oracle purchasing interview questions

15. For a revised Purchase Order, is there any way to view the original Purchase Order without using SQL?

18. Even if a line is marked as “Closed for Invoicing,” can we still match an invoice against it?

28. How will you decide whether a quotation’s life should end after a certain amount of time?

30. Where will you state that your RFQs, Quotations, and POs must have auto-numbering?

31. There is a “Manual Mode” available while the Purchase Documents are being created in the “Auto Create” mode. This Manual mode is required for what?.

32. If the RFQ Header Type is set to “Bid,” can price break information be entered in the RFQ?

Oracle Procurement Interview Questions and Answers
  • Internal requisition.
  • Purchase requisition. …
  • What Are The Base Tables For A Purchase Requisition? …
  • What are the success components of an organization that procurement can always build? …
  • What are the documents that use PO_HEADERS_ALL?

Oracle Purchasing Interview Questions and Answers 2019 part-1 | Oracle Purchasing | Wisdom Jobs

Oracle Purchasing is a tool that allows buyers to enter a list of the goods they wish to purchase and place an order. The orders can be planned or blanket or contract purchases. The routine tasks will be automated by Oracle Purchasing, increasing the buyer’s productivity in the process. This helps in improving the supply base management. Although there are many other jobs, the Oracle Purchasing position is distinct. Good practical understanding of these ideas will give you an advantage in interviews. Every where we can find job opportunities for this position. Wisdomjobs offers interview questions that were created specifically to help employees succeed in interviews. Questions from Oracle Purchasing interviews can be helpful for candidates who excel at Oracle technology.

P2P Interview Questions and Answers

You have come to the right place if you intend to attend an interview for an Oracle P2P position but are unsure of how to succeed in it or of the most likely questions the interviewer will ask. The most common Oracle p2p process interview questions, which are frequently asked in multiple interviews, have been compiled by Tekslate.

What are the important tasks in Procure to pay which you are familiar with?

Planning is the first thing that gives users the ability to maintain the pace. Planning is actually necessary to manage things as effectively as possible. This is very specific about the kind of material needed and when. Additionally, it displays the amount that a business must pay them. The next step is to create a list with details about the suppliers who can reliably meet the demand. Organizations can ask them for the quote and other useful information so that decisions can be made in the end.

Top Oracle Procure To Pay Interview Questions

Well, it is an approach that is commonly called P2P. In essence, it is the process of meeting the demand for raw materials needed to complete manufacturing and other crucial tasks within an organization. This also includes the payment of the raw materials. One of the best aspects of this cycle is that it makes it simple for them to manage their cash flow without encountering significant problems.


What are the questions asked in purchase interview?

Role-specific questions
  • How has your past helped you prepare for this position with our company?
  • What do you need to consider when buying a product?
  • What are your strategies for discovering the best products?
  • What aspects would you take into account before signing a contract with a supplier?
  • What is your experience in creating reports?

What is P2P cycle in Oracle?

To maximize return on investment, Oracle’s Procure-to-Pay is an integrated solution that connects purchasing and payables. Companies can lower expenses to increase margins, streamline procure-to-pay procedures to increase working capital, and promote compliance to maximize asset utilization with Oracle Procure-to-Pay.

What is Oracle purchase order?

A planned purchase order is a commitment to make regular purchases of goods or services from one supplier. You must provide a charge account, the specific goods or services you want to purchase, the estimated cost, and any tentative delivery dates.

What is P2P process in interview?

The entire cycle of activities and events that a business engages in when acquiring goods or services from an outside supplier is known as “procure to pay,” or P2P. This cycle outlines the procedures a business must follow to obtain the goods and remit the proper payment to the supplier, less any discounts and adjustments.

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