The Top Online Masters in Management Programs to Advance Your Career

Earning an online masters in management can be a great way to advance your business career. Management degrees develop critical leadership, analytical, and communication skills that prepare students for managerial roles Plus, the flexibility of online programs allows working professionals to earn their masters without putting their career on hold.

In this article, we will overview what an online masters in management entails and outline some of the top programs available. We’ll cover key factors to weigh when choosing a program, courses you can expect, career paths, and insider tips for applying and succeeding in an online management masters.

What is an Online Masters in Management?

An online masters in management, sometimes called an MSc in management, provides graduate business training with a focus on developing leadership abilities. These programs aim to build hard and soft skills relevant for managing teams, projects, and entire organizations.

Coursework covers topics like organizational behavior operations management, business strategy managerial economics, marketing, statistics, and more. An online format enables working professionals to complete their degree part-time while continuing their career.

Programs typically take 1-3 years to complete depending on the pace of study. Students who study full-time can usually graduate in 12-18 months.

Benefits of Earning an Online Management Masters

Pursuing an online masters in management offers many advantages:

  • Career advancement – Companies frequently require a masters degree for upper-level management roles. An advanced degree shows you have the sophisticated skills needed for leadership positions.

  • Higher salary potential – On average, graduates with a masters in management earn 20% more than those with only a bachelors degree, according to U.S. News data. More earning potential provides greater financial security.

  • Competitive edge – The additional knowledge and credentials gained can help you stand out for promotions and jobs. An online masters demonstrates commitment to your profession.

  • Enhanced management capabilities – Develop in-demand leadership abilities like strategic thinking, decision making, project management, and motivating teams.

  • Flexibility – Online programs allow working professionals to progress their education and career simultaneously. Maintain work while studying part-time.

  • Networking – Connect with an community of peers and professors who can provide lifelong career support, mentoring, and contacts.

Earning an MSc in management checks many boxes for elevating your business expertise and employability.

Top Online Masters in Management Programs

Many excellent online management masters programs exist. Here are six top options from leading universities:

1. University of California, Davis

  • Tuition: $59,244 in-state; $62,932 out-of-state
  • Length: 11 courses, full-time takes 21 months
  • Overview: UC Davis’ online Master of Science in Business Analytics helps students harness the power of data and technology to make informed business decisions. The curriculum balances technical skills like data mining, forecasting, and optimization with leadership abilities like strategic thinking and driving organizational change.

2. Carnegie Mellon University

  • Tuition: $106,530 total
  • Length: 12 courses, full-time takes 16-24 months
  • Overview: Carnegie Mellon’s Master of Business Administration program can be completed online or on-campus. Students develop analytical, leadership, and communication skills for data-driven management. The curriculum covers optimization, machine learning, managerial decision making, marketing analytics, and more.

3. University of Michigan

  • Tuition: $76,200 total
  • Length: 19 months full-time
  • Overview: The Online Master in Management from Michigan Ross develops leaders able to manage organizations and teams in a complex global economy. The flexible curriculum covers accounting, marketing, finance, strategy, management science, and leadership.

4. Northeastern University

  • Tuition: $82,568 total
  • Length: 45 credits, full-time takes 2 years
  • Overview: Northeastern’s STEM-designated Master of Science in Technological Entrepreneurship teaches skills for managing and growing technology organizations. Students specialize in leadership, innovation, analytics, or project management. The experiential curriculum includes capstone and internship projects.

5. Duke University

  • Tuition: $76,500 total
  • Length: 19 courses, full-time takes 21 months
  • Overview: Duke’s online Master of Quantitative Management: Business Analytics prepares data-driven leaders to make strategic decisions. Coursework covers optimization, simulation, predictive modeling, managerial statistics, and implementing analytic solutions. Electives allow customization.

6. Syracuse University

  • Tuition: $1,224 per credit
  • Length: 30 credits
  • Overview: Syracuse’s AACSB-accredited online Master of Science in Business Analytics melds technical skills with strategic management and leadership. The curriculum covers data mining, optimization, project management, entrepreneurship, modeling, machine learning, and other relevant topics.

