50 Examples of Recruitment Email Subject Lines


Why are recruitment email subject lines important?

The goal of the subject line in recruitment emails is to entice candidates to open, read, and respond to a job offer. It’s one of the first texts candidates read when they open emails, and it’s crucial for grabbing their attention and introducing them to your business.

Subject lines in recruitment emails are crucial because they often determine whether candidates will open them based on how interested they are in what they read there. Recruiters hope to attract candidates’ interest in job offers, introduce their organizations, and persuade them to submit applications.

What is a recruitment email?

Hiring managers and career recruiters send potential candidates recruitment emails to inform them of job opportunities. When sourcing candidates via email, recruiters frequently use certain components to establish rapport with candidates and pique their interest in the job openings they’re advertising. In a recruitment email, recruiters may highlight a number of important factors, such as:

Examples of recruitment email subject lines

Think about the following examples of various ways you can grab candidates’ attention and pique their interest in your organization’s job offer as you brainstorm the ideal recruitment email subject line:

Tips for creating effective recruitment email subject lines

Take into account the following advice for crafting email subject lines for recruitment that will increase your company’s email open rate and efficiently source qualified candidates:

Personalize it

Spend some time investigating each potential contact you make via email. Use the candidates’ first names, bring up their current jobs, or bring up any shared interests. Your job prospects are more likely to open, read, and respond to your message if you personalize the subject line in your recruitment emails.

Make it relevant

Relate to candidates in your recruitment email subject lines. For instance, if you’re emailing prospects to find candidates for an open customer service position, make sure they have relevant professional experience. Then, to introduce candidates to the company and the open position, mention the role in relation to their experience or qualifications.

Create a sense of urgency

It can be effective to inform applicants that they only have a certain amount of time to submit their applications and resumes for a position from time to time. This tactic is frequently employed by business recruiters in email subject lines to raise email open and response rates from prospective employees.

Focus on talents

Mention the candidate’s strengths that you discovered during your recruitment research, such as particular abilities, credentials, or other distinguishing characteristics that make them stand out. Describe how the applicant’s skills are a good fit for the position that is open as well as the company culture. This could foster a relationship of trust between your business and the applicant, luring them to learn more about the position.


What should be the subject line when reaching out to a recruiter?

Most popular recruiting email subject lines
  1. Company name: Your future job is here.
  2. Hey (First name), have you already heard of (Company name)?
  3. Still look forward to rising in the mornings to work for (Company name), (First name)?
  4. Front-end Developer at (Company name) (USA, full-time, remote work)

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