Ace Your Regis Corporation Interview: The Top Questions You Need to Prepare For

Interviewing at Regis Corporation can be an exciting yet nerve-wracking experience As a leader in the hair and retail product industry, Regis receives thousands of applicants each year for various roles across their brands like Supercuts, SmartStyle, and Cost Cutters. Standing out from the competition requires thorough preparation and insight into the types of questions you’re likely to encounter

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the most common Regis Corporation interview questions, along with tips and examples to help you craft winning responses. With the right preparation, you can walk into your Regis interview confident and ready to impress your future employers.

Overview of Regis Corporation’s Interview Process

The Regis interview process typically consists of one or two rounds depending on the role you are applying for.

For most positions you can expect

  • An initial phone screening with a recruiter
  • An in-person interview with the hiring manager and potentially other senior team members

Some roles, especially at the corporate headquarters, may also include additional interviews such as panel interviews with multiple stakeholders.

Overall, the interviews aim to assess both your technical abilities and cultural fit. Questions will cover your past experience, knowledge of the industry, leadership style, and how you would handle specific job scenarios.

You may also be asked to perform mock exercises related to the daily tasks of the role. For customer-facing jobs, this could include cutting and styling a hairstyle on a mannequin.

Above all, Regis looks for candidates who are passionate about the industry, have a positive attitude, and demonstrate strong customer service skills aligned with their brand values.

Now let’s look at some of the most frequently asked Regis interview questions and how to make a winning impression.

Common Regis Corporation Interview Questions and Answers

Tell me about yourself

This open-ended question is almost guaranteed to come up early in the interview. The interviewer wants a quick overview of your background and qualifications for this role.

Focus on highlights that are most relevant to the job rather than giving your full employment history. Keep it concise and positive.

Example: “I’m a licensed cosmetologist with over 5 years of experience working in high-volume hair salons. In my current role at Cost Cutters, I consistently exceed monthly sales targets by utilizing product knowledge and advanced styling skills to provide exceptional customer service. I stay up-to-date on the latest industry trends and techniques through continued education courses. I’m excited to take the next step in my career by joining the Regis team because I’m passionate about making clients look and feel their best.”

What do you know about Regis Corporation?

With this question, interviewers want to see that you’ve done your research on the company and understand their mission. Mention facts and details that show your knowledge of Regis and their brands.

Example: “Regis Corporation operates and franchises over 10,000 hair salons worldwide under brands like Supercuts, SmartStyle, and Cost Cutters. Headquartered in Minneapolis, Regis has been an industry leader in the hair care space for over 95 years. I’m impressed with Regis’ company values centered around providing quality, affordable hair care with superior customer service in a fun environment. Through their training programs and advancement opportunities, they are clearly invested in team members’ growth and success. This aligns well with my own dedication to continuously developing my skills as a stylist.”

Why do you want to work for Regis Corporation?

Use this question to highlight your enthusiasm for the company and industry as a whole. Focus on the specific things that draw you to Regis like their company culture, training opportunities, or branding.

Example: “I’ve always admired Regis’ commitment to making quality hair care accessible and enjoyable through their unique brands. The company culture also strongly appeals to me. Seeing Regis team members share their success stories on social media made it clear that this is a supportive workplace that recognizes achievements. And the focus on continued education would allow me to keep honing my craft as a stylist. I’m excited by the chance to grow in my career while doing what I love, which makes Regis my ideal next employer.”

What do you think you could bring to this company?

With this question, interviewers want to understand the unique value you would bring if hired. Highlight your relevant skills, knowledge, and past achievements that make you well-equipped for this role.

Example: “With over 7 years of experience in salon customer service and sales, I’ve consistently exceeded revenue goals and built loyal clientele bases. I would leverage this track record of success to contribute to the bottom line at this location. Additionally, my passion for the latest hair trends and ability to adapt my approach for diverse clients would ensure exceptional service that keeps customers coming back. Whether it’s executing techniques like balayage coloring or teaching clients how to manage natural textures, I have the well-rounded expertise to cater to any hair type or need.”

Why are you leaving your current position?

If you are currently employed, expect to explain why you are looking to leave your role. Avoid badmouthing your current employer. Instead, focus on positive reasons like seeking new challenges or wanting to join Regis’ culture and values.

Example: “I’ve learned a tremendous amount in my current position, but I’m now hoping to take on more responsibility and leadership opportunities. When I saw this opening at Regis, I was drawn to the chance to help train and motivate other team members while continuing to expand my own skills. I’m also eager to work for a values-driven company like Regis that prioritizes client satisfaction, community give-back, and employee advancement – all areas I am passionate about.”

What is your greatest strength?

This is your chance to highlight a stand-out skill or quality that makes you a strong candidate. Choose something that aligns closely with the day-to-day requirements of the job. Focus on one strength rather than listing many.

Example: “My greatest strength is the ability to build rapport with clients during a consultation. I ask thoughtful questions to understand their lifestyle, preferences, and goals for their hair. This allows me to make personalized recommendations tailored specifically to them. By actively listening and focusing fully on each client, I’m able to deliver a top-notch experience that keeps them coming back.”

What is your greatest weakness?

When discussing your weakness, pick an area that is not central to the job duties. Show what steps you have taken to improve in this area. End on a positive note.

Example: “Public speaking used to be a weak area of mine that I have worked hard to improve. In the past, I would get nervous presenting to large groups. To overcome this, I took a public speaking course where I learned techniques to calm nerves and engage an audience. I also started volunteering to lead our monthly team meetings. Through this practice, I’ve become much more confident as a presenter. Moving forward, I’m always looking for opportunities to continue sharpening this skill.”

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

With this question, interviewers want to gauge your career ambitions and whether they align with possible advancement paths at the company. Convey your aspirations while showing how you intend to grow within the role.

Example: In 5 years, my goal is to have honed my leadership abilities in preparation for moving into an assistant manager position. I plan to achieve this by fully utilizing all the development opportunities Regis provides, including management training programs. I want to continue growing my clientele base and technical skills as a stylist while also mentoring newer team members. My hope is to progress at Regis, broaden my expertise across different brands, and take on additional responsibilities over time. I see myself being a top performer and valued team leader.

How would you handle an unhappy client?

In the service industry, the ability to deal with disgruntled customers is critical. With this question, interviewers want to see that you can calmly resolve issues and deliver satisfactory solutions.

Example: “If a client was unhappy, my first priority would be to listen attentively to understand their specific concerns. I would apologize sincerely for any disappointment and assure them I want to make it right. I would ask questions to determine the best solutions, whether that’s adjusting the cut at no charge, offering a discount on their next visit, or providing product recommendations to better maintain their style at home. My focus would be on turning this into a positive interaction by addressing their needs and exceeding expectations.”

How do you stay up-to-date on the latest hair trends?

Ongoing education is key for hair industry professionals. Share examples that demonstrate your commitment to continuously developing your skills and knowledge.

Example: “I make learning about new trends and techniques an everyday priority. I read leading hair magazines cover to cover. I also attend local industry events whenever my schedule allows it. Nationally, I’ve participated in advanced training programs through companies like Redken and Matrix to build my color expertise. I follow top stylists on Instagram for real-time inspiration on emerging looks. Staying current enables me to offer clients the latest, most sought-after styles and best practices for healthy hair.”

What would you do if a client was asking for a service outside of your comfort zone or expertise?

Interviewers want to see that you recognize your own limitations and won

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