These are just a sampling of the many reputable online management masters available. Other excellent options exist through schools like Indiana University, University of Florida, Penn State, University of Massachusetts Amherst, and more.

Key Factors in Choosing an Online Program

With numerous online management masters to consider, here are key factors to evaluate:

  • Cost – Compare tuition rates and financial aid options. Is an in-state public school more affordable? Remember costs of books, software, and other fees too.

  • Curriculum – Look for specialized concentrations relevant to your goals, such as leadership, analytics, finance, marketing, HR, IT, etc. View course descriptions for required and elective classes.

  • Reputation – Opt for an accredited program from a reputable institution. Prestigious schools tend to provide greater career opportunities.

  • Flexibility – Ensure the program offers asynchronous courses, multiple start dates per year, and part-time options for scheduling flexibility.

  • Post-graduation support – Many schools offer excellent job search help, alumni networking, career fairs, and other placement resources.

  • Admissions requirements – Check you meet the GPA minimum and other requirements, such as test scores, essays, recommendations, and work experience.

Choosing an online program that fits your budget, interests, and schedule takes research. Evaluate options thoroughly before applying.

What Courses Are Typically Required?

While curriculum varies, most online management masters include core courses like:

  • Leadership – Develop skills for leading teams, managing projects, and guiding organizations through change. Study great leaders throughout history.

  • Organizational Behavior – Examine how businesses are structured, group dynamics, motivation, conflict resolution, culture, and maximizing productivity.

  • Managerial Economics – Learn how economics affects business decisions. Analyze supply, demand, markets, global risks, regulations, and consumer behavior.

  • Marketing Management – Study customer insights, segmentation, competitive positioning, branding, pricing, channels, and data-driven marketing strategies.

  • Operations Management – Optimize production of goods and services. Analyze bottlenecks, quality, inventory, workflow, costs, forecasting, and global supply chain logistics.

  • Business Ethics – Explore ethical frameworks for responding to complex managerial dilemmas related to corruption, harassment, favoritism, dishonesty, discrimination, and other issues.

  • Business Strategy – Develop skills for strategic planning and thinking. Assess competition, industry forces, and internal capabilities to determine optimal business positioning and direction.

  • Accounting/Finance – Understand financial documents, analysis, forecasting, budgeting, and reporting to make data-driven decisions that drive profitability, growth, and sustainability.

  • Data Analytics – Master data mining, modeling, statistics, machine learning, and translating insights into strategic business advantage.

  • Capstone Course – Synthesize your management knowledge and skills in a final project. Capstones often involve developing a new business proposal, strategic plan, or performing research.

Electives allow customization around your interests like marketing, HR, IT, entrepreneurship, sustainability, analytics, and more.

What Career Paths Are Available?

An online masters in management opens doors to greater leadership responsibility and higher pay. Typical positions pursued include:

  • Management Consultant – Help organizations identify and address issues related to operations, strategy, structure, management, and market positioning.

  • Operations Manager – Oversee daily operations, processes, and productivity for a department or organization.

  • Project Manager – Plan and oversee budget, scope, timeline, quality, resources, and personnel on major initiatives.

  • Product Manager – Strategize, develop, and manage products or services throughout their entire life cycle.

  • Marketing Manager – Develop integrated strategies and campaigns to acquire customers, build brand awareness, and increase sales.

  • Human Resources Manager – Recruit talent, mediate disputes, oversee training, ensure legal compliance, and implement policies that maximize worker productivity and satisfaction.

  • Financial Manager – Prepare financial statements and forecasts. Direct investment activities and financial planning using data-driven insights.

  • Information Technology Manager – Manage IT strategy, infrastructure, systems, teams, projects, and security for an organization.

  • Nonprofit Program Manager – Plan, direct, and coordinate

online masters in management programs

Why Earn a Smith Master’s in Management Studies?

Complete your degree in as few as 12 months

Earn your degree for less time and money than a traditional, in-person graduate program.

