skills, sales savvy and work ethic. Use them to make a compelling case on why you’d be an asset to the Ross Dress for Less team. Combine thorough preparation with a friendly, authentic demeanor, and you will be ready to land that sales associate role.

Ross Sales Associate Interview Video

Interviewer: Please describe your job title and primary duties. Ross Sales Associate: Okay, I was a sales associate. I worked at the cash register, put clothes back in the fitting room, and cleaned up the floor.

Interviewer: What was the work environment like?Ross Sales Associate: Everyone was really friendly. It seemed like everyone who worked there knew each other pretty well, so they were all joking around. I fit in pretty well, though, and I quickly got used to things.

Interviewer: Please describe a typical day as an employee. Ross Sales Associate: Yes, we had a list of things to do when we got there. Basically, a section to clean up during the day. After that, you’d be put in charge of either working in shifts at the fitting rooms or the cash register, or you’d be sent to run racks to put clothes back on the floor from the fitting rooms. That’s all we have to do. During the day, check in with your boss to see if they have any other tasks for you.

Interviewer: What questions did the person interviewing you ask?
Ross Sales Associate: They asked me if I had worked in a store before, which I hadn’t, and then they asked me a lot of scenario-based questions. For example, what would you do if a customer was complaining? Or, if there was a really long line and people needed help, what would you do first? These are just some of the situations you might face at work and how you would handle them.

Interviewer: What other advice would you give to someone looking for work? Ross Sales Associate: Well, I applied there in the summer, and they needed a lot of help because, I guess, people shop more then, so they’re hiring. But it wasn’t that hard to apply, and it was a really fun job that I did. I liked learning more about how stores work besides just shopping, so I’d say it’s a fun experience that you should try if you want to.

Ross Interview – Sales Associate


What questions do they ask for interview at Ross?

Recruiter took you through a series of questions regarding past role as well as college experience. Talked about future at Ross and where you see yourself. Many situational and behavioral questions. Excel assessment was done before interview with a timer and 25 questions.

Is Ross interview hard?

When asked in an Indeed survey about the difficulty of their interview at Ross Dress For Less, most respondents said it was easy. Indeed’s survey asked over 3,192 respondents whether they felt that their interview at Ross Dress For Less was a fair assessment of their skills. 85% said yes.

How do I prepare for a sales associate interview?

Understand the specific needs of your retail environment and the skills required for excellent customer service. What are 3 qualities of a candidate for the Sales Associate position? Strong communication skills, adaptability, and a customer-first attitude are essential.

Why do you want to work for Ross stores?

We offer a culture of Learning and respect. At each step, we take the opportunity to ask ourselves, “What can we do better?” By asking, testing and learning, we continue to grow. Here, you will have the opportunity to learn, take on new challenges and grow your career.

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