Gain essential management skills for any industry

Amass knowledge in various business topics, such as strategic management and marketing. Explore potential career options through various learning projects.

Live and asynchronous coursework

Take advantage of structured class times with added flexibility to suit your schedule.

Upcoming Online MS in Management Studies Events

*Average cost with 12-month program completion, not including student fees Smith’s Online Master of Science in Management Studies (OMiM) provides you with a broad set of business management knowledge to complement your passions and help you launch an exciting career. Youll learn how to lead effective teams, market your business and make smart business decisions based on data. This program is ideal for working professionals and recent college graduates with any academic background who want a versatile set of skills that can be applied in any industry.

“The Master of Science in Management Studies degree built a foundation for me in business, and it gave me useful skills in negotiating, writing, networking and team building.”

Alexis Hogarth, MiM ’22 Account Coordinator at M&C Saatchi Sport and Entertainment North America

Our curriculum is designed to provide an enriching and comprehensive management education. Through the coursework, youll explore the inner workings of an organization and refine your critical thinking skills on a variety of management-related topics. This key knowledge positions our graduates to become marketable business professionals and high-performing entrepreneurs in any field.

Leadership and Teamwork 2 credits | BMSO778L | Asynchronous

Introduction to Financial Accounting 2 credits | BMSO778A | Asynchronous

Data Driven Decision Making 2 credits | BMSO778D | Asynchronous

Negotiation and Conflict Management 2 credits | BMSO778N | 1.5 hour live session a week

Marketing Management 2 credits | BMSO778M | Asynchronous

Financial Management 2 credits | BMSO778F | Asynchronous

Organizational Change 2 credits | BMSO778O | Asynchronous

Business Ethics 2 credits | Asynchronous

Experiential Learning Part 1 2 credits | Asynchronous

Experiential Learning Part 2 2 credits | Live sessions, group and client meetings

Strategic Management 2 credits | Asynchronous

Digital Transformation in Business 2 credits | Asynchronous

Career Coaching and Development 2 credits | Asynchronous

Managerial Economics and Public Policy 2 credits | One live session a week

Creative Problem Solving for Leaders 2 credits | Three live sessions a week

The Online MS in Management Studies curriculum is 30 credits. The curriculum and course offerings are subject to change.

As a student in the Online Master’s in Management Studies (OMiM) program, your learning experience will challenge you in a range of areas, preparing you to excel in todays fast-evolving business world.

  • Analyze data for business decisions
  • Leadership
  • Manage conflict and negotiations
  • Navigate strategy for international business
  • Risk assessment

Our MS Management Studies graduates go on to pursue exciting opportunities in a variety of industries.

  • Arts management
  • Health management
  • Marketing management
  • Sports management
  • Strategy and innovation management
  • Aronson LLC
  • Accenture
  • BrandCycle
  • Carnegie Hall
  • Chewy
  • Detroit Pistons
  • Ezra Coaching
  • EY
  • GeneDx
  • Lee Hecht Harrison
  • Morgan Stanley
  • Phoenix Suns
  • Target Corporation
  • Vanguard

Online Master’s Degree: Are Online Master’s Programs Worthy and Credible ?

What is the online Master of Management Program?

Our Online Master of Management program is geared toward those with two or fewer years of experience in the field, such as individuals who recently completed their undergraduate degrees, or individuals who are planning to change careers.

What can I do with a Masters in management online degree?

Effectively manage people and projects with a Master of Science in Management online degree. This graduate degree in management seeks to equip current and aspiring managers with the people and project skills to be flexible, responsive and resilient in the face of unprecedented business challenges.

Where can I get a master’s degree in management online?

The University of Florida (UF) is a public institution that offers an online Master of Science in Management totaling 32 credit hours. Prospective students can expect to spend two years completing this program with a full class schedule. The program is split into 22 credit hours of core courses and 10 elective credit hours.

What is an online Master of Management at UC Davis?

The STEM-designated Online Master of Management from the University of California, Davis, is the first of its kind at a University of California management school. It offers early career professionals, recent undergraduates and career changers with a pathway to leadership roles in business.